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Visual Eyes are one of the very interesting things in Narutoverse. They play a key role in the story of several characters in the Naruto and Boruto series and their powers and abilities are also no less than their rank in the Narutoverse and one of them is Boruto Jougan Eye. It is a dominant Dojutsu Eye in the Boruto series the full details of the Boruto Jougan are not revealed in the Anime nor in Manga.

Only a little information is provided in the Boruto series. But let’s get into little deep into the details of this Eye using the powers and abilities we know and also some unexplained theories on the Jougan like why Boruto had only one Jougan Eye and who had the Jougan before Boruto and some other Stuff on the Boruto Jougan. Let’s crack all those questions in this article. So without any delay let us dive into it.

What is Boruto Jougan Eye?

Boruto Jougan Eye

Boruto Jougan Eye is translated as Pure Eye and it originates from the Almighty Otsutsuki Clan. It is considered as a troublesome Eye in the Otsutsuki clan. And just like most of the things in the Boruto story, Jougan’s eye is also in the category of the things that are not completely revealed in the Bortuo series. We still don’t know the exact origin of the Jougan Eye and its full potential. Masashi Kishimoto just gave us a sneak peek at the Boruto Jougan Eye.

When compared with other Otsutsuki Dojutsu Eye, the Jougan Eye stand out of them. It has a different marking and it glows whenever it is used, which is different from the traditional Visual eyes like Sharingan and Rinnnegan in the Nartuoverse. The only thing we are sure about the Boruto Jougan is that. It gives Boruto some crazy powers and access to Jutsu that we have never seen in the Narutoverse and makes Boruto as powerful as Naruto.

Is Boruto Jougan Eye Strongest Eye in Narutoverse?

Boruto Jougan Eye
Image Credit:- Narutofandom

We don’t know yet, about the full abilities of the Jougan Eye. But based on the current abilities of Jougan Eye, it is surely one of the Dominant Visual Eye in the Boruto series. As of now, the abilities of the Jougan Eye are that it can see the chakra system, detect the flow of charka, see through barriers, travel between dimensions, and can sense danger. But we all know that it can do much more than this.

It can have much more potential than these abilities because Boruto didn’t yet master the use of Jougan Eye and he can’t even activate it whenever he wants. So it probably takes a few more chapters for Bortuo to unlock new abilities of Jougan Eye and Boruto is the main protagonist of the series so he definitely not gonna limited to these abilities.

But even with these limited abilities Jougan Eye is one of the dominant eyes in the Narutoverse, it may not be the most dominant eye in the Narutoverse yet, but it is surely one of the strongest eyes in the Boruto series. And it probably gonna become the strongest Dojutsu Eye in the future Narutoverse.

How Did Boruto Get the Jougan Eye?

Boruto Jougan Eye
Image Credit:- Narutopedia

The real Origin or how Boruto got the Jougan eye is still a mystery to Fans and origin details have not been mentioned in the Manga nor in the Boruto Anime. But there are some crazy fan theories and one of them can become the reason for Bortuo getting the Jougan Eye. Let’s look at some of them

Fan Theory #1

Some Fans theorize that the Jougan Eye is inherited from Naruto and Hinata because both Naruto and Hinata have the strongest Otsutsuki Chakra. Naruto received Hagoromo Otsutsuki Chakra in the 4th Great Ninja war and Hinata is a direct descendant of the Hamura Clan. Also, it is revealed that she is the Byakugan Princess in Naruto: The Last Movie.

In this movie, we also got to know that, the key to unlocking the full potential of the Tenseigan power is Hinata. So we can assume that just like Naruto, Hinata also had most of the Hamura Otsutsuki Chakra. And the Jougan Eye is one of the dominant Otsutsuki clan eyes.

So fans theorize that because of Naruto and Hinata, Boruto received most of the Otsutsuki Clan charka and because of it, he awakened Jougan eye. It is the most popular theory in the Bortuo Fandom and it might be the real reason too. But let’s also look at other Fan theories.

Fan Theory #2

This Fan theory states that the Jougan Eye is implanted to Boruto by Toneri Otsutsuki because he believed that only Boruto can save the Shinobi World from the upcoming threats. And fans back up this theory directly from the Boruto series, the reason why Boruto was able to awaken Jougan is Toneri appeared in Boruto’s dream and gave hints about the Jougan Eye to boruto in his dream.

So fans assume that Toneri gave the Jougan to Boruto and that’s the reason why he appeared in Boruto’s dream and warned about the threat that is coming to the shinobi world. But we don’t have much support for this theory when compared to 1st fan theory.

Fan Theory #3

The next theory we had supports the evolution of the Visual Eyes. Some fans believe that Jougan is nothing but the evolution of Tenseigan they base this theory on the Sharingan and its evolution to the 2 and 3 Tomeo and Mangekyo Sharingan. So they believe that Jougan Eye is also an evolution of the Tensigan.

It makes sense when we look from the Sharingan perspective but we never showed or mentioned about the evolution of the Dojutsu Eyes and the Sharingan is a small amount of power of the almighty Rinnegan which is passed down in the Shinobi generation and the evolution of the Sharingan is just the higher power to reach the power of Rinnegan. And this theory doesn’t have any support from the actual Bortuo Story nor from the Naruto series.

