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15 Best Pain’s Quote Naruto & Comparing Pain’s Quote in Real life

Naruto anime gives us so many life lessons. And the characters in Naruto are the representation of so many people’s lives who were considered failures Or Who are in pain. And some quotes in Naruto. Give us so much in-depth life lessons. One of the characters who give us very meaningful Life lessons is Nagato also known as Pain. Pain’s Quote Naruto gives so many life lessons. So let us know the 15 best Pain’s Quote Naruto and also let’s try to understand those quotes. So without any delay. Let us dive into it. 

15. Sometimes you must Hurt to know

We can dig into the meaning of Success from this Pain’s quote Naruto. No one can achieve anything without going through hardships in life and going through hardships can cause us severe pain. If we can’t experience the pain we can’t pass through it. Pain always wanted humans to evolve and break their limits and that can be only possible by experiencing pain.

So Pain’s Quote in Naruto stated the true meaning to achieve it. That is we should fail and experience the pain to understand and learn the greatest life lessons. And we also shouldn’t be stuck in the past and we should keep on moving in our life.

Sometimes you must hurt to know, Fall in order to grow, Loose to gain because the greatest lessons in life are learned through Pain

14. Just by living, People hurt Others

In our daily life, we may directly or indirectly hurt someone’s feelings that’s for sure and some people purposely hurt others. And once we should all give a thought about how many times have we Judged a person by his looks and not by personality. There will be many situations we have done it.

So we all hurt others yeah sometimes it may be indirectly too without our consciousness. But most of the time humans do it purposely. And also how many times are we jealous of someone and we hated them? They didn’t do any harm to us but still because of their existence we hate them. So as long as Humanity exits hate will also exist in this world. Pain’s Quote in Naruto also states this

Just by living people hurt others without even realizing it. So as long as Humanity exists hate will also exist

13. We are Just ordinary people driven to revenge

There is a very big misconception about Justice and revenge. Many people think that they 2 similar but they are actually opposed to each other. If Justice is revenge then there will be no one left in this world. Because if justice is revenge then the hatred in the world will keep on increasing. For example, if you beat a person he will beat you too, and you beat him and the fight goes on until one reminds.

So if Justice is revenge then Justice breeds more revenge and forms a chain of Hatred. Naruto anime has so many situations to support this Pain’s Quote in Naruto. Like when Naruto met Nagato first time after defeating Pain he didn’t take revenge on him and he stops the chain of Hatred.

We are Just ordinary people driven to revenge in the name of justice but if revenge is called justice then that justice breeds yet more revenge and becomes a chain of hatred

12. Love Breeds Sacrifice

Love on something or someone can make you sacrifice anything for it. Because of the sacrifice, it leads to the birth of hatred in someone. In Naruto anime, Itachi Uchiha sacrifices his entire clan to save the Hidden Leaf Village. Because of the love, he had for the village he even sacrificed his parents.

And because of Sacrificing his clan members & parents. The hatred in Sasuke has been Born. Which lead to the 4th Great Ninja War. In Naruto Pain, says love only holds humanity back, and also he believes that love is just a suffering. So Pain states that ” Love Breeds Sacrifice, Which in turn breeds hatred. Then you can know the pain “

Love Breeds Sacrifice, Which in turn breeds Hatred. Then you can know the Pain

11. If you Want to Know about Pain

If you want to know the true meaning of Pain you should understand the Pain first. It is the only way that a person can understand true pain. Pain in Naruto believes this so much that he thinks To stop wars and hatred is to everyone experience the same pain. That’s the main reason why Pain become one of the strongest villains in the anime he wanted Everyone to experience the same pain.

So everyone can understand each other and there will be an end to the Shinobi wars. In real life also if you can’t put yourself In other shoes. You can’t experience their Pain or understand them. So if you want to know the meaning of pain. You should understand it first. If you can’t feel the pain, you can’t know the pain.

If you want to Know Pain, You must Understand Pain

10. Even innocent children will grow in pain

Everyone has a goal in their life they work hard for it they experience pain both mentally and physically. And work damn hard to achieve it. But after reaching a particular point in reaching our goal. Our thoughts and beliefs about the goal become doubts. Because of the darkest truth, we find about our goals. Like the insecurities, the future of that goal, Hardships, and so on. And after knowing we finally stop growing in the pain and start to experience the pain.

Even innocent foolish children will grow up in the face of pain until their thoughts and beliefs are the same as their doubts

9. How can you say that you will never change

Everyone thinks that they will not change but they are really not gonna change? Because there are so many aspects or situations that may enter our life and that can change our whole life itself. And so many people who they are 2 years ago won’t be the same person they are now. So how can we say that we will not change? No matter how great the pain we face. Can we continue to believe in ourselves and can achieve what we wanted in our life? Pain’s Quote in Naruto asks the same question.

That you will not change, no matter how great the pain you face? Can you continue believing in yourself forever? Can you Guarantee it? Can you have Such Faith in Yourself?

