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Top 10 Villians of MCU Movies. Rankings are pretty unexpected.

MCU movies have so many villains and everyone is so powerful. So we got into an argument about who is the strongest among them. If you are also in the same situation as us. Then this is the best place. We researched the information and here is what we have discovered. We found the strongest villains in the MCU and these rankings are really unexpected. So check it now.

10. Kurse ( Thor: The Dark World ):-

Thor: The dark world is not the best movie and so many MCU fans didn’t like the movie too. Because of it, no one noticed Kurse and everyone forget about him. Actually, he is one of the strongest characters in MCU. Kurse is the powerhouse for the Malekith’s army and because of the Kursed stone his powers and abilities have been enhanced even greater.

He was so powerful that even the God of thunder ( Thor ) cant defeat him in a 1v1 battle. He even punched the Thor hammer like it was nothing and he even changed the hammer’s momentum and changed its direction in the Thor: the Dark movie.

9. Agatha ( Wandavision Series ):-

Wandavision series is one of the most fan-favorite series in the MCU and everyone loved the Agatha. In this series, Marvel introduced villains differently. Rather than having the villains rush to the center of the stage straight away, they introduced her powers and abilities in a different manner.

She is the most powerful witch and magic-user. Even Wanda couldn’t defeat her. She is also the most powerful witch of all time and there was no doubt that she could have become a dangerous villain in the MCU.

If Wanda didn’t outsmart her and prison her. And she is one of the few people to get the power from the dark hold. She showcased so many powers in the Wandavision series. And so many fans actually didn’t notice some of her powers. If you want to know more about her powers then check this out.

8. Loki ( Thor, The Avengers, Thor Ragnarok, Thor: The Dark World, Avengers infinity war, Avengers End Game ):-

Loki is one of the greatest villains in Marvel movies. Loki is the god of illusions. And he can create any illusions and make everyone fall for his illusions. Only thor can identify the illusions Loki made but other than him no one can find a difference between his illusions and reality.

We can notice his full powers in the Loki series. We have seen that he attacked earth in The Avengers. He was always wanted to get loved by his father. So he did so many evil things but at Lost, he sacrificed his life for his brother ( Thor ).

7. Ultron (Avengers: Age Of Ultron):-

Ultron is the strongest Robot. That tony created until now in the MCU and Ultron developed on his own and become dangerous to humankind. He easily created an army of robots in only two days and Tony ( Iron man )couldn’t defeat him.

Actually, Tony never created a Robot version of Ultron. He just created an AI version of Ultron. But Ultron developed his own consciousness and wanted to destroy humankind. And he can defeat every avenger individually.

In the What if series. We have seen that he can use the infinity stones and killed Thanos and even Thor couldn’t defeat him in 1v1. He took vision help to destroy him. Then how can’t we add him to our list.

6. Ebony Maw (Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame):-

Ebony maw is one of the main advisors and warriors for Thanos. He is the most intelligent person in the Thanos army.

That he can even duplicate the PIM particles used for time travel and he even managed to time travel. The whole Thanos Battleship in the Endgame. Even Doctor Strange couldn’t beat him in 1v1 and he is also very powerful than the Avengers.

Tony stark couldn’t have been able to defeat him if he didn’t use Peter’s ( spiderman’s ) idea. He can easily change an object’s structure and turn it into a weapon and he can control or lift any objects.

And we have seen this in the avenger’s infinity war that he even lifted a pole from a long distance and he is also the strongest person in the Thanos army too.

5. Hela (Thor: Ragnarok):-

Next on our list is Hela. She is also known as the God of death and she is very powerful. That she can easily break the Mjolnir ( Thor’s Hammer ).

And she is the only one after Odin who can break Mjolnir. Even God of thunder Thor can’t beat her and the entire Asgard soldiers couldn’t defeat her and it took Odin most of his Odin force to seal her in another dimension.

And because Odin is old and the Odin force becomes weak. So even he can’t defeat her. she is the strongest god in Asgard and in other realms. The combo of thor and Loki couldn’t stop it.

when a flask back was shown of Hela. we have seen that she killed every valkyrie. Valkyrie was considered the strongest in Asgard. The only one who can defeat her is Surtur. So it is obvious to have her on our list.

4. Surtur (Thor: Ragnarok):-

Surtur is one of the strongest and most powerful characters in MCU and if Odin doesn’t defeat him he may even conquer the other realms.

He wasn’t that powerful in the fight with Thor. Because Odin already defeated him. He lost all his power in the battle with Odin.

He can restore his power only after he joins with the eternal flame. That’s why in Thor Ragnarok. After Surtur’s head joined eternal flame. He easily defeated Hela ( The god of death ) in just a move and he destroyed Asgard very easily. So he is pretty clear to be on our list.

3. Ego (Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2):-

Finally, it’s time for our celestial. Ego is not a traditional fighter but he was celestial. He can control energy and matter and he was incredibly strong. We have seen this in the guardians of the galaxy 2. Except for the quill, no one can stand against him. His only weakness of him is the core of the planet he created.

He can easily absorb every planet in the universe. Using the alien seeds he planted on every planet by the quill’s ( Star lord ) power. If guardians didn’t destroy the core of the planet and his powers are very powerful and if you want to know more about his powers check this blog post.

2. Thanos (The Avengers, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Age Of Ultron, Avengers Infinity War, Avengers Endgame):-

The only character that doesn’t need any introduction is Thanos. Every Marvel fan and even non-MCU fan knows him. The one who erased half of the world population with just a snap

No avenger can withstand Him and even without the infinity gauntlet he easily defeated hulk. who is the strongest in the Avengers excluding Thor.

He can easily break the Vibranium shield with his brute force. And he even took the time stone from the vision and the vision is made up of Vibranium. He broke Vibranium like nothing and the Vibranium is the strongest metal in the MCU.

1. Dormammu (Doctor Strange):-

The No.1 on our list is Dormammu. He is the strongest villain of all time and the strongest in the MCU universe. He is the ruler of the Dark Dimension. There is not much shown about his powers in the MCU but his powers pretty much are infinite.

But if doctor strange doesn’t have a time stone he couldn’t defeat him and the oldest mong Ancient one also the strongest magic user cant even stand against him.

He is the black magic owner and black magic is the most powerful magic of all time. and he conquer every planet with his power and if it wasn’t doctor strange time loop. He can easily conquer the earth too and he can even defeat celestials easily.

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