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Kakashi Eye Specialty? Why does Kakashi Never Open his Eye?

They are so many unexplained questions in Naruto anime. And one of them is why Kakashi never opens his eye. Even though we got the answer for Kakashi’s face revealed in the Anime. We didn’t get the answer to why he didn’t open his right eye. This remained one of the unsolved questions for both the Naruto characters and also for the fans.

And we know how much curiosity is there to know Kakashi’s face. That there is a separate episode showing. How Naruto tried to see the face of Kakashi. So today let’s break out that theory and find the answer for them. We found 4 main reasons for Kakashi not opening his eye. So let’s find out why the 6th Hokage doesn’t open his eye in the Naruto anime. So without any delay let’s dive into it

To Hide his Identity:-

Kakashi Eye
Image Credit:- Narutopedia

The first main reason for Kakashi not opening his eye because to hide his identity. We all know how all shinobi are feared by just listening to Kakashi’s name and he is mostly known for the name Kakashi of the Sharingan. But many shinobi don’t know how Kakashi actually looks. After the death of all the Uchiha. Only Obito, Sasuke, Itachi, and Kakashi have the Sharingan.

But Obito is not known by anyone and Sasuke is just a kid. Itachi is not famous because of the Sharingan. But when it comes to Kakashi when he reveals his eye. Because of the Sharingan. Every shinobi Identifies him as the Copy Ninja. So by covering his Sharingan eye enemies don’t know who are they fighting with and the threats to Kakashi are also reduced.

Unique Style:-

Kakashi Eye
Image Credit:- Narutopedia

Another reason for Kakashi not opening his eye is because of his unique style. Every main character in Naruto has some unique style like Jiraiya having long hair. Naruto has yellow hair and Asuma smokes cigarettes. So Kakashi has the most unique style that is wearing a mask and covering his eye. Even Naruto writer Masashi Kishimoto said that he wanted to give a unique style to Kakashi.

Because he likes Kakahi’s character more than others and he is also one of the Strongest Characters in Naruto. So he created a unique style for Kakashi that no other shinobi had in Naruto anime. And we all know how much all Naruto fans love Kakashi’s looks and his battle techniques. So this is another reason for Kakashi not opening his eye.

Kakashi doesn’t know how to control Sharingan:-

Kakashi Eye
Image Credit:- Narutopedia

The main reason Kakashi does not open his eye. Because he doesn’t know how to control Sharingan. Yeah, he used the Sharingan like no other Uchiha. But still, he doesn’t how to turn on and off the Sharingan. And usually, Sharingan takes a considerable amount of chakra to use and because of it, he covers his eye. So somewhat chakra of his saved.

If he doesn’t close his eye the Sharingan drains Kakashi’s chakra and he will be out of chakra for the entire fight. But the Sharingan is still on even though Kakashi covers it with Leaf village headband. But he doesn’t use it when it is covered. So Kakashi chakra is not fully used by Sharingan.

And he used his Sharingan only to copy Hand signs and enemy movements at the starting of the series. So whenever Kakashi opens his eye. Sharingan automatically captures the movements of the opponent. Because the Sharingan is always on. So this is the main reason for Kakashi not opening his eye.

Uchiha Never helped him:-

Kakashi Eye
Image Credit:- Narutopedia

As I said Kakashi doesn’t know how to control the Sharingan and also the Uchiha never helped Kakashi in training him or teaching him. How to use the Sharingan because Uchiha never considered Kakashi as worthy to have Sharingan. They are not at all happy with Kakashi having the Obito Sharingan.

And at the funeral of the Fourth Hokage ( Minato ). We have shown that an Uchiha member is suggesting Fugaku( Leader of the Uchiha Clan) to take back the Sharingan from Kakashi. But Fugaku is kindhearted and knows how valuable is Sharingan for Kakashi. So he refused to take Sharingan from him. If there wasn’t Fugaku the Sharingan is taken by the Uchiha from Kakashi at the starting of the anime itself.

So these are the main reasons for Kakashi not opening his eye. Don’t forget to post your thoughts about the post. In the comment section below. And don’t forget to check out our other Naruto Posts.

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