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Thor vs Wanda fight definitely gonna be an amazing fight and fans love to see that fight. But who do you think will win the fight? Because Wanda had a very huge power upgrade in the WandaVision series. And Thor is a god he is usually very powerful, and also one of the strongest characters in the MCU.

So it is quite tough to expect the outcome of the fight. But let us compare some of the factors of the two strongest characters in MCU and pretty much we can get a winner from the Thor vs Wanda fight. So without any delay let’s dive into it.

Thor vs Wanda:-

Thor vs Wanda

There probably won’t be a Thor vs Wanda fight in the present MCU. But there are possible chances for a fight between Thor and Wanda because Wanda is still alive and still loves her kids. So there might be a possible cross-over between Thor and Wanda which may possibly trigger a Thor vs Wanda fight because Wanda would pretty much destroy the earth for her children. And Doctor Strange can’t defeat her alone and can take help from the God Thor to stop Wanda.

And make Thor fight with Wanda and we can see an amazing Thor vs Wanda fight because they two are the Strongest Avengers. If there’s gonna be a Thor vs Wanda fight then it probably going to break the internet. So the main question is who wins the match. To know the outcome of the fight, We should look into some of the abilities of both of them. So let’s know those abilities of Thor and Wanda.


When it comes to physical strength Thor will sometimes be above and below Wanda. The strength depends according to the situation Thor is in. Sometimes he is so powerful and sometimes not really powerful like when Thor fought with Hulk with his bare hands he showed his true power in that fight.

But Wanda is no less than Thor’s strength. Wanda can also lift huge boulders and stop powerful laser beams. We have seen Wanda lifting huge rocks from the ground in the Avenger’s End Game and she even lifted a huge Robot Machine ( One of the Thanos army ) easily.

Wanda did all this with her Telekinesis power but not with his physical abilities but strength shouldn’t always be physical. So Wanda Telekinesis power counts. And a gentle reminder that we are comparing these abilities of Thor Vs Wanda based on their powers in the MCU. But if the fight is between Rune Thor ( Comic Thor ) vs Wanda. There will be no chance for Wanda to win because Rune thor is way too overpowered.


Durability is one of the most important abilities in any fight. Thor doesn’t have a problem with it being a God he is super durable because we shouldn’t forget that he can withstand the full power of a Neutron star. And also he didn’t even get a single scratch while fighting with Hulk and Hulk gave a very critical blow to Thor in the Thor vs Hulk fight and he easily withstands it without any scratch so being a god Thor has more advantage in Thor vs Wanda fight.

But Wanda doesn’t even have the durability close to Thor. Even though she is so powerful and can even change reality Wanda is still a human and humans normally don’t have super durability. And we have seen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Wanda gets injured like a human when she Dream walks the Wanda of Earth 838. She broke her leg and has so many cuts on her body. So Wanda loses in the durability fight with Thor.


Thor is always one of the funniest and goofy characters in the MCU. But he is not mindless or stupid he doesn’t really need to lay a plan and act according to it because he is so powerful and his physical strength is enough to defeat most of the Strongest Villians in MCU. So he is not stupid but he doesn’t need to use his intelligence.

But in the recent Thor movie Thor love and thunder, we can see that he plans everything before he fights because the enemy Gorr the God Butcher is more powerful than him even though the MCU Gorr is shown to be weak he is way more powerful than Rune Thor in Comics. So he is not stupid but he really doesn’t necessarily use his intelligence. But on the other hand, Wanda is known for her mind control and Telekinesis and she is quite intelligent too.

She was able to manipulate Tony’s ( Iron Man ) mind and control him in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Wanda depends mostly on her mental abilities. And in the wandavision series, we have shown that she can even teleport herself with her abilities. But if we compare her mental abilities with Thor then Wanda wins in this.


There are no weaknesses for Thor because he is one of the MCU Characters who can’t die, the most durable, and also one of the most powerful characters in the MCU. And his physical abilities are always outstanding and no one can kill him so he doesn’t have any weaknesses.

