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In Naruto, most of the powerful techniques and jutsu come from the powerful eyes. Bakugan, Rinnegan,Sharingan are the most powerful Dojutsu in Naruto. Dojutsu is nothing but the abilities the user got from the powerful eyes they inherited. So there are many strongest Dojutsu techniques in Naruto.

But what are the techniques that are the strongest among them? We too had the same question so we compared the powers of every Dojutsu technique and made this list. So to know the answer to this question we should get into the list. So without any delay let’s dive into it.

10. Amenotejikara:-

The Amenotejikara is one of the most powerful techniques that Sasuke Rinnegan had and also other than Sasuke no other shinobi had the access to this technique. The Amenotejikara is a space-time technique that gives Sasuke the ability to switch places with any object or a person in range with his technique.

This technique is used by Sasuke in the fourth great ninja war and he used it to trap Madara between Naruto Rasengan and Sasuke Chidori. And this technique is the most troublesome to even the strongest villains like otsutsuki. So it is one of the Strongest Dojutsu Techniques in Naruto.

9. Susanoo:-

Next, we had one of the legendary and most famous techniques in Naruto. Susanoo is one of the techniques that get access to the shinobi. Who awakened the Mangekyou sharingan. Susanoo is a very big chakra beast. That surrounds the user in it. Susanoo is used for defense and also as a weapon by the user. And this is one of the Strongest Weapons in Naruto.

Susanoo was first used by the sage of six paths to defeat Kaguya. And It is said as the ultimate defense. Because it is almost impossible to penetrate through the Susanoo. And there are stages of an upgrade of Susanoo. In the first stage, only the Rib cage of the Susanoo is accessed by the user. And in the next stage, they get access to the full body of Susanoo. Kakashi and Sasuke are able to upgrade the Susanoo to fly by getting access to the wings of Susanoo. And making this one of the strongest Dojutsu techniques in Naruto.

8. Tsukuyomi:-

Tsukuyomi is one of the popular techniques in Naruto. But this is not an Infinite Tsukuyomi technique. It is the mini version of the Infinite Tsukuyomi technique that Itachi uses. Itachi used this on Kakashi when he visited the Hidden Leaf village to collect the tailed beast. This is a very powerful Genjutsu. That traps the opponent in a Genjutsu world.

In this world, the time is totally different from the real world. This technique is mostly used to torture people in that Genjutsu world for infinite no of times. And after release from the technique, the opponent gets badly injured both mentally and physically. We have seen Kakashi admitted to the hospital after getting caught in this technique. And even the Caster of the technique has very huge effects on him. This technique uses so much chakra and may cause permanent blindness to the Caster.

7. Kamui:-

Next on our list, we had one of the strongest and most unique techniques in Naruto that is Kamui. This technique is first accessed by Obito. By awakening the mangekyou Sharingan. This technique can transport an object or person into another dimension. And this technique can only be performed by two shinobi Obito and Kakashi.

Obito used this technique at small ranges. But Kakashi used this technique for very long ranges and he mainly used this technique to kill enemies. But whereas Obito used this technique for only transporting objects or persons to another dimension. And because of this technique. Obito became the shinobi who is impossible to catch. and also making one of the Strongest Dojutsu Techniques.

6. Sukunahikona:-

This technique is one of the most powerful techniques in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. This technique is used by the Isshiki otsutsuki. And this technique allows the user to shrink their body or any object to a very small size and this makes the user appear like he is teleporting.

He can turn the objects to their original size when he wanted or when he needed. So because of this objects can be used as huge boulders and smash shinobi beneath them. And because of this technique, it is nearly impossible for the enemy to find the Isshiki otsutsuki. And there is no jutsu or technique that works on him when he is very small. and making him invincible. So it is one of the strongest Dojutsu techniques.

5. Almighty push:-

This is one of the most popular techniques in Naruto and this technique had a separate fan base. This technique is used by the pain to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village. The Almighty push technique destroyed an entire Hidden Leaf village in one blow.

This technique is only used by Nagato by using the Deva path of the Rinnegan. The Deva path gives the Caster access to manipulate the forces of attraction and repulsion. So using this path Nagato blew the hidden leaf village easily very easily. and he also used this technique on Naruto in the pain arc of Naruto Anime.

4. Planetary Devastation:-

It is also one of the techniques of the paths of pain. This technique is first used by the sage of six paths to defeat Kaguya. And after him, this technique is used by Nagato and Madara. This technique traps a person in a planetary-sized boulder.

But this technique is also used to kill a large no of shinobi in one blow. As Madara did in the fourth great ninja war. By dropping huge boulders on Allied shinobi forces. And this boulder crashes anything that comes in his way. Making one of the strongest Dojutsu techniques in naruto

3. Kotoamatsukami:-

The Kotoamatsukami is only accessible to the strongest Genjutsu Caster in the whole shinobi world. None other than Shisui one of the Uchiha clan member. And this technique is created by him. But after the sacrifice of Shushi for the Leaf village. And gave his Sharingan to Itachi to save the hidden leaf village. So because of the Shushi sharingan, Itachi got access to all the Genjutsu techniques of Shushi.

This technique gives the caster the ability to enter into the opponent’s mind and the caster can manipulate the thoughts of the enemy and make the enemy follow the commands the caster gives. Like killing himself or talking whatever the user says and so on. So this technique is easily made into our list of Strongest Dojutsu Techniques in Naruto.

2. Amenominaka:-

Amenominaka is one of the most powerful techniques of Kaguya and only Kaguya can access this technique. Because this jutsu requires a very vast amount of Chakra. And no other shinobi has that vast amount of chakra. Because This technique changes the dimension of a place so it needs so much chakra. Not only persons or objects but the entire place.

This jutsu was used in the fourth great ninja war by Kaguya to fight with Naruto and Sasuke. This technique is one of the deadliest techniques in Naruto because the other dimension’s Nature is very different from the real world and no other shinobi can even survive in those dimensions.

1. Infinite Tsukuyomi:-

At no1 place, we had the Infinite Tsukuyomi. This technique is the most famous in the whole Naruto anime. Infinite Tsukuyomi keeps every shinobi in the entire shinobi world in a very powerful Genjutsu that they can’t escape and also this technique steals the chakra from the captured shinobi. This technique is first used by Kaguya and after her, this technique is used by Madara.

Madara Thought this technique has a Jutsu that keeps every shinobi in the entire shinobi world in a happy Dream. Where the captured shinobi get whatever they want in the dream. And maintain peace in the shinobi world. The Infinite Tsukuyomi is performed by reflecting the Rine-Sharingan of Kaguya on to the moon. The only way to escape from this technique is to have a Rinnegan like Sasuke. So other than him no one can escape from the technique. So it is the strongest Dojutsu technique in Naruto.

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