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Top 10 Strongest Characters in Naruto probably you don’t expect the Rankings

If you are a Naruto series fan. This list gonna be just perfect. If you want to know why is it perfect come and see the list below. Naruto is one of the best anime series in the world and it is a masterpiece. This list is based on their final powers shown in the series and this list does not judge any character powers it’s simply a fan-based list. So let us know your thoughts after seeing the list in the comment section.


First on our list is the leader of Akatsuki pain(Nagato). The student of legendary Sanin Jiraya.He vanished hidden leaf with only one Jutsu(ultimate push) and he is a Rinnegan user and he mastered every path of Rinnegan than any other Uchiha. most people don’t know that Nagato is from the Uzumaki clan. if it wasn’t for naruto’s strong words he would have been played a major role in the fourth great shinobi war.  

strongest Jutsu:-

Chibaku Tensei, all paths of Rinnegan(Human Path, Deva Path, Animal Path, Naraka Path, Asura Path, Preta Path, Outer Path)


The Uchiha alone rise to some of the most powerful shinobi in the Naruto series. So this clan will be making several appearances on our list. So our first Uchiha on our list is Itachi is one of the great shinobi in the Naruto series. he is also known as the most sacrificed shinobi in the series even the god of shinobi (Hashirama Senju) praised him and he narrated that he is a great person.

strongest Jutsu:-

Susanoo, Mangekyo Sharingan, Amaterasu, powerful Genjtusu user, Izanami technique, Tsukuyomi technique, Yata mirror, Sword of Totsuka.

8-Minato Namikage

How can’t we include one of our favorite shinobi in the list. the Minato Namikaze.the yellow flash of the leaf and series main character father and also the fourth Hokage of the hidden leaf. he is called by different names even though every name of his is feared by all shinobi nations. so it’s obvious the fourth Hokage should be on our list.

strongest Jutsu:-

flying thunder god techniques, reaper death seal, Rasengan, tail beast formation.

7-Hashirama Senju

The next on our list is the god of shinobi Hasirama Senju. he is the original wood-style user and can heal himself without even weaving signs and he even defeated Madara Uchiha one of the strongest Uchiha. Hasirama Senju is the only shinobi who has a huge amount of chakra without having anybody’s help. you may be thinking naruto has a huge amount of chakra in the series. yeah you’re right naruto has more amount of chakra than Hashirama Senju but naruto needs Kurama (nine tails) help but Hashirama doesn’t need anybody’s help.

strongest Jutsu:-

Original wood-style User, true several 1000 hands, nature transformation.


How can’t we include our broken hero Obito Uchiha . He is my favorite shinobi in Naruto. So why don’t you comment on who is your favorite shinobi. Obito’s power was limitless. His visual powers are unique and there wasn’t any other Uchiha having the same visual powers as Obito and He can easily defeat the entire shinobi alliance. If naruto didn’t acknowledge him with his powerful words. Obito has been easily won the fourth shinobi war.

strongest Jutsu:-

Sharingan,mangekyo sharingan,Kamui,ten tail beast formation


How can we forget the ultimate rival of Hasirama Senju Madara Uchiha. who changed the entire fourth shinobi war single-handedly and even performed the Infinite Tsukuyomi. He can defeat the second-fastest shinobi Tobirama(second Hokage) even he was blind and he is the first person after the sage of six paths who awaken the Rinnegan. Maybe you think Sasuke has also had Rinnegan and in fact, Rinnegan which even surpasses Madara Rinnegan. yeah you were right again he does have powerful Rinnegan but it Is given by the Hagoroma Otusutsuki

strongest Jutsu:-

Perfect Susanoo, Limbo, Sharingan, Eternal Mangekyo, Rinnegan, wood release, Rinne Sharingan.

4-Hagoroma Otsutsuki

How don’t we include the creator of Ninshu. Hagoroma Otsutsuki.He is also known as the sage of six paths. The Hagoroma Otsutsukiis the one who created the Ninshu and founder of various arts of ninjutsu and created the whole ninja world, who played a major role in defeating her mother(ten tails) and he helped Naruto and Sasuke when they needed the most and gifted them an immense level of power and he can even summon every Hokage from other realms.

strongest Jutsu:-

Perfect Susanoo, Sharingan, Mangekyo Sharingan and all paths of Rinnegan(Human Path, Deva Path, Animal Path, Naraka Path, Asura Path, Preta Path, Outer Path)creation of all things, Chibaku Tensei, six paths technique


The greatest Uchiha of all time and he is also the last Uchiha in the naruto series. He mastered every technique of the Sharingan and he defeated one of the strongest Uchiha in the series Itachi his brother and he even surpassed Madara. He is the strongest Uchiha in the series and he is undoubtedly a perfect match to naruto. so it is obvious having him on our list

strongest Jutsu:-

Perfect Susanoo, Sharingan, Mangekyo Sharingan,6 tomoe Rinnegan, Indra’s arrow, kirin, Susanoo, Kagutsuchi(blaze release), space-time Dojutusu, Amenotejikara, the sword of Kusanagi(Chidori katana).


And next, we have our child of prophecy and The kid who makes miracles. He has so many nicknames. we all know about naruto he is the greatest shinobi of all time and who surpassed every Hokage in the series after facing so many hardships in his life he finally become what he wanted. I don’t need to remember about him to you because we all know about naruto and we all love naruto and we don’t forget him.

strongest Jutsu:-

Rasengan, Rasen shuriken, tailed beast Rasen shuriken, Biju mode, tailed beast ball, Kurama chakra mode, supermini tailed beast ball

1-Kaguya Otsutsuki

This list gonna be meaningless if we do not include the mother of chakra Kaguya Otsutsuki.The Kaguya is the most powerful Otsutsuki of all time and she possesses powers that no other shinobi can master. She is the one who even created the chakra. she is the one who put the world in the infinite Tsukuyomi. The main character of the series naruto can’t fight her alone. this makes her the strongest character in the Naruto series.

strongest Jutsu:-

Amenominaka, Yomtsu Hirasaka, expansive truth-seeking ball,all-killing ash bones, tailed beast transformation, Rinne Sharingan and she also uses other Dojutusus as Byakugan, Rinnegan, and Sharingan.

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