Fan Theory #4

The next fan theory on the list is based on the Powers of the Otsutsuki God. Some fans theorize that Boruto got the Jougan eye because of the Otsutsuki God’s power and the Jougan Eye is used by the almighty Otsutsuki god and Boruto is chosen to inherit the Otsutsuki God’s power because he had the Uzumaki clan’s strength and also most of the Otsutsuki clan chakra and the theory goes on.

But this theory is way out of the Boruto story we didn’t yet know the complete details of the Otsutsuki God and his existence was confirmed only in the recent chapter of Boruto manga this theory doesn’t have any backup from the actual Bortuo story. So this theory has the least probability to be real.

These are the popular theories in the Boruto fandom but we don’t know which can be the real reason for the Boruto Jougan or it could be none of them too if Kishimoto outsmarted us. To know the real origin of the Jougan Eye we should wait for a few more chapters of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

How Powerful is Boruto Jougan Eye?

Boruto Jougan Eye
Image Credit:- Narutopedia

The true capabilities of the Jougan are not revealed in the Boruto series. But as of now, Jougan is one of the strongest Otstuki eyes in Naruto. Jougan Eye has some of the abilities of all the strongest Dojutsu Eyes in the Naruto series it has one of the abilities of Rinnegan which is to travel between dimensions and one of the Byakugan abilities to see through the barrier and see the chakra system of the opponent.

In addition to this, he had other abilities like sensing danger and connecting dimensions. So we can say as of now that Jougan eye has the strongest abilities of all the Dominant Visual Eyes in the Naruto series. This means that he had all the dominant powers and jutsu we have seen in the Naruto series.

In Which Episode Boruto uses Jougan’s eye?

Jougan Eye
Image Credit:- Narutopedia

In the Time-Skip of Boruto, we have seen Boruto Jougan Eye. So the first appearance of Jougan’s eye is from the start of the series itself. So in the 1st episode and chapter of the Boruto series Jougan was introduced and used by Bortuo. But in the actual story, Jougan appeared in the 8th episode of Boruto anime and Boruto uses the Jougan in the 125th episode of Boruto Anime in the fight with Kinshiki Otsutsuki.

Who has the Jougan Eye before Boruto?

Jougan Eye
Image Credit:- Narutopedia

We don’t have the exact details of the Jougan eye Origin, But it is mentioned in the series that it is one of the Otsutsuki clan Dojutsu Eye so the previous users of the Jougan are probably the strongest Otsutsuki clan members. But we never get to see all Otsutsuki Clan members and no details are mentioned about other Otsutsuki Clan members.

The only hint we had is when Kinshki saw Boruto’s Eye he realized the eye and was amazed to see on earth. So the previous users of the Jougan Eye could be the Otsutsuki clan members who we have not yet met in the Boruto story.

Why Does Boruto have Jougan in One Eye?

Jougan Eye
Image Credi:- Narutopedia

The reason Boruto has only one Jougan is probably because it is a one-eye Dojutsu. We have seen Sasuke and Ishikki Dojutsu Eye they both have a singular Dojutsu Eye, Sasuke has only one Rinnegan which is 9 Tomoe and Ishikki has also one unspecified Dojtusu eye which he uses to perform Sukunahikona and Daikokuten.

Some fans also theorize that Brotuo has only one Jougan because his body is not capable of holding the full power of Otsutsuki Chakra or he needs more training to awaken another Jougan but even in the time skip we haven’t seen Boruto using 2 Jougans. So the Jougan could be a one-eye Dojutsu.

Who Knows about the Jougan Eye?

Jougan Eye

All the Otsutsuki clan members know about the Jougan Eye and as of now in the known Naruto characters, Toneri knows about the Boruto Eye because he is the one who awakened Jougan in Bortuo by appearing in Boruto’s dream and telling about the eye and upcoming threats to the shinobi world. Let’s look at what he mentioned with Boruto

Your Eye is the Star of Hope.. against the destruction that will eventually come to pass.. the power of hope slumbers deep within you.. with that eye you will shoulder the fate of this world

So we can say other than Otsutsuki clan members one of the Naruto series characters Toneri also knows about the Boruto Jougan.

Is Bortuo Jougan Similar to Byakugan or Tenseigan?

Jougan Eye
Image Credit:- Narutopedia

There are some similarities between Byakugan and Jougan. But Jougan is not a replica nor everything is similar between Jougan and Byakugan some of the abilities of the Jougan are similar to the abilities of Byakygan like the ability to see through barriers, See the chakra flow and chakra system of opponents.

But we haven’t seen any similarities between Tenseigan and Jougan. But the full powers and abilities of Jougan are not revealed so we may see more similarities with Tenseigan or with other Otsutsuki visual eyes in the Boruto story.


Let’s wrap up everything we know, Boruto is translated as Pure Eye and it is one of the dominant Eye in Narutoverse. But the full potential of the Boruto Jougan is not yet revealed if the full potential of the Jougan is revealed then it may become the strongest Visual Eye in the Whole Narutoverse.

How Boruto got the Jougan? is still a mystery but there are some fan theories about the origin of Boruto Eye. The most probable theory is that Boruto got the Jougan from his Parents ( Naruto & Hinata ) and when it comes to the power of Boruto Jougan the full powers are not revealed.

As of now, the revealed powers are see-through barriers, connect dimensions, see the Chakra system and flow of chakra of the opponent, and Danger sense are as of now the powers and abilities of the Jougan. The full powers and abilities can be revealed in the future chapters of Boruto’s story.

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