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Who are the Strongest Akatsuki Members in Naruto?

There are so many groups in Naruto that are strong and powerful. But no group is no near to Akatsuki. It is the strongest and most powerful group in the whole Naruto anime and the members of the Akatsuki are very powerful. And also every member has his own unique ability.

So we made a list of members in Akatsuki. Who are the strongest in Akatsuki and ranked them according to their strength and their abilities. If they are any New watchers of Naruto take a look at what is Akatsuki if you didn’t know anything about it. it gives you an idea about the strongest group in Naruto. So let’s dive into the list.

What is Akatsuki?

Akatsuki is a Group of Shinobi. Who Abandoned their villages and became Rouge NiNjas. The main purpose of Akatsuki is to collect all Tailed beasts and bring peace to the shinobi world using the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Some of its members are Hidan, Sasori, Itachi, Deidara & So on. The Strongest among them are.

Strongest Akatsuki Members:-

The below list shows the Top 10 strongest members in Naruto and they are all ranked according to the Strengths, Abilities, and Jutsu they used in Naruto.

10. Sasori:-

The first Akatsuki member on our list is Sasori. He is also known as the Puppet Master. Sasori invented Human puppets and he is so skilled in it. That he turned himself into a Puppet and became the most Powerful Puppet Master in Naruto.

He is also very skilled in poison making and the poisons are. So deadly that the affected person could die in a short amount of time and the antidote for it is only be created by only very skilled Medical Ninjutsu Users. But we have shown that only Sakura can make an antidote for Sasori poison. He is so powerful that he even defeated the Third Kazekage. and made Kazekage into a human puppet.

Some of his powerful jutsu are Hundred puppets jutsu and also the human puppet of Third Kazekage and if wasn’t the duo of Sakura and Lady Chiyo. Sasori could have been a dangerous shinobi In Naruto.

9. Deidara:-

Deidara is one of the unique characters in Naruto. Because he can create bombs using his hand’s mouth. He uses clay for making the Bombs. Deidara is so powerful and also very intelligent at the same time that he outsmarted Naruto and Kakashi & Faked his death. In the rescue mission of Gaara.

He is the only person. Who defeated Garaa and Sasuke on his own. In the Sasuke incident, he could have killed Sasuke if Sasuke didn’t use the reverse summoning jutsu but even though.

The Sasuke was injured severely by the Deidara explosion and not many other shinobi are successful in defeating them alone. So he is one of the strongest Akatsuki members.

8. Hidan:-

Hidan was an immortal and had unique abilities in Naruto but the origin of his powers is still unknown. All Naruto fans remember Hidan because of Shikamaru’s revenge on him. The fight between Hidan and Shikamaru is an amazing Fight.

Hidan is so powerful that even Shikamaru made a lot of planning to defeat him and Shikamaru even invented new techniques to defeat him. Even though Shikamaru put so much effort to kill Hidan. He was only able to bury Him.

Because of Hidan’s immortality and in the future Naruto animes. Someone who knows about Hidan can easily Revive him. And then there may be a fight between them again.

7. Konan:-

Next on our list, we have Konan. Who is also known as the ” God’s angel ” and Konan was one of the founders of Akatsuki. And She is also one of the unique shinobi in Naruto because of her Ninjutsu.

She can channel her chakra to paper and can control the paper in any way she wants. And She can also transform the paper into dangerous weapons and also into a number of paper bombs. which she used in the fight with Obito.

She is one of the strongest members of the Akatsuki. One of her iconic battles was with Obito. She almost killed Obito. If Obito didn’t use Izanagi and change the reality with his Sharingan. So there is no doubt that she is one f the strongest Akatsuki member in Naruto.

6. Kakuzu:-

Kakuzu Character is one of the most debated characters in Naruto. Because in the fight between Kakashi and Kakuzu he mentioned that he killed Hashirama ( The First Hokage of the leaf ). Who is known as the God of shinobi and we all know how strong Hashirama was. Even Madara couldn’t defeat Hashirama. But the fight between Hashirama and Kakuzu is not shown in Naruto.