Whereas Wanda has quite some huge weaknesses like she couldn’t fight for a very long time because she is a human and she doesn’t have that much strength to withstand a very strong enemy like Thor for a very long time. But Thor can even fight for ages simply because he is a god. So if the match continues for a long time then Wanda will lose to Thor. So Thor wins in this region too.


Thor lived for a very long time and he defeated very powerful villains like he defeated Surtur easily and also defeated Hulk with his bare hands, And even survived for a very long time in space without any oxygen until Guardians of the Galaxy saved him. And also able to overpower all the Infinity Stone’s power with his storm breaker and chop Thanos head.

Whereas Wanda also had significant achievements in MCU. She was able to defeat the Sorcerer Supreme and also Doctor Strange. She was able to defeat the whole Kamar-Taj which is known as the most powerful Mystic arts place in MCU. Wanda was able to destroy the time stone with just half of her power.

She created a whole new town and recreated Vision and managed to control all the people in the town without much effort. So Thor and Wanda had significant achievements in MCU so it is a tie in the Achievements region.

Wanda vs Thor fights in Comics:-

Thor vs Wanda
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To be more exact and sure there was a fight between Thor and Wanda in the comics. In the Uncanny Avengers vol 1 #4 comic. There was an awesome fight of Thor vs Wanda. In the comics, Red Skull steals Charles Xavier’s brain ( One of the main members of X men ) to control the minds of the strongest superheroes Telepathically.

And to start a war between humans and mutants Red Skull also controlled Thor with other strongest superheroes. So using the God of Thunder Red Skull tries to defeat Wanda. At the start of the fight, Wanda gives a tough fight to Thor and withstands Thor’s attacks. But eventually, she realizes that she couldn’t defeat him even with the help of Havoc because we know he’s very durable and can withstand any type of attack.

Wanda gives her best and even taps into the Chaos Magic and turns into Scarlet Witch. But she couldn’t manage to do any injuries to him. So knowing she couldn’t defeat or harm him Wanda throws Thor into space with her full power. Even using her full power and even tapping into the chaos magic Wanda couldn’t harm Thor. So who wins int the fight is pretty much clear.

There was a quote in the comic regarding this situation ” She knows there is no way of defeating Thor in direct conflict. There is only removing Thor from battle”. So simply she didn’t harm him or defeated him she just removed him from the battlefield. So Thor wins in a fight between Thor vs Wanda


Conclusion Thor vs Wanda fight:-

Thor vs wanda

So in most of the regions, Thor simply wins over Wanda. Even though Wanda got Thor in a perfect spot in a vulnerable position to hold him like Thanos in the Endgame. He simply summons his Storm Breaker and kills Wanda. Wanda’s defense is powerful but the ultimate weapon of Thor Storm Breaker even overpowered all the Infinity Stones powers.

So Wanda’s defense doesn’t stand a chance against him. Thor is way too Durable and powerful for Wanda to handle and Wanda couldn’t fight for a very long time because of her human body. But Thor can even fight for ages without feeling any tiredness. So in the long match, Wanda eventually loses to Thor.

But there is a chance for Wanda to defeat Thor. She can go nearby to Thor and somehow manipulate the Asgardian mind and take control of Thor’s mind. Thor was already very sad because of losing everyone in his life. So it is easy for Wanda to control him. But she has to catch Thor off guard and make him defenseless.

But excluding all this Wanda is actually very powerful but she doesn’t know her powers. We have seen Wong telling Doctor Strange that Scarlet Witch is too powerful and no one can stop her. So if Wanda can tap into her true potential the battle maybe the outcome will be changed.

So in our opinion, if there was a fight between Thor Vs Wanda. Then Thor will win for now but the table may turn upside down in future MCU movies. Thor may become weaker and Wanda may become stronger or maybe Vice-Versa too resulting in changing the outcome of the fight Thor Vs Wanda.

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