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There are so many superheroes in MCU. But who is actually the strongest among them? So to answer this question. We made a little research and made this post. This post contains the Top 10 strongest Avengers in the MCU and if you are thinking of Thor or Captain Marvel. Then you are wrong because another character stole that place. So let us dive into it and know the strongest Avenger.

10. Black Panther:-

First, on your list, we have Wakanda King T’challa( Black Panther ). He is one of the strongest avengers. His main source of power is Panther power ( got from drinking the Wakanda leaf drink ) and Vibranium suit and other Vibranium Gadgets.

T’challa has a whole country by his side when it comes to war and we all know how crucial role did Wakanda people play in the avenger’s infinity war. His true potential is yet to be revealed by Marvel in upcoming MCU Movies.

9. Spiderman:-

Next, we have the youngest avenger in MCU. Peter Parker ( Spiderman ) is no doubt he is the strongest avenger. Because he stopped a Huge Ferry from sinking and he even stopped the Bucky metal hand punch very easily in the civil war. And he is no less In intelligence too. In Spiderman: No way home he created an Antidote ( Cure )for every Multiverse Spiderman villain and he even created a spiderman suit.

8. Hulk:-

The main reason for Hulk not to be in the top position is. Because in recent MCU movies Hulk is not as powerful as the old Hulk we have seen and in the endgame, Professor Hulk is introduced and he is so calm. and he is not at all same as the previous Hulk.

But still, we haven’t seen the true potential of professor hulk. Because most of the Hulk’s power is wasted because of his anger. But after the introduction of professor hulk. We have seen that banner intelligence is added to the Hulk. So we should wait and see the true potential of professor hulk in future MCU movies.

7. Vision:-

Vision is the strongest Robot in the whole MCU. It is created by Ultron. But brought to life by Tony, Bruce Banner & Thor. Vision is made up of Vibranium and organic tissues and he is also one of the few people capable of lifting Mjolnir. His main source of power is the Mind stone ( One of the Infinity Stones ) fixed at his forehead and he is also capable of going through objects.

And he mainly uses the mind stone for emitting lasers. and he is also immune to physical attacks. Vision is also one of the tough opponents to beat because of his Vibranium body and that makes him one of the strongest Avengers.

6. Captain America:-

Next, we have our winter soldier. Captain America is the oldest avenger. and because of it, he has a lot of experience than any other Avenger. and he is very strong. That he easily stopped a helicopter with his bare hands. And jumped out of an airplane without any parachute.

And in the avenger’s endgame. We have seen Captain America even get Thor’s power because of Mjolnir and he is pretty good at using it. He is one of the few Avengers. To get huge respect from Marvel fans. So he is undoubtedly one of the strongest Avengers.

5. Iron Man:-

Iron man is the most intelligent person in the whole MCU and he is the second person to Bleed Thanos after Thor. And even though tony stark didn’t have any superhuman powers like other Avengers. He is stronger than many of the Avengers.

And his main source of power is his Brain. He created a suit with the most advanced technology and which he used for stopping hulk from rampaging using Hulk Buster, Used his suit rockets to fix Ferry Boat, made Space travel possible, and Many more. He is the one who created the Time machine and that’s enough to tell how intelligent tony is.

4. Doctor Strange:-

Doctor Strange is the strongest user of Mystic arts after the Ancient One. Even though he was trained for a very little period. He defeated some of the strongest villains in MCU like Dormammu, and Kaecilius ( One of the servants of Dormammu ), and learned to use Time Stone.

Doctor strange is so powerful that even Thanos used every Infinity stone he had to defeat him and Doctor Strange even defeated Dormammu who is the strongest villain in the whole MCU. And he is also able to see the future in the Avengers: Infinity war. But he is not the strongest Avenger because there are other avengers at the top who are stronger than him.

3. Captain Marvel:-

Captain Marvel is one of the most debated characters in MCU. The debate is on whether captain Marvel is more powerful than Thor or not. In our opinion, she is not as powerful as Thor because the origin of Captain Marvel’s power is the Space Stone. But Thor easily stopped all the Infinity powers beams with his StormBreaker in Avengers: Infinity War. So he can easily defeat Captain Marvel with it.

But Captain Marvel is not the weakest Avenger. Because she single-handedly destroyed the Kree spaceship and Thano’s huge spaceship with one blow and went on a 1v1 fight with Thanos. She even took a direct attack from the space stone and not even got a single scratch on her. So she is undoubtedly one of the strongest avengers.

2. Thor:-

At the top 2, we have our god of thunder. And he is actually the strongest Avenger in the original Avenger’s Team. And he is the only god in the Avengers. He gained the most of his power from the recent movie events. In Thor Ragnarok.

He knew his true power( That is Mjolnir is not his source of power ) And he even took the full power of a star. And without any weapons, he beat the Hela Dead army and he almost killed Thanos in the Avenger’s endgame. Which is not at all a normal achievement.

1. Scarlet Witch:-

Top 1 in our list is the strongest witch of all time Wanda. At first, she is one of the most underrated characters in MCU. But after the wandavision series, her true potential is revealed, and even before the WandaVision.

She is so powerful because she broke the Mind stone ( one of the infinity stones ) Single-Handedly and she is also very close to killing Thanos in Avengers: End Game. If Thanos didn’t order his spaceships to shoot her.

And after the wandavision series. Every MCU fan got to know her true powers and she is so powerful in wandavision that he even brought back Vision to life and her Chao’s magic made her incredibly strong. So she is undoubtedly the strongest avenger.

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