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Naruto Baryon Mode is one of the most iconic forms of Naruto there is no doubt about it. But maybe we may not see the same powerful Naruto again in the Boruto anime. But is there still a chance of Naruto using his Baryon Mode again without the help of Kurama? let’s discover everything about Naruto Baryon Mode. So without any delay let us dive into it

What is Naruto Baryon Mode?

Baryon Mode
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Naruto Baryon Mode is the strongest form of Naruto. And it involves combining Naruto’s Chakra & Kurama’s Chakra. And producing a new form of energy. It is a kind of Nuclear fusion process and it not only drains up both Naruto and Kurama Chakra. But it also reduces the life force of both Naruto & Kurama and It only ends when one of them dies. 

Having this amount of major drawbacks, the strength of the Naruto Baryon Mode is also no less. Naruto Baryon Mode is stronger than the Kurama Chakra mode or any other form Naruto ever tapped into. In this mode, Naruto’s sensory levels are taken to next level which we have never seen before.

He can sense Ishikki’s moves easily with the Naruto Baryon Mode and can dodge those attacks without much effort. But it was not the same with the normal Kurama mode, Naruto was struggling to even land a punch on Ishikki Otsutsuki. So we can understand that there is a huge power gap between Naruto Kurama Mode and Naruto Baryon Mode.

Another major advantage of the Naruto Baryon mode is that whenever Naruto touches someone when he is in Baryon Mode a major chunk of their life energy is reduced. Which makes the Naruto Baryon Mode the almighty form of Naruto. 

Why Naruto Baryon Mode is Weak

Baryon Mode

There are some characters in Naruto anime who can defeat Naruto Baryon Mode because even though the new form of Naruto is the strongest mode of Naruto. It is not that effective with other opponents that Naruto faced in past. The main reason is that Naruto Baryon Mode works only for a small amount of time and the major advantage of Naruto Baryon Mode is that whenever Naruto hits his opponent ( Isshiki Otsutsuki ) a major chunk of their life energy is reduced.

And Isshiki Otsutsuki doesn’t have huge life energy and he had only 20 hours of life Span before fighting with Naruto. Before then Isshiki Otsutsuki should implant his Karma Seal on Kawaki so he can revive himself in Kawaki again. So the only way to defeat him is to shrink his life span and also stop him from implanting his Karma on Kawaki. So because of Naruto Baryon Mode and the hard hits, Naruto made to Isshiki Otsutsuki.

His life span is reduced dramatically and leading to the death of Ishikki Otsutsuki. But other Characters are not like Ishikki Otsutsuki. They have a huge life span of years and even though Naruto uses Baryon mode on them it will be not effective as in Ishikki Otsutsuki’s case.

So the Naruto Baryon Mode is weak to fight with other opponents who have a huge life span. But actually, Naruto doesn’t need to go to the Baryon Mode to defeat other opponents who are not strong as Isshiki Otsutsuki. He can use his normal Jutsu and can easily defeat them because even without Kurama’s help Naruto is still powerful and he smashed a ton of strong opponents with ease in Past without the help of Kurama.

How did Naruto able to activate Almighty Baryon Mode?

Kurama Return
Image Credit:- Narutopedia

To know the complete story of how Naruto is able to use Naruto Baryon Mode we need to look at the death of Kurama. So let’s go a few episodes back into the Boruto Anime and recall the death of Kurama. In the final fight with the Isshiki Otsutsuki, Naruto uses Baryon mode the Strongest form of Naruto. This is the only way that can defeat Isshiki Otsutsuki and Naruto doesn’t have any other option but to use it.

But as always the strongest Power comes with a heavy loss to pay and for the heavy loss Naruto, as to pay for the Baryon Mode, was Kurama in exchange for the Baryon Mode. Let us get into the exact conversation that happened between Naruto and Kurama before Naruto entered into Baryon Mode.

Before activating Baryon Mode Kurama explains the condition for using Baryon Mode, that is in return for exchanging the power of Baryon Mode Naruto has to sacrifice his life. And as we all know Naruto didn’t even think for a second and agreed to the condition and asks Kurama to activate it. We all know about Naruto he never thinks about himself in this situation he just puts his life in danger for others.

After that Kurama activates Baryon Mode and Naruto enters into the almighty Naruto Baryon Mode and has an amazing fight with Isshiki Otsutsuki. After defeating Isshiki Otsutsuki Naruto was ready to say Goodbye to the Shinobi world and he wants to have his final moments with Kurama so he goes into his subconscious mind ( Where he usually meets Kurama ) and he is ready for his death but then Kurama reveals the actual truth.

That is the cost for the Baryon mode is not Naruto’s life but it is Kurama’s life. This was a shocking moment for both Naruto and all fans we all believed that it is going to be the last moments of Naruto but we forget the true nature of Kurama, he lied before Baryon Mode to know if Naruto is the same or changed after becoming Hokage and Kurama got the answer right away for it. It is he never changed and never gonna change that is his Ninja Way.

And Just after knowing the truth from Kurama Naruto begs Kurama to not leave him, but there is no other choice for Kurama but to leave because Kurama used all his life energy to feel Naruto Baryon Mode. And Kurama speaks his last words to Naruto to not get joined with him anytime soon and Kurama leaves the last bit of his chakra to Naruto so he can survive.

Kurama left his Chakra to Naruto because if a Tailed Beast is extracted the Jinchurki dies, but Kurama gives enough amount of life energy to Naruto that he can survive. We have actually seen this in the 4th Great Ninja War when all Tailed Beasts are extracted from Obito everyone thought that Obito gonna die but Kurama explains the situation. That Obito still has a Gedo statue in him and the Gedo statue has a lot of life energy in it so Obito won’t die. So he left his last bit of chakra to Naruto so that Naruto lives.

