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Only a few days left for the release of the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever movie. And all MCU fans are very excited about the Namor character because he is a new MCU character and also he is very similar to the Aquaman character. So fans are excited to know how Marvel gonna differentiate Namor from Aquaman. And also many of us don’t know much about Namor. So we explained everything about Namor’s character Namor’s Origin, Power, and also other unanswered questions. So without any delay let us dive into it.

Who is Namor

Who is Namor
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Namor’s character is played by Tenoch Huerta. Namor is the King of Atlantis Namor’s character was introduced in Comics in the year 1939 by Bill Everett and the Aquaman is introduced in the year 1941. Namor’s character was introduced 2 years before Aquaman’s character. Namor’s father was a Mayan and his mother was an Atlantean princess. Namor is the first Mutant in Marvel and also one of the first superheroes in Marvel Comics.

Origin of Namor

Who is Namor
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To know the exact Origin of Namor in Marvel comics. We should travel a little back in time to 1915. In the year 1915 Ernest Shackleton a antarctic explorer sent by the prime minister of the United Kingdom Winston Churchill. To find the rarest metal on earth Vibranium in the Antarctic. In the exploration of Vibranium, they lost their ship ” The Endurance ” and there was no sign of Ernest Shackleton too.

After a few years president Woodrow Wilson asked Leonard Mckenzie ( Antarctic Explorer ) to find ” The Endurance ” in Antarctica in the year 1920. And after exploration in Antarctica Leonard Mckenzie finds the Endurance but it is buried under the ice so in order to recover the ship. He uses explosives in the ocean and because of it, so many Atlanteans below the sea were dead.

And knowing all this the king of Atlantis ” Emperor Thakorr ” sent his Daughter Princess Fen to investigate the deaths of Atlanteans and also what caused the explosion in the ocean. Princess fen investigates in Antarctica and meets Leonard Mckenzie. Leonard falls in love with her and also impregnates Princess Fen. But after some time the Atlantean soldiers take Fen back to Atlantis and in time Fen gave birth to Namor in Atlantis. Thus the origin of Namor happened Namor means Avenging son.

Powers and abilities of Namor

Who is Namor
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Being an Atlantean and half-human Namor has so many superhuman powers and abilities. And being a mutant he has some abilities that are more powerful than other Atlanteans and also some abilities that no other Atlanteans had. And some of them are

Under Ocean Adaptation:- Because of living in underwater for so long. Namor’s body developed a resistance to cold water in the ocean and also enhanced their vision in water. He can even see in the Dark ocean depths making him able to live in water in any hard condition. And Namor can also live on land but he needs occasionally contact with water to survive on land.

Superhuman abilities:- Like most of the other superheroes Namor has so many superhuman abilities and being a Mutant. He has better abilities than other Atlanteans and also he is the strongest of all other Atlanteans. He has Superhuman abilities like Superhuman Durability, Reflexes, Strength, Agility, Stamina, and Speed. Namor’s superhuman Abilities depend upon how much contacted he was with water. In under Water Namor has the strongest abilities but when he is not in contact with water than his powers will decrease in time and leading to death of Namor

Flight:- The major difference between Aquaman and Namor is flight. Aquaman can’t fly but Namor can fly. That gives him a major advantage over Aquaman on land. Namor has two wings on both of his Ankles which he uses to fly and he can fly faster than a military jet. and using his strength he can lift 50 Ton of weight while he is flying at his top speed.

Immune to physical damages Under Water:- Namor’s powers are linked to Ocean because he was an Atlantean. So in the ocean, he is almost indestructible and also immune to Physical damage. Even though he had any physical damage Namor quickly heals when he is in water. He can heal faster than any other Atlantean and also his healing abilities in underwater are almost the same as the Wolverine’s healing abilities. When he is not in contact with water his healing ability constantly decreases in time.

Long Life:- Atlanteans live longer than most Humans. The average life span of an Atlantean is 120 years and Namor being an Antalantean can also live as long or he can live more than Atlanteans because he is more powerful than other Atlanteans and he is also a mutant. So he can live longer than Atlanteans and Humans.

Telepathic abilities:- A similar ability between Namor and Aquaman is Telepathic abilities. Both Namor and Aquaman can communicate with sea creatures. Namor can communicate with other sea animals through his telepathic abilities. And with this ability, he can also communicate with other Atlanteans. Sometimes he can even control sea creatures and use them to fight enemies.

Electro Location:- Namor has a very unique ability Electro Location with this ability Namor can Navigate through electric pulses in the ocean. And also track enemies with this ability. Which we have never seen in any other MCU characters.

Radiation Absorption:- Like some of the Marvel Superheroes Namor can Absorb Radiation. But the amount of Radiation he can withstand is unknown. But to some extent, Namor can absorb Radiation.

Is Namor a Anti-Villian
Is Namor a Anti-Villian
Image credit:- Slashfilm

Namor is one of the most complicated characters in Marvel. But Namor’s character is also one of the favorite characters for Marvel. Because Namor is one of the first superheroes in Marvel and also the first Mutant in Marvel. Namor is always tempered and does anything for his Kingdom and his people So he mostly ended up as Anti-Hero or sometimes as a villain.

And In comics, Namor worked with Doctor Doom, Magneto and also fought against them. He was a very good friend of Hulk and also he was an Avenger for so many years and also had fights with Avengers members. Namor’s character is very different from other Marvel characters it is very difficult to say on which side he will be Hero or Villian.

How Namor Character gonna change in MCU
Is Namor a Anti-Villian
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Marvel is going to change the origin of Namor. MCU Namor is not from Atlantis but a submerged city in Central America but still Namor is the son of a Mayan and an Atlantean princess. The main reason for Marvel to change the origin of Namor is to differentiate MCU Namor from Aquaman. Because Aquaman and Namor are very similar characters and they are both from Atlantis from different universes.

But Aquaman was already an established character in Movies but Namor’s is yet to be introduced to the fans. So Marvel gonna introduce their version of Atlantis differently from Aquaman and also there are other major changes in Namor’s characters. One of them is MCU Namor is going to be a very close friend to BlackPanther.

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