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There are so many Hulks and also different versions of Bruce Banner Hulk in Marvel. But do you know who are the Strongest Hulks in Marvel Comics and also who are the top 10 strongest Hulks in Marvel? But if you don’t know. Well here are the top 10 strongest Hulks in Marvel. So without any delay let us dive into it.

10. Grey Hulk

Strongest Hulks in Marvel

The Grey Hulk is one of the first Hulks introduced in Comics. Grey Hulk was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The Grey Hulk has superhuman strength and other abilities of Hulk. But when he turned into Hulk he lost all the memory of Bruce Banner. And turned into a mindless Hulk who can be easily manipulated by characters like Loki. Even though he was one of the Strongest Hulks in Marvel Comics. He couldn’t use those powers. And characters like Loki used him for their own purposes.

9. Weapon H

Strongest Hulks in Marvel

Do you ever thought about combining 2 superheroes? every one of us will give a thought about it for sure. Marvel also thought the same and combined 2 of the strongest superheroes in Marvel. They combined Hulk and Wolverine and made Weapon H Hulk. Weapon H first appeared in Awesome Hulk 22 and he had some unique abilities from both of the characters ( Wolverine, Hulk ).

He had the super-healing ability and Claws of Wolverine and Hulk super Strength. And just like Wolverine he even got an adamantium skeleton through the Weapon X project. Weapon H was created by combining Awesome Hulk DNA and Wolverine DNA. They made one of the strongest Hulks in Marvel comics.

8. Awesome Hulk

Strongest Hulks in Marvel

Amadeus Cho had turned into Awesome Hulk. Amadeus Cho is a teenager and a genius in Marvel Comics. At one time in Comics Hulk was about to die due to Gamma Radiation. To save Hulk Amadeus Cho created a machine and absorbed some of Hulk’s Gamma Radiation. Which made him turn into a Hulk. He had the same powers as Hulk but he can retain his consciousness even after turning into Hulk.

He had better control of turning into a Hulk than Bruce Hulk. But in comics, we couldn’t see the full potential of the Awesome hulk. But he is the funniest Hulk we ever see in comics. Even though he turned into Hulk he cracks jokes and does funny things. He can rage as Bruce Banner Hulk in the future of Marvel Comics.

7. She-Hulk

Strongest Hulks in Marvel

Jennifer Walters turned into She-Hulk because of combining her blood with Bruce’s Banner blood in an Accident. And She-Hulk is one of the Strongest Hulks in Marvel Comics. The main reason for it is because he can turn into Hulk. Whenever she wants and also she can retain her intelligence when she tuned into She-Hulk.

She got the same powers as Hulk but she is less powerful than Hulk. She defeated some of the formidable foes using her strength and intelligence. Even though she is not as powerful as Hulk. She is one of the strongest Hulk in Marvel comics. And the full potential of MCU She-Hulk is shown in the She-Hulk series.

6. Red She-Hulk

Strongest Hulks in Marvel

Betty Ross turns into Red She-Hulk because of Hulk Blood and exposure to Gamma Radiation. Red Hulk has the powers of She-Hulk. But due to exposure to gamma radiation, her powers are stronger than She-Hulk powers. When Betty was turned into Red She-hulk for the first time. Just like Banner, she didn’t have control over her body, and also an alter ego was created.

But in time she got control over her body and Red Hulk’s body produces heat if she crosses her certain anger limit. And if her body became more heated she become overheated and become unconscious. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of She-Hulk. And she had some similar abilities to Red Hulk because both have gone through the same process to become Hulk.

5. Red Hulk

Strongest Hulks in Marvel

Red Hulk was none other than General Ross. He got powers because of Banner’s blood and Gamma radiation. And he is more powerful than the normal Hulk. Because he had some powers that Hulk didn’t possess. One of them is he can absorb Gamma Radiation. So he can absorb gamma radiation in Hulk and turn him into powerless. Once he absorbed Silver Surfer’s cosmic power. Some of his feats are he defeated She-Hulk at his first encounter with her and also won some fights with Hulk.

And depending upon how angry he is his powers also increase and if he crosses a certain limit of his anger. He shoots fire from his eyes and also whatever he touches lits on fire. But his powers are also his enemies. If he becomes angrier than his limit and emit more Gamma Radiation then he becomes a bomb and destroys himself. Which is the main disadvantage of Red Hulk. But still, he can defeat so many strongest characters in Marvel and became one of the Strongest Hulks in Marvel Comics

4. Skaar


Skaar is the son of Hulk when Hulk is in Sakaar. Hulk stops all the illegal activities, bad people, and other superhero jobs. And becomes a leader to Sakaar. At that time Hulk falls in love with Caiera and they too have a child Skaar. Skaar has similar powers and abilities to Hulk.

But he also got some magical powers from his mother Caiera. Which makes him more powerful than the normal Hulk. And there is the possibility that we could get to see Skaar in the She-Hulk series. Because professor Hulk was already on the trip to Sakkar and we didn’t yet know what had happened when Hulk is in Sakkar. So we may see Skaar and also the beginning of World-Breaker Hulk.

3. Blue Hulk

Blue Hulk
Image source:-Fandomwire

The Blue Hulk is one of the different types of Hulk and also one of the most terrifying Hulk. When Uni-Power merged with Hulk. Hulk gained a whole new level of Power and strength and also made his skin blue. After combining with Uni-power, Hulk got some superhero powers he gained captain universe power, Spiderman, Doctor Strange, and also Daredevil power. The Uni-Power boosted Hulk’s strength to immeasurable and granted him Physic abilities and flying abilities.

And also Blue Hulk can defeat enemies through his Physic abilities by entering into enemy minds and messing with them. And all those powers made him one of the unstoppable and also terrifying Hulks in Marvel comics. But he is still not the strongest we yet had 2 more Strongest Hulks in Marvel Comics ahead of us.

2. Maestro


The Maestro is one of the dark future versions of Hulk in comics. He first appeared in Future imperfect issues 1 in December 1992. Maestro became Hulk because in the future the world ends due to Nuclear war. Due to the nuclear explosions, most of the planet was destroyed, and also because of Gamma Radiation Maestro turned into Hulk. Maestro is one of the strongest antagonists Hulks in Marvel.

Maestro Hulk can also retain his intelligence when he turned into a Hulk. He killed every superhero on the planet. Maestro became stronger and stronger by continuously absorbing Gamma Radiation for years. Bruce Hulk is the strongest but even Hulk didn’t yet reach the mark that Maestro kept by defeating every hero and villain on the planet.

1. World-Breaker Hulk

 World-Breaker Hulk
Image Source:-Marvel.com

At the top of the list, we have the strongest Hulk in Marvel Comics. The World-Breaker Hulk is the strongest Hulk we saw in Comics. And we might also see him in future MCU. After losing his family on the planet Sakkar Hulk turns into World-Breaker Hulk and destroys worlds. No one is a match for World Breaker Hulk. He defeated X-men, Illuminati, Sorcerer Supreme, Avengers, and everyone who came in his way.

World breaker Hulk was even fought with sentry the fight between them shook the whole multiverse. And finally, the sentry defeated Hulk. The sentry could defeat Hulk only because of his physical ability advantage that he won’t need to hold back in the fight. Even though at the end Sentry was also knocked up by Hulk. The fight was tied and Hulk turned into Bruce Banner and Sentry also turned into a Human. Making World-Breaker Hulk the Strongest Hulks in Marvel Comics.

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