What Episode Does Naruto use Baryon Mode?

Baryon Mode

Naruto Baryon Mode is used in 216 Episode of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Anime and in the Manga Naruto uses his New Form in the 52 Chapter of the Boruto manga. Naruto Baryon Mode is used to defeat Isshiki Otsutsuki and because of using this mode, we lost one of the most iconic and favorite characters Kurama ( 9-Tails ) To fuel Naruto Baryon Mode Kurama used his life energy, and because of using all of his life energy on Baryon Mode and giving few leftover Chakra to Naruto. Kurama entered the list of Iconic deaths in Boruto Anime.

Who can Defeat Naruto Baryon Mode

 Naruto Baryon Mode
Image Credit:- Sportskeeda Wiki

As we discussed previously there are some characters in Naruto and Boruto. Who can defeat Naruto Baryon Mode so let us look into those characters

Characters Who can Defeat Naruto Baryon Mode in Naruto series:-

  • Hagoromo Otsutsuki
  • Kaguya Otsutsuki
  • Madara ( Ten-Tails form

Characters Who can Defeat Naruto Baryon Mode in Boruto:-

  • Isshiki Otsutsuki ( If he had more life span then he will win against Naruto New Kurama mode )
  • Isshiki leader ( In Boruto anime there are so many clues that there is a leader of the Otsutsuki Clan and also most powerful than all Otsutsuki’s. If he exits he can defeat Naruto New Kurama mode )
  • Eida
  • Daemon

Naruto’s weakest Form and Every form of Naruto Nine-Tails Chakra Mode

 Naruto Baryon Mode
Image Credit:- Narutopedia

Naruto’s weakest Nine-Tails form is One-Tail Cloak and the most powerful form of Naruto Baryon Mode. And the other Naruto Nine-Tail forms and Naruo &Kurama modes are

Naruto Nine-Tails Forms:-

  • One-Tail Cloak
  • Four Tails Form
  • Six Tails Form
  • Eight Tails Form
  • Nine Tails Chakra Form

Naruto Nine-Tails Chakra mode:-

  • Nine Tails Chakra mode
  • Kurama Chakra mode
  • Tailed Beast mode
  • Six Paths Sage mode
  • Asura Kurama mode
  • Baryon mode

Can Naruto Still use Baryon mode:-

No, Naruto can’t use his Baryon Mode without Kurama because to use Baryon Mode there should be Kurama chakra because Baryon Mode is a combination of Kurama & Naruto chakra, and fusing both Chakra and creating a new form of energy is called Baryon Mode. If there is no Kurama chakra which is the major part of the Baryon Mode, Naruto can’t use his New Kurama Mode

And Kurama not only used his chakra but also used his life energy to fuel Naruto’s New Form to defeat Isshiki. Because of fueling the Baryon Mode with his life energy, Naruto lasted in the fight with Isshiki for more time. Also, our favorite Kurama is entered into the list of iconic deaths in Boruto. So without Kurama, there is no chance of Naruto or any other character to achieve the most powerful Naruto Baryon Mode.

Is there any way for Kurama Return to Naruto?

Kurama Return
Image Credit:- Quora

Sadly, there is no way that Kurama’s Return is gonna happen because Kurama already mentioned the condition for using the Baryon mode that was instead of using Naruto’s life energy Kurama uses his life energy to fuel the baryon mode and Kurama used up all his life energy to fuel baryon Mode and made no chance for Kurama Return.

Also, the creators are not gonna make Kurama Return happen because the Anime is no longer about Naruto or Kurama it is about the Next Generation of Naruto, and all the trust is entrusted to the Next Generation of Naruto just like the previous Hokages did for Naruto Generation. If the Boruto story still revolves around Naruto and Kurama then there will be no meaning to the Boruto Anime.

There is also another confirmation that Kurama doesn’t Return to Naruto, that is Sasuke also lost his Rinnegan which is the major source of his power just like Naruto lost his greatest source of power. And ultimately the two strongest shinobi in the whole Naruto Anime have lost their major source of power.

If they didn’t lose their powers they will be the strongest shinobi forever and there will be no scope to show the powers of the Next Generations of Naruto, Actually, the Next Generation shinobi power doesn’t even come close to Naruto’s and Sasuke’s powers so the creators made the strongest characters lose their powers and won’t make Kurama Return happen. So they can elevate the Boruto Generation’s powers and capabilities.

But we really hope that our predictions are wrong and we all hope that Kurama Return to Naruto. It’s all left in the hands of Masashi Kishimoto the writer of Boruto: Next Generations and hope Kurama Return in the future episodes of Boruto Anime.


Let’s sum up everything we know until now. No, there is no chance of Naruto using Baryon Mode again because the major part of the Baryon Mode energy came from Kurama ( 9-Tails ) and after Kurama’s death, there is no other character in Naruto or Brouto Anime who had similar chakra to Kurama. Even if we add up all the remaining tailed Beast Chakra it doesn’t equal Kurama Chakra. Kurama had a huge amount of Chakra Reserves. So there is no way that Naruto can use Baryon Mode again.

Kurama is also not going to return in Boruto Series because Kurama used up all his life energy to fuel Baryon Mode and made no chance for him to return. But there are some amazing fan theories in which Kurama’s Return is possible but the Boruto writers are not interested to bring back Kurama to Naruto because when Kurama and Naruto team up they become invincible. They even become stronger than most of the Otsutsuki we seen in the Boruto series. So if Kurama returns there won’t be room for the Naruto next generations ( Boruto Generation) to show their skills and capabilities so Kurama is also possibly not coming back to Naruto.

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