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what happened to Odin in Thor Ragnarok

In the movie Thor Ragnarok, one of the main characters of thor films Odin ( father of thor ) has died. Odin has escaped from many death situations in thor films . In the first movie thor, he has been in Odin’s sleep for most of the movie. in thor’s dark world he has been exiled by Loki, and in Thor: Ragnarok his death has finally arrived and his last words are telling thor that he loves him and after that, he turned into pure energy or it is also called Odin’s force and he entered into Valhalla( it is a part of Asgard where every Asgardian warrior goes after his death and lives there forever ).

Reasons for odin death:-

Marvel didn’t really specify the death of Odin or the reasons for his death but We noticed some reasons for Odin’s death in thor movies and we think these are the main reasons for Odin’s death

Death of his wife Frieza:-

After the death of his wife ( Frieza ). he was mentally unstable and He was been mentally traumatized by his wife’s death incident and he couldn’t even stay in Asgard. that’s why Loki can easily exile Odin from Asgard in Thor: dark world because he was mentally unstable and he was even more mentally traumatized after exile from Asgard because he was alone for three years and he has nobody around him to share his sadness.

Dark magic:-

We have all seen Odin using dark magic in The avenger’s movie to transport thor to earth. Using dark magic can greatly decrease one’s power and life force and because of it, he became much weaker and his energy and life force drained much faster.

Separation from Asgard:-

Odin refuels his powers from Odin’s sleep periodically in Asgard. we have seen Odin going into Odin’s sleep in the first movie Thor but after the separation of Odin from Asgard . he lost his main source of fueling his powers and he was mentally traumatized because he was alone for three years and he has nobody around him to share his sadness.

Old age:-

Last but not least is his age. Odin is already too old even he is a god he wasn’t immortal and we have seen Odin saying to Loki that they are not immortals but they have a huge life span than humans. so he was very old and this is one of the main reasons for Odin’s death.

will there be a return of odin character in mcu:-

There was no confirmation on the return of Odin’s character to MCU but marvel won’t easily lose a great actor Anthony Hopkins who even got an Oscar for his acting. He is the one who played has the Odin character in Thor movies. so they were so many theories of Odin returning to the MCU but none of them are confirmed But we strongly believe that Odin’s character gonna return to MCU even though Odin has dead. he has still appeared in Thor: Ragnarok to encourage thor and to tell his real power and the Mjolnir ( Thor hammer ) is just a tool to control his power.

So Odin’s character is gonna appear in the same way because the god of thunder has still has a long life to live and there are still so many things he needed to know. so we believe that there will be some occasional appearances of Odin in MCU to encourage thor and also provide wisdom and knowledge to him and there was also a rumor that Odin gonna return to MCU in a ghost role but there isn’t any confirmation. Even though Odin is dead he will be always around his dearest son thor when he needed the most.

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