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Kaguya Return to the Nartuoverse will it ever happen? Kaguya is the main antagonist in the Naruto story and she is the dominant character in the Naruto series. She is also the main reason for the existence of the Shinobi World. Kaguya is a very important character in the Naruto series but she was sealed for good in the Naruto ending, assuming there is no more threat to Earth.

But the Story changes in the Boruto series after Masashi Kishimoto introduced the whole Otsutsuki clan to the Narutoverse. So after knowing there is a lot more danger from the Other Otsutsuki Clan members will Kaguya return.

In one or another way Kaguya has saved earth from other Otsutsuki clan members. So will Kaguya return to the Nartuoverse helping the Shinobi world or standing against the Shinoni world? Let’s get all that stuff in this article so without any delay let us dive into it.

How did Naruto and Sasuke defeat Kaguya in the Naruto series?

Kaguya Return
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Naruto and Sasuke in the final fight with Kaguya didn’t actually kill Kaguya Otsutsuki. Even Hagoromo Otsutsuki( Sage of Six Paths ) couldn’t kill Kaguya Otsutsuki. Instead, Naruto and Sasuke sealed Kaguya Otsutsuki using the Sage of Six paths powering Yin and Yang in another dimension before Kaguya turned into a Ten-Tail beast. So they didn’t kill her but they sealed her using a dominant Six Paths sealing jutsu.

So the question arrives to Naruto lovers will Kaguya return to the Nartuoverse? More likely in the Boruto series after the arrival of Otsutsuki God’s arrival to the Narutoverse and if so she returns will Kaguya be against Otsutsuki and help Naruto or stand against Naruto?

Well, before knowing all that stuff and Kaguya Return we should know if Kaguya is immortal or not. Otsutsuki Clan members are not immortal, they use the Karma seal to become immortal. Also, Kaguya isn’t a dominant Otsutsuki Clan Member and she came to earth with Isshiki only to sacrifice herself to the God Tree for Chakra Fruit. So this raises the question is Kaguya Immortal?

Is Kaguya Immortal?

Kaguya Return
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Yeah, Kaguya is actually immortal but not because of the Otsutsuki Clan heritage or because of the Otsutsuki God power she became immortal because of consuming the Chakra Fruit on Earth. After eating the Earth Chakra Fruit she became the first user of Chakra on Earth and her Chakra was divided among the Shinobi world and the Tailed Beast.

As long as her Chakra exists in the shinobi world she will be immortal. That’s the reason why Indra and Asura were able to Incarnate into future Shinobi Generations of Hashirama, Madara, and Naruto, Sasuke because their chakra passed down the generations.

Also, Hagoromo was able to come back from death because his Chakra still lingers around the Shinobi World. And the same goes for Kaguya Otsutsuki, she also lives in the Chakra divided around the Shinobi world. So will Kaguya Return to Narutoverse?

Is there any chance for Kaguya Return to Narutoverse?

Kaguya Return
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The Answer to the Kaguya Return to the Narutoverse is Yes and No. Well, let’s first look towards Kaguya’s return happening, She is immortal and lives around the chakra in the Shinobi world and just like she was revived in the 4th Great Ninja war with Infinite Tsukuyomi she can be again revived.

But it will be a lot harder than how Madara did in the 4th Great Ninja war because this time Kaguya was sealed in another dimension. So only Dominant Otsutsuki Dojutsu like Rinnegan users can travel to that Dimension and they should revive Kaguya in that dimension which is a lot of work but she can be revived.

And for no return of Kaguya because there is no more significance to her character in the Narutoverse or in the Bortuo series. Even the strongest Otsutsuki member like Isshiki Otsutsuki defeated and left Narutoverse. So there is no more importance or need for her character to return to the Boruto series. Even if Kaguya Return happens she doesn’t have much to do in the Boruto series.

But it is not like she doesn’t have any way to return Narutoverse. She can return if Masashi Kishimoto wants Kaguya to return because she is still immortal and can be revived whenever Kishimoto is ready but as we mentioned the Boruto story doesn’t need Kaguya. So the Kaguya Return most probably won’t happen but we don’t know what are thoughts of Kishimoto about Kaguya’s return are in his mind. If he wants her to return to the Narutoverse then she will make Kaguya’s return happen.


Let’s summarize everything we got on Kaguya return may or may not happen. She has the ability to get revived in the Boruto series because she is immortal and can be revived anytime in the Boruto series. But the ongoing Boruto story doesn’t need Kaguya and her character no longer has the importance as in Naruto in the Boruto story nor in the Narutoverse.

So even if she has the chance to be revived, she won’t be revived in the Narutoverse. But if the Boruto story takes a huge turn and the story of Boruto changes and there is a need for Kaguya’s character then she may return to the Narutoverse. But until then we may not see a Kaguya return to the Narutoverse.

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