8. Share Someone’s Pain

If you can’t feel other’s pain then you can’t really understand them. Because if you can’t understand the pain they went through in their hardships and how they achieved it. or how they are Stuck in it? You really can’t understand or help them because you never experienced that Pain. For example, if a person had a cut on his body, only he can experience the pain.

To understand how painful it was. You should experience the same pain as them Pain in Naruto believes this heavily. That’s why he infiltrated the Hidden leaf village and destroyed village. So everyone can experience the same pain that he experienced.

If you Don’t Share Someone’s Pain, You can never Understand them

7. Feel the Pain

Pain in Naruto always wanted people not only to think about pain. But also feel the Pain physically. Then only one can Understand the true meaning of Pain. Because by thinking about Pain one cannot understand the true meaning of Pain. So Pain wanted everyone in the shinobi world. To not only think about the Pain but to experience the Pain physically.

He thought it is the only way to stop the revenge and misunderstandings between one another and also to give an end to the chain of hatred. Pain’s Quote in Naruto states exactly this. ”I want you to feel the Pain, think about Pain, Know the Pain and accept the Pain ”

I want you to feel the Pain, think about Pain, Know the Pain and accept the Pain

6. Too Many people Died here

Pain will be a part of our life. We cannot avoid it and everyone experiences the pain and feel the pain. No one is an exception from pain. So to become stronger, the only way is to experience the pain and learn from the pain. This is what Pain’s Quote Naruto tells us.

He says because of the Loss of too many closed ones. I have become what I am now and I learned from my pain and experiences the pain. We all know how strong he was He can easily wipe out an entire village single-handedly. He states this Pain’s Quote Naruto ” Too Many people died here, Their is what helped me grow”. 

Too Many people died here, Their Pain is what helped me grow

5. Can Never Understand True Peace

If you understand true Pain then only you can understand true Peace. Because if you don’t understand or feel true Pain. How can you bring peace to it? So pain believes to bring peace to the shinobi world to make everyone experience and feel the pain. Because no one can understand the pain they’re causing to Others.

For example, If you hurt a person you don’t know the Pain, But if someone hurt you in the same way you did, you know the same Pain that the person experienced. And you don’t do the same thing to others because you know the pain. So pain states that Those who do not Understand True Pain, Can never understand True Peace

Those who do not Understand True Pain, Can never understand True Peace

4. Religion, Ideology, Resources, Land, Spite, and Love

In Naruto anime, Shinobi wars are really not because of Religion, Ideology, Resources, Land, Spite, and Love. The war is only to show dominance over others. Or to show their power over others. All these reasons are only just a cover for the war to show the people.

In real life also most Wars that happened in the world are only to show their dominance over others. Or show their power to other countries. Not because of the reasons they show to people. Pain stated Religion, Ideology, Resources, Land, Spite, and Love no matter how pathetic the reason it’s enough to start a war. Because it’s not the main reason for the war. 

Religion, Ideology, Resources, Land, Spite, and Love no matter how pathetic the reason it’s enough to start a war

3. When I had Nothing and No one

When we are alone, the only thing with us will be Pain. And even Pain in Naruto had the same thing when Yahiko Dead. Yeah, having ties and family is great. But when we lost them The Pain caused by it is unexplainable. And we suddenly become all alone the only friend we will have is Pain.

Pain in Naruto was all alone in his life. But he experienced the pain and became one of the Strongest Akatsuki members in Naruto. So Pain in Naruto says having attachments to someone will eventually lead us to suffer and sorrow. So Pain states this Quote in Naruto ” When I had Nothing and No one, I always had Pain”

When I had Nothing and No one, I always had Pain

2. Eventually, time will pass and Pain will heal

No, matter how big the wound it is or how much Sorrow are you in, Or how much you were affected Mentally or physically. It doesn’t matter as time flies the wound will heal. The only thing we should do is Stay there. And how bad may be the wound it will heal.

Because of time, we will be able to sustain the pain we had and gradually we’ll be able to overcome it. So Pain in Naruto states that. Whether how much sorrow are you in Or how much pain are you in time will pass and you will definitely heal. you have to Just stay in there. 

Eventually, time will pass and Pain will heal

1. Dying like Trash, Never ending hatred

War was never a good thing to happen. It gives us emotional scars, Pain, and hatred. So many people are killed because of wars. There’s not even a single beneficiary thing from Wars. Because of war, there is a never Ending Hatred is born. Pain that never heals.

And because of War, So many precious lives are lost. Pain states War is nothing but Dying like Trash and it is a never-ending hatred. In real life also wars are nothing but a big loss to both sides in the war. Because there will be a loss of Economy, People Deaths. Poverty, and even Famines. If Pain is real and exists in the real world he would have become a great philosopher and also he would have gained a bunch of followers. Because the Pain’s Quote Naruto has so many life lessons

Dying like Trash, Never ending hatred, Pain that never heals, That is war, That is what we must face

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