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When is the Thor love and Thunder Trailer release?

The Thor Love and Thunder is gonna be released on July 8, 2022. After the release of Doctor strange Multiverse of Madness Movie. But marvel released Mrs, Marvel trailer last week. So everyone was upset about it.

Because everyone is waiting for Thor’s love and Thunder trailer than Mrs. Marvel trailer but marvel didn’t yet release the Thor love and Thunder trailer or poster of the movie. And there wasn’t even any confirmation about the trailer release. But there are a few rumors about it.

So there wasn’t any confirmation about the rumors but the rumors maximum are that. The Thor Love and Thunder Trailer gonna be released mostly this month. And we mostly expect the trailer will be in next week. Because Moon Knight series launch on disney+ Hotstar on March 30.

We think The Thor Love and Trailer will be released before the launch of the Moon Knight series. Marvel mostly launches movie trailers on Monday. So we expect that it will be released next week Monday but there wasn’t any confirmation about it too.

Not only normal fans are waiting for the movie. But also the famous amazon series the Boy’s team is also waiting for the trailer. And they even asked the director of Thor Love and Thunder Taika Waititi about the trailer. Taika Waititi was a big fan of the amazon boys series. And recently the boy’s series season 3 trailer has been released.

The trailer is seen by Taika Waititi and he even replied in the Twitter below the trailer. The boy’s team has replied to The comment Taika Waititi wrote has. ” A trailer for the trailer where is Thor 4 trailer ”. On Twitter for the Taika Waititi comment. But Taika Waititi or Marvel didn’t respond to it. So we didn’t have any chance and just wait for the trailer.

Story line of the Thor love and thunder:-

Thor love and Thunder is gonna be a romantic movie. The storyline gonna be about Jane Foster. The heroine of Thor the Dark World and Jane Foster gonna be the Female Thor. The Jane Foster gonna be worthy of lifting the Mjolnir( Thor Hammer ) in the comics. According to the comics, the movie is all about Jane Foster and Thor and the love between them.

The way she becomes the Female Thor in the comics is. The thor loses the worthiness to lift the Mjolnir. And no one can lift it even Odin can’t lift it. Yes, Odin is still alive in the comics. He has died in the MCU movies. But he is still alive in the comics and the Jane Foster is the only one worthy of lifting the Mjolnir. And the other shocking thing is. Jane Foster has cancer in the comics. And she is taking treatment for it but using Mjolnir and becoming Thor makes her cancer more strong.

The treatment done up to then for cancer is wasted because of using the Mjolnir. But the Jane Foster still uses Mjolnir to save the world. But in the movies, the story is just the opposite. Because the thor Don’t use Mjolnir anymore. It is destroyed by Hela. And the Odin is also dead. And there isn’t any Asgard in MCU movies. So it was a big question on how Jane Foster gets Mjolnir.

The few ways she can get the Mjolnir is. The Mjolnir what was brought in the endgame. But it is kept into his timeline by captain America. So there isn’t any chance for it. And The only way for her to use is using the break Mjolnir by Hela In Thor Ragnarok. And the creator of the storm breaker Etiri` is still alive. He may create a new Mjolnir or reconstruct the old broken one.

The guardians of the galaxy also gonna appear in some parts of the movie. And we will don’t know what happened to Gamora. Because there wasn’t any information about her after the end game. So we may know something about her in this movie. Comment down below. Who wants to get the trailer of Thor love and thunder as soon as possible.

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