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In Naruto Anime, every character has a unique ability and Naruto has provided unique powers to every character throughout the Anime. Some of the characters are recognized lately and some boomed right away. But no character in the Anime. gave up on their dreams or goals and they overcame several obstacles in their path to reach their goal.

Naruto has so many fights in the series. But so many are unrecognized by the fans which is very sad. So we got some of the fights in Naruto and made a list. We want these fights to get into the spotlight and we mainly want fans to recognize these amazing fights in Naruto.

If you remember more than 5 fights on the list. Then you are a Naruto die-hard fan. Comment down below if you remember more than 5. I really want to know. How many people are true Naruto fans?

10. Gaara vs Deidara:-

The First underrated fight on our list is Gaara vs Deidara. The Gaara vs Deidara fight is one of the smallest fights in Naruto. But In this fight, we can see how much Gaara has changed after Naruto’s words and how much he loves his village after the hidden leaf incident.

Gaara fought against Deidara fiercely but because of the explosives. His defense has been destroyed and He couldn’t defeat Deidara. But we can notice that. Even while going subconscious. He didn’t let the huge sand fall on the village and he moved the sand to the mountains.

So the people don’t get hurt by the sand. So we can understand that even though the village hated him he loved the village-like Naruto.

9. Sakura, Chiyo VS Sausori:-

The second Underrated fight is Sakura & Chiyo vs Sasori. This was one of the best fights of Sakura. This is also the first fight in which we can notice the full abilities of sakura and sakura’s true potential. And the lady Chiyo is also no less than Sakura. She showcased some legendary puppet jutsu in the fight.

And showed that she may be old but she is no less than Sasori. However, Sasori is also not weak at all he used some legendary puppet jutsu against her grandmother ( Chiyo ). If they fight individually against Sausori it will be impossible to defeat him. So we can say that the duo of Sakura, Chiyo is one of the best duos in the Naruto anime.

But this fight is not been appreciated by the fans. and Sakura shows that She is a true student of the  Tsunade and amazed Sasori with her medical ninjutsu by developing an antidote to her poison. We should appreciate lady Chiyio for her abilities. Even though she is too old. She is no less than Sasori or even Sakura.

8. kakashi vs Hidan & Kakuzu:-

This fight takes place when Kakashi helped the Asuma team to their revenge for Asuma’s death. The fight between Kakashi vs kakuzu & Hidan is just lit. This fight is one of the best fights of Kakashi used all his techniques and jutsu to defeat Hidan and kakuzu.

He single-handedly managed two of them and he also managed to fight all the other 4 creatures and kakuzu at that same time. So we can easily understand from this single fight. Why he was called Kakashi with the Sharingan. but Kakashi couldn’t defeat them because they are so powerful.

Hidan and kakuzu are also didn’t hold back and they are not at all weak. Hidan is immortal and kakuzu killed the God of shinobi ( Hashirama ). But fans gave a very low appreciation is given to this fight.

7. Choji vs Jirobo:-

This fight is also one of the most underrated fights in Naruto. In this fight, we can see the Akimichi clan’s true power and abilities and also Choji’s capabilities. Even though Jirobo used the cursed mark he couldn’t defeat Choji. So we can understand how powerful is Choji and Choji’s strong bond with his friends.

He proved everyone wrong. That he is not a fat kid in the academy and he is as powerful as other Shinobi. He even used the dangerous pills to stop Jirobo. Even though he knows he has a high chance of dying but he didn’t hold back and kept his promise to Shikamaru. So we should definitely give appreciation to this fight.

6. Kankuro vs Shino:-

Shino vs kakuro was one of the best fights in Naruto. In this fight. We can see the full abilities of the Aburame clan and how good is Shino at using his abilities. He easily outsmarted Kankuro. And Kankuro also gave an equal amount of fight to Shino. Kankuro almost killed Shino with his poisonous gas.

If Shino’s father didn’t help him. Shino would have died in that fight. The fight between them is very underrated. This is the first time we can see the full abilities of the shino and abirame clan’s true power. And we also got to know the ability of the Aburame clans through this fight. I really don’t know why people don’t talk about this fight.

