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Madara is the first shinobi to awaken the Rinnegan and the power of his Rinnegan is known to every Naruto fan. But before Madara’s death, why did Madara didn’t give his Rinnegan to Obito. Because Madara changed Obito completely by killing Rin. And he was the best successor for the Madara goal of Infinite Tsukuyomi. He trained him and gave even the Hashirama cells and saved him from death.

So why Nagato? and even Obito had more command over his visual powers than Nagato. So Let’s know the answer to it and also other unanswered questions in Naruto about the Rinnegan and Madara. So without any delay let’s dive into it.

How did Madara got the Rinnegan?

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Madara was one of the strongest Uchiha members and he is also the first person to awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan after Indra Otsutsuki. But because of the Black Zetsu and the stone tablet left by the sage of the six paths. It was led to know Madara the power of Rinnegan and how to get that ultimate Dojutsu power. So let’s look into how Zetsu manipulated Madara and how did Madara get the Rinnegan.

It all starts with the old stone tablet that was at the Uchiha meeting hall in Naruto Anime. The stone tablet was first written by the Hagoromo Otsutsuki ( Sage of six paths ). But the tablet was heavily changed Or we can also say rewritten by the Black Zetsu. He leads Madara to read it and know about the Rinnegan. After this whole story is led by black Zetsu.

Madara makes the ultimate plan with Zetsu. Which is to get the chakra of Hashirama Senju because as we already know that Hashirama is the reincarnation of Asura and Madara is the reincarnation of Indra. By combining these two chakras. We can get sage of six paths power. So Madara plans to fight with Hashirama and get defeated by him.

And while dying he manages to rip a little flesh off Hashirama and stores it in his mouth. Next, he uses the Izanagi technique and beat his death. Which is simply amazing after recovering from his wounds. He combines that flesh with his body and the Asura chakra of Hashirama Senju and Indra chakra in Madara combine and Madara gets the sage of six path powers Rinnegan ability.

Did Madara get the Rinnegan immediately after combining Asura and Indra chakra?

The simple answer for this is No. Madara didn’t get the Rinnegan or Sage of Six Paths power immediately or overnight. It took decades for Madara to get sage of six path chakra. Because the sage of six path chakra is very strong and Madara’s body took so many years to just get inhabited to it.

And to get full sage of six paths chakra he waited for decades. And when he is too old and at the time of his last breath. His body is inhabited by the sage of six paths chakra and his body chakra is replaced with the sage of six paths chakra. So he didn’t get the sage of six paths power immediately as Sasuke got. Because Sasuke got the sage of six paths power directly from the Hagoromo Otsutsuki.

How did Madara Awaken Two Rinnegans?

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So if you shave seen all the Naruto episodes and if you are a true Naruto fan. You should remember that Madara lost sight in one of his eyes because of using the Izanagi technique and defeating death itself. So how did Madara get two Rinnegans? The answer to the question without any Drag is because of the sage of six paths of power.

But as we discussed earlier Madara spent decades to get Sage of six paths power. So he lived so many years with only one eye. But slowly he got sight into the other Mangekyou Sharingan. Because his body is slowly getting inhabited by the sage of six path chakra and also slowly restoring the lost eye. And after fully recovering Madara got two Rinnegans.

Why did Madara didn’t give Rinnegan to Obito?

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There are some main reasons for Madara to not give the Rinnegan to Obito. One of the main reasons for it is that Madara had already implanted the Rinnegan in Nagato before Meeting Obito Itself. If he tries to take back the Rinngean from Nagato. Shinobi Villages might find out the existence of Madara and the powerful Rinnegan.

And the reason why Madara only chose Nagato more than any other shinobi is. Because Nagato is an Uzumaki clan member same as our Protagonist Naruto. Uzumaki clan members have more life expectancy and they also have a strong immune system. Because of it most of the diseases can’t affect them. So if he is healthy Rinnegan will also be safe. And Nagato is also from a very remote place in the Hidden Rain Village and many of the shinobi villages don’t know the place. So the Rinnegan will be safe in the hands of Nagato.

The other main reason is Madara wanted to have two successors to achieve his goal. So if Nagato changes his way and turns against the goal of Madara. Then Obito will lead the way to Madara’s dream of the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Which we have exactly seen in the Anime. Nagato realizes who he is, his real goal, and changes his way to change the shinobi world by Naruto Talk No Jutsu. And we have seen Obito taking Rinnegan from Nagato and leading the way to Infinite Tsukuyomi. So these are some of the reasons why Madara didn’t give Rinnegan to Obito.

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