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Naruto Anime has so many clans. But many of them are underrated and didn’t get any attention to them and some of them are not even remembered. We also faced the same situation before writing this post. But you don’t have to feel regret like we did for forgetting most of the Clans in Naruto which we have mentioned in the list and Underestimating some of the clans in the list.

So we wrote this article to not get you into that situation and If you remember a certain clan. We have mentioned it on the list. Then you are a True Naruto fan. Because most of the fans didn’t remember that Clan. so what’s the delay go and check out the list.

10. Hyuga Clan:-

The Hyuga clan is one of the most trustworthy clans in the Hidden leaf village. But watchers didn’t give much attention to the Hyuga clan. But the powers and techniques of the Hyuga clan are very powerful and they also have one of the most powerful Dojutsu Bakugan.

The Bakugan is one of the most powerful eyes in Naruto anime and we need not say their abilities to you we all know that. And Hyuga clan’s sacrifices for the village are also unmeasurable. Some of the most powerful members of the Hyuga clan are Neji, Hanabi, and Hinata.

 9. Sarutobi Clan:-

The sarutobi clan is the Third Hokage clan ( Hiruzen sarutobi ). This clan also has very unique techniques & powers in the Naruto anime and they are 2 Hokage from this clan one is Hiruzen sarutobi and the other is the upcoming 8th Hokage Konohamaru.

This clan is one of the first clans to join the Hidden leaf village. These clan members also had a large reserve of chakra. Some of the strongest clan members are Sasuke Sarutobi, Hiruzen & Konohamuru

8. Yamanaka Clan:-

This clan is the backbone of the fourth great ninja war. And this clan is one of the most important clans for the hidden leaf village. Because this clan maintains the barrier defense for the hidden leaf village. And this clan is the best in the sensory techniques & jutsu. And they’re also very important for the Ino Shika Cho Trio and this Trio is known as one of the most powerful trio

We have all noticed how important was the Yamanaka clan in the fourth great Ninja war. But this clan has not been given much attention by the watchers. Some of the strongest clan members are Inochi Yamanaka,Ino Yamanaka

7. Kaguya Clan:-

This Clan is not a Kaguya Otsutsuki Clan. And We should all agree on the fact that we didn’t remember this Clan at all. So let’s just rewind what this clan is about. One of these clan members is Kimimaro.

This Clan got extinct in the wars and the last member of this clan is Kimimaro. He worked under Orochimaru and his last fight was with Gaara and Rock Lee. So we think you recalled the Clan. So let us get into the topic.

This Clan is one of the ancient clans and they are so many theories. That this clan came from the Kaguya Otsutsuki. But they are no confirmation. This clan is one of the most powerful clans at the start of Ancient wars.

This can have the ability to manipulate their bone structure and they have more bones than other shinobi. This turned into a Kekkei Genkai called Shikotsumyaku. But this Clan is very underrated.

6. Inuzuka Clan:-

We have another powerful sensory clan on our list. This Clan is one of the most unique clans in Naruto Anime. Inuzuka Clan has a very bonded relationship with the Dogs. This Clan is also one of the most important Clan for the hidden leaf village.

Because these Clan members has the most powerful sensory powers and the dog’s sensory power is also added to this clan because of their bond with them and it makes them the most powerful Sensory Clan in the hidden leaf village. And this Clan played a significant role in the wars. Some of the strongest clan members are Kiba Inuzuka, Hana Inzuka

5. Aburame Clan:-

This clan is also one of the strongest sensory types in the hidden leaf village. But it is not the strongest. When we compare it with the Inuzuka and Yamanaka clans. Because this clan is most skilled in controlling the insects.

So they are very good at every Battle stye whether it is sensory, or fight or defense. But this clan didn’t get much attention to it. Some of the strongest clan members are shino Aburame and Shibi Aburame.

4. Kurama Clan:-

This is also one of the Clans that we all forgot. And this Clan also shares the same name as our favorite Nine tails. This Clan is one of the most dangerous Clans in Naruto. This Clan is very powerful in Genjutsu. That this clan member can easily kill someone with their Genjutsu.

This clan possesses a Kekkei Genkai. and all members of this clan are very skilled with the Genjutsu. Once in several years, there will be a stronger Genjutsu user from this Clan and they can turn the imagination of Genjutsu into reality. And this Clan also has some drawbacks that are.

The user can rarely control the full extent of their abilities. And This clan is very close to the extinct in Naruto and the only member. We have shown is Yakumo Kurama.

3. Tsuchigumo Clan:-

This Clan is one of the most powerful Clan in Naruto and this Clan is formed with the help of Hiruzen Sarutobi ( Third Hokage ). The leader of the clan created a jutsu that can wipe out a village completely within seconds of time.

And they also have their own hidden village. During the third shinobi war, this clan is very powerful because of their Kinjutsu. With this jutsu, they have easily changed the battle outcome. So they were targeted by the nations and killed. Only a few members are left in this clan but this Clan didn’t get any attention from the watchers.

2. Hatake Clan:-

This Clan is a Mysterious clan Because there aren’t many members shown in Naruto. But the members of the clan are very intelligent and powerful in the third ninja war. Even nations have been feared by this clan.

Because this Clan has the white fang of the leaf. Who is one of the most intelligent and skilled shinobi in the hidden leaf village. And this Clan also have the copy ninja. Kakashi Hatake

Who is the sixth Hokage of the hidden leaf. But only two members are shown from this Clan that is Sakumo Hatake and Kakashi Hatake. But still, we know how powerful they too are. But the Clan didn’t get much attention as the Sakumo Hatake and Kakashi Hatake got.

1. Akimichi Clan:-

The first on our list is the Akimichi Clan. This Clan is just as important as the Nara clan and Yamanaka clan. Because these Clan members are one of the Ino Shika Cho Trio and they are the main defense for this trio and the Akimichi Clan members are the strongest in this trio.

And they also increased their power with the butterfly technique and this clan is also very important for the hidden leaf village. Because this clan is so powerful in the defense. As we have seen in the fourth great ninja war. This clan is the one who stopped the Ten tails from hitting the other shinobi. But this clan is very Underrated. We should really give attention to this clan

That’s all for this post. If you liked the post don’t forget to comment down below and if you want to know about the Strongest Characters in naruto and the strongest Female Shinobi in Naruto. check out the above links.

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