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At the Comic-con 2022 Kevin Feige ( President of Marvel Studios ). Announced MCU Phase 5 & 6 and Kevin Feige shocked every MCU fan by revealing that in Phase 6 of MCU. 2 Avengers movie Avengers: Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars is going to release and that too.

The 2 Avengers movie will be released in the same year. And every MCU fan had very high expectations for the movie. Because the Avengers: Secret Wars was an amazing story in comics and also due to the Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: End Game direction. Fans have huge expectations for it.

But in recent interviews, Kevin Feige confirmed that Russo Brothers are not directing the upcoming Avengers movie. The Russo brothers directed Avengers 4 & 5. So knowing the information the fans are so shocked. But they aren’t directing the next Avengers movies. So let us know and without any delay let’s dive into it

Why Russo Brothers not directing Avengers 5 & 6:-

Russo Brothers

Anthony Russo and Joe Russo are known as the Russo brothers, And they are one of the greatest directors in the world. And they brought us the Amazing Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: End Game. Which are the most-grossed films in the world after Avatar? And Kevin Feige confirmed that the Rumors of the Russo Brothers not directing the Upcoming Avengers movie are true. Which was a shock to all MCU fans. Even though they are interested to work again with Marvel but it is not going to be with Avengers 6. But Maybe in Phase 7 of MCU.

After the Avengers: End game. Russo Brothers turned full attention to their Production company AGBO. And they are already so many successful movies from the production house. Like the Extraction, 21 Bridges, and the recent movie on Netflix Gray Man. So if even the upcoming movies from the production house show similar success then the Russo brothers will have no time to direct the upcoming Avengers Movie.

But Joe Russo once mentioned that Secret Wars were his favorite comic book. and At the recent Comic-con 2022. Kevin Feige announced that Phases 4, 5, and 6 of MCU are going to be the 2nd Marvel Multiverse saga. The ending of the 1st Multiverse saga movies Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: End Game was a huge success. And so the Director who directed Avengers 3 and 4. And taking them as the directors for Avengers 5 and 6. Will be a great choice but the Russo brothers not directing Avengers 5 and 6 is a good thing.

Is it Good or Bad for Russo Brothers not to Direct the Upcoming Avengers Movie:-

Russo brothers

Russo Brothers are the best directors for Avengers 5 and 6. But it’s not a good idea for the Russo brothers to direct the next Avengers Movie. Because there is a very good reason for it. As we said before Russo Brothers had their production House AGBO. And they already have 4 to 5 films lined up to release. So if the Russo brothers even direct the upcoming Avengers Movie is not going to be the best. And they even agreed that through the Wrap, They said ” Our return has to be a time and place thing but we are taking a year’s out “.

So Russo brothers already have their handful for the upcoming movies of their own production house. Some of the upcoming movies from them are a sequel to Extraction, a spy series for Amazon Prime, and recently they released Gray Man. and which already has good feedback from the fans. So Netflix can even order more movies and even TV shows. This may make the Russo Brothers Production House the AGBO an independent and big Production house.

And not only because of having too many projects on the line. But also because the Russo brothers don’t know much about the Multiverse and other characters that are introduced in the recent MCU movies. Because after the Avengers: End game. They are not connected with Marvel and also they are very busy with their one production house. And it will be a mess for the Russo brothers if they direct Avengers 5 and 6 and it may even lead to the failure of the movie.

But fans don’t need to worry because the Russo brothers are gonna return to MCU might not be for Avengers 5 and 6. But they sure will and even Kevin Feige said he is interested to work with the Russo brothers. And also even though they don’t direct Marvel movies doesn’t mean. We don’t get to see the Russo brothers not working with actors in MCU. There will be collaborations with Marvel actors like Chris Hemsworth in Extraction and Chris Evans in the recent Gray Man movie on Netflix. So we still get to see the collaboration of the Russo brothers and Marvel actors in Non-MCU movies.

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