5. Sasuke vs Deidara:-

Sasuke showed his true potential after training with Orochimaru in this fight. He showed the same intelligence as Shikamaru and outsmarted Diedra. And this is the first fight that he used his Cursed mark after mastering it. He also defused the explosives and even Deidara doesn’t give him a single chance for defeating him.

He also showed an equal amount of battle skills as Sasuke. Because he didn’t want to look down on his Art by an Uchiha again. So he gave an equal fight to Sasuke and even Sasuke agreed that he underestimated him and Deidara would have killed Sasuke.

If Sasuke didn’t use Manda and used reverse summoning for escaping. But even though it cost Manda’s death and several injuries to Sasuke. So we can understand how powerful this fight is.

4. Neji vs Kidomaru:-

The fight between Neji and kidomaru is one of the most suspenseful fights and also very interesting. Because we got to know that Bakugan has a disadvantage. Bakugan is considered one of the most powerful dojutsu of all time. The disadvantage of Bakugan is that it has a blind spot ( The user can see 360^ with Bakugan but he couldn’t see a single spot behind him. That is the blind spot ).

And we can also notice in this fight. The true abilities of Neji and his intelligence. Neji let himself hit with one of the Kidomaru arrows on purpose and with the ultimate jutsu of Huga the Gentle fist with the Gentle Fist he destroyed the internals of Kidomaru. This whole fight is too good but so many fans didn’t appreciate this fight.

3. Naruto, Sasuke vs Orochimaru:-

This fight is very underrated but this is one of the biggest fights in Naruto anime. In this fight, we got to know the Orochimaru( One of the legendary Sanin ). The tension was so intense in this fight because we didn’t know Orochimaru true’s powers. And this is also the fight where Sasuke awakens his Sharingan.

This is one of the biggest early fights in Naruto and in this fight Naruto controls some of the Kurama’s( Nine-tails ) power and Sasuke got his curse mark. So this is a very big fight but so many fans didn’t even remember this fight. Comment down below if you remember this fight.

2. Kakashi vs Obito:-

 Yeah, you may think JC. It is not an underrated fight. We all love this fight, yeah but still it hasn’t got 100 percent attention to it. So many Naruto fans didn’t really notice this fight. In this fight, we can see Obito fight with his dearest friend Kakashi. Obito is very inferior to Kakashi in childhood but after this match, he proved that he is not weak anymore.

A small and very interesting fact is that Obito was purposely lost to Kakashi. Because he purposely made Kakashi stab in his heart. So he can destroy the seal tag that Madara placed inside him. And we can notice this when Madara is talking to Obito. To take the Rinnegan from him.

If we talk about the fight. The Animation of the episode is just lit. We can see the old memories of Kakashi and Obito in between the fight and the Animation of the fight is simply awesome. Even Kakashi trained under Anbu and learned different skills but.

Obito learned every skill and jutsu by himself. We can see how much he was improved in the fight. And in some situations, Kakashi is also outsmarted by Obito. So we think that this fight needs much more appreciation o it.

1. Rock lee vs Kimimaro:-

Rock lee vs kimimoru fight is one of the most entertaining fights in the Naruto Anime. In this fight, we can see the Drunken fist style of Rock Lee, and Rock Lee showed amazing taijutsu in this fight. however, kimimoru also does not step back and pushed lee’s Drunken fist limit.

And Rock lee also just pushed Kimimaro to his limits with his taijutsu and Kimimaro even used the cursed mark to defeat Lee. But Rock Lee escaped from his attacks. But Lee couldn’t defeat him and he was saved by Gaara . But even Gaara couldn’t defeat kimimoru. So we can understand how powerful is Kimimaro.

If it wasn’t for Kimimaro’s illness. He could easily kill lee and Gaara and we couldn’t have our Kazekage and Rock lee. Because of his Kimimoru illness. We couldn’t see the full potential of Kimimaro’s. And we really Don’t understand. Why so many fans don’t recognize this fight.

That was our list of 10 underrated fights in Naruto. If you liked it or you have any suggestions. Don’t forget to comment down below

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