Kakuzu was also immortal to some extent. Because of his five hearts and the deal with demons he made to let them stay in his body. He is undoubtedly one of the strongest Akatsuki members because even Kakashi couldn’t defeat him and he can use every chakra nature using the demons and he defeated multiple Jinchuriki’s alone ( Fuu, Yuito ).

5. Kisame:-

Kisame is one of the Seven Ninja swordsmen of Mist and also the user of Samehada. And he was also known as the ” Tailless beast ”. Even though he was not a Jinchuriki he possesses a huge amount of chakra. Because of the Samehada

Because the Samehada drains opponent’s chakra and gives it to the user. And he even defeated Killer bee ( Jinchuriki of 8 tails) and he can even create a huge water ball and trap enemies in it. So he was also undoubtedly one of the strongest members sin Akatsuki

4. Orochimaru:-

Next is Orochimaru. One of the legendary Sanins ( Jiraya, Tsunade, Orochimaru ) and he is also the student of the third Hokage. Orochimaru is one of the main characters in Naruto. And he is also responsible for some of the heartbreaking moments in Naruto and for finding dangerous jutsus & improving them ( Edo Tensei ) & Third Hokage’s death.

Orochimaru was also one of the immortals in Naruto and he was the only Akatsuki member. Who survived in Naruto and was alive in the Boruto: Naruto’s next generation too. Orochimaru knew so many jutsu and they all are very dangerous.

one of them is Edo Tensei and He is very hard to defeat too. Only Genjutsu users can defeat him. We have seen Sasuke and Itachi using genjutsu and defeating him and also the other way is to seal him. And another iconic jutsu he had and every Naruto fan. Didn’t recognize was, He created a universe inside his mind to take other people’s bodies as his vessels.

3. Itachi:-

Next on our list, we had our favorite Itachi. He is one of the Anbu members of Hidden leaf and also the elder brother of Sasuke. Itachi is the strongest Genjutsu user In Naruto after receiving the Shisui eyes and he is also the only person to activate the Amaterasu ( Eternal flames ) after Indra.

Itachi knows so many powerful Uchiha clan jutsu. Even madra didn’t know those Jutsu’s one of them is Izanami. And his iconic battles were with pain, Sasuke, and Kabuto, and Itachi has a very unique Susanoo that no other Uchiha has in the Naruto Anime.

In Itachi Susanoo, he has the Yata mirror. Which he can use to deflect any powerful attack. He used this against Sasuke’s kirin and the sword of Totsuka it has the power to seal anything. Itachi used this to seal Orochimaru.

2. Pain:-

Pain is the second leader of the Akatsuki and he is also a student of the Jiraiya. Pain’s main source of power is his rinnegan. Which he got from Madara. He has a lot of dangerous jutsu in his arsenal.

one of them is the Almighty push. Which wiped out the entire hidden leaf village in one blow. And He also has the Sage of Six paths power. Which he uses has the paths of him(Deva Path, Asura Path, Human Path, Animal Path, Preta Path, Naraka Path ) and every path has its uniqueness.

Some of the Path powers are summoning huge and deadly animals and pulling out souls from people and many more one of the most powerful and also iconic moments of pain is. He can revive dead people. Which he did after talking with Naruto.

1. Obito:-

No 1 in our list is Obito. Who is also known as the Broken Hero. He played a very iconic Role in Naruto. He is the student of the Minato ( Fourth Hokage of leaf, The yellow flash of the leaf ). Obito is the real founder of Akatsuki. And Obito is the first Jinchuriki of the Ten tails.

Obito has one of the strongest and unique Sharingan power which is Kamui. With Kamui, he can send objects to other dimensions and he can also transport himself using Kamui and other iconic ability of Kamui is.

Using Kamui Obito can send a part of him to another dimension and this makes him invincible in the fights. And he was also the only one who controlled all tailed beasts and used their powers at a time. And that makes him the strongest Akatsuki member in Naruto.

That’s for the strongest members in Naruto and we hope that you liked the post. Don’t forget to post your thoughts about the post in the comments section below. And if you want to know the Most underrated fights in Naruto check this Post.

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