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After the She-Hulk series, all the MCU fans are more interested in Hulk and all the fans wanted different types of Hulk introductions in MCU. And one of the most popular and also most awaited Hulk is Red Hulk. But so many fans don’t know much about Red Hulk Origin, Powers, and Abilities. So before Marvel introduces Red Hulk to us let us know all about Red Hulk beforehand. So without any delay let us dive into it.

Who is Red Hulk?

Who is Red Hulk?
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Red Hulk is none other than General TunderBolt Ross he turned into Red Hulk. Because of Bruce Banner’s blood and Gamma Radiation. Red Hulk has similar abilities and powers as Hulk. And Red Hulk is the only type of Hulk who is capable of challenging Hulk and can win in a fight. Red Hulk also had additional powers and abilities that Hulk doesn’t possess. This makes him stronger than Hulk but his powers are also his biggest enemies.

I was General TunderBolt Ross. I had become the very thing i hated most in iife. I am the Red Hulk. And for all i have done i deserve to Die..

ThunderBolt Ross

Red Hulk Origin

Red Hulk Origin
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As we discussed earlier General TunderBolt Ross is the Red Hulk. Ross is a military officer and the head of the Gamma Bomb project which turned Bruce Banner into Hulk. And he is the father of Betty Ross after Bruce turns into Hulk Ross wanted to dissect Hulk and use him for Military purposes.

But Hulk escapes from Ross and it is nearly impossible to defeat Hulk with military equipment. So to defeat Hulk Ross turns Emil Blonsky into an Abomination ( a very similar type of Hulk but less powerful than Hulk ). But Hulk defeats Abomination and escapes from Ross. Once Ross releases Abomination in comics and orders him to defeat Hulk.

But Abomination couldn’t defeat Hulk but he kills the closest one to Hulk Betty ross ( Daughter of Ross ). After the death of his daughter. General Ross hates Hulk and blames hulk for the death of his Daugther. But no matter how hard he try he couldn’t defeat Hulk. Then Modok takes Ross to The Leader ( Leader character got powers because of Hulk’s blood and Gamma radiation in it and because of it he turns into a very intelligent character in Marvel comics. We have also seen this in the Incredible Hulk movie too ).

And leader promises Ross to bring back Betty from death and also give him the power to defeat Hulk. Ross agrees to it and Leader injects Hulk’s blood into Ross and also exposes him to Gamma Radiation because of it, he turns into Red Hulk, and as he promises he made Betty alive by using the same Hulk blood and Gamma radiation. Which turns her into Red Hulk. Gamma radiation doesn’t work the same on everyone. So Gamma Radiation turned General Ross and Betty Ross into Red hulks

Red Hulk Powers

Red Hulk Origin
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Even though Red Hulk Origin is different from Green Hulk. Red hulk has similar abilities and powers as Green Hulk. But he also had some of the abilities that Green Hulk doesn’t have. So let’s look at those powers of Red Hulk too.

Superhuman abilities:- Red hulk has superhuman abilities like other Superheroes and he had all the superhuman abilities that Hulk had like Superhuman leaping, Strength, Stamina, Speed, and Durability. Red Hulk Superhuman durability is just like Hulk. Red Hulk can withstand a punch that can instantly kill a human and also some superhumans and also Red Hulk Strength is also very powerful that his punch is equal to a Nuclear Explosion.

Regeneration ability:- Red Hulk also had the same regeneration ability as green Hulk but the Regeneration ability of Red Hulk is not as powerful as Green Hulk. But the healing factor came very handy to Red Hulk when he fought with Wolverine and with Hulk.

Transformation:- Unlike Bruce Banner Ross can transform into Red Hulk whenever he wants. Whereas Bruce can’t transform into Hulk at will. This gives Ross a great advantage against Hulk because as we know Ross is a military commander and also reached great feats after the incidents that happened in Incredible Hulk. So he can deploy the Military or use government power against Hulk. Just like he did in Avengers: Civil War.

Energy Absorption:- The energy absorption ability of Red Hulk is also one of the abilities that Green Hulk didn’t have. Red Hulk can absorb energy and Gamma radiation too. Once he absorbed The Leader Gamma radiation and turned him into a normal human. And he can absorb cosmic power too once he observed the silver surfer’s cosmic power and made him powerless. This is one of the most powerful abilities of Red Hulk that green Hulk doesn’t possess.

Gamma Radiation Emission:- Red hulk doesn’t only absorb Gamaa radiation but also emits Gamma radiation. The amount of gamma radiation he emits is depended upon how angry he is. Just like Green hulk becomes strong depending upon how much angry he becomes. If Red Hulk crosses a certain limit of his anger then he shoots fire and also whatever Red Hulk touches burns.

Long Life:- Just like other superhumans Red Hulk also had a long life. In fact, he doesn’t at all age when Ross is transformed into Red Hulk because of his regeneration ability the old cells automatically regenerate, and also he had Gamma radiation in him. Which makes him not age at all when he transformed into Red Hulk. But when he turns into a human ( General Thunderbolt Ross) then he normally ages like other humans.

Red Hulk Weakness

Red Hulk Origin
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Red Hulk is surely very powerful but sometimes his greatest powers had become his greatest weakness in Marvel Comics. These weaknesses are what we already discussed Red Hulk emits Gamma Radiation and he emits more if he gets angrier just like Hulk strength. So if he exceeds his limit and emits more Gamma Radiation then he turns into a nuclear bomb and destroys himself and others around him. But green Hulk doesn’t have this problem if Green Hulk gets angry then he becomes more powerful and also he is vulnerable to Physic attacks.

Is Red Hulk stronger than Hulk?

Is Red Hulk stronger than Hulk?

Yes, Red Hulk is stronger than Hulk because he had some additional powers that Hulk doesn’t have. But even though Red Hulk is powerful from his origin itself. It does means that Hulk loses in a fight with Red Hulk. Even though Red Hulk had stronger abilities than Green Hulk from his origin Itself.

Most of the Red Hulk’s strongest powers are his greatest enemies. Whereas Green Hulk doesn’t have any powers that affect him. So Hulk has a great advantage over Red Hulk and obviously, he doesn’t lose in a fight against Red Hulk in Marvel Comics most of the time the fight between Red Hulk and Green Hulk is a tie or Hulk wins the fight. So even though Red Hulk is stronger than Hulk he couldn’t defeat Hulk.

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