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Naruto has a variety of summoning animals and most of them can defeat many of the strongest Shinobi in Naruto. So we made a list of rankings of the strongest and most powerful summoning animals in Naruto and obviously, we didn’t include Kurama ( Nine tails ) and the paths of pain. and we are pretty sure that you don’t expect this ranking. So let’s get into the list.

10. Garuda:-

First on our list is Sasuke’s second Summoning Animal. Garuda is a Hawk. It is a unique Hawk that is used in battles & wars. The Hawkes are usually used for communication purposes ( sending letters ) in Naruto. But the Garuda is different from other Hawkes because

When we compare it with the other hawks Garuda is huge. And because of this advantage, it provides very good combat assistance for the user. We have seen Sasuke using Garuda in the fight with Danzo and in the battle with Kaguya. So the full abilities of the Garuda are not revealed yet.

9. Aoda:-

The next on our list is also one of the Sasuke summonings. Aoda is a Snake unlike other snakes it is very reliable to Sasuke. Aoda is not much shown in the Naruto and actually, Aoda made its appearance only one time in Naruto. We saw Aoda only when Sasuke summoned Aoda to get near Obito in the Fourth Great Ninja War. So the full extent of Aoda is not yet known.

8. Ibuse:-

The Ibuse is the personal summoning of Hanzo( Leader of Hidden Rain Village ). Ibuse is a salamander and its ability is to create poisonous gases.  The Ibuse and Danzo form an ultimate Duo. And Hanzo the Salamander name is derived from these duo.

The Hanzo is an expert in the poisonous gases and the Ibuse can create poisionus gases. So they formed a Invincible Duo. This Duo’s one of the greatest achievement is winning against the legendary Sannin’s ( Jiraiya, Tsunade, Orochimaru ) and this Duo played a major role in the Ninja wars.

7. Baku:-

The Baku is the personal summoning of Danzo. Baku has a Elephant-type structure. Its origin is unknown. Baku is a very unique summoning animal because it is a combination of diferent animals. And we still dont have any confirmation on whether it is created or a Natural animal.

Baku is one of the strongest summoning animal in the Naruto. It has the ability to suck anything through its trunk and we have seen that it sucks even susanoo. Even though the Susanoo is very huge and we no need to mention the strength of Susanoo.

But it’s appeared only one time in the entire Naruto Anime. So the full extent of the Baku is not known yet. We have seen Baku in the fight between Danzo and sasuke.

6. Enma:-

The Enma is the personal summoning of the Third Hokage ( Hiruzen Sarutobi ). Enma is a Monkey and it is known as the king of Monkeys. The third Hokage summoned Enma a very few times in Naruto. Enma is more than a summoning animal for the Third Hokage.

We can see Enma true capabilities in the fight between Hiruzen and Orochimaru. Enma is mostly used as a stick by the Third Hokage and Enma is capable more than a summoning animal. Because it knows a variety of jutsu and one of it is transformation jutsu.

5. Katsuyu:-

Katsuyu is the personal summoning of Tsunade ( Fifth Hokage of leaf ). Katsuya is very unique when compared to other summoning animals. Because only a part of her was summoned from the forest and Katsuyu is the only one.

Who is inhabiting the unexplored sage zone of shikkotsu forest. Katsuya is mainly summoned for the defense and healing purposes in the battle. But she is no less in the offensive style of battle and her true battle abilities can be noticed in the fight between Orochimaru and Tsunade.

4. Gamakichi:-

Gamakichi is the personal summoning of Naruto. He is the elder son of Gamabunta and he is more than a summoning animal for Naruto because. He helped Naruto in mastering various jutsus and he is not as much as powerful as the Gamabunta( Chief Toad ).

But he can make massive destruction with only a very little effort and he was summoned mostly for helping Naruto in learning and mastering new jutsu’s and Gamakichi made his appearance only in the first half of naruto and he gave appearance in second half. In the fight with Obito in the Fourth Great Ninja war.

3. Gamabunta:-

Gamabunta is the chief toad of Mount Myobuku and he is the personal summoning of the three greatest Shinobi’s of all time starting from Jiraiya, Minato, Naruto. Gambunta is capable more than a summoning animal.

Because he is very skilled in many other jutsu’s and his swordsmanship is outstanding and Gamabunta is so strong tha he can even go on a 1v1 with Shukaku ( One Tail ).

2. Shima and Fukasaku:-

The Shima and Fukasaku are the Toads of the Mount Myobuku. And they two are wife and husband. Shima and Fukasaku dont leave the Mount Myobuku usually because. They were not normally summoned by the users.

Unless the situation is critical. The only summoners of Shima and Fukasaku are Naruto and jiraya. Even though they are summoned only two times in the entire Naruto series. They have dominated the summoners ( Jiraiya, Naruto) everytime they have summoned.

1. Manda:-

Manda is the personal summoning of Orochimaru. We saw the summoning of manda in the fight between Orochimaru and Tsunade, Jiraya. Manda is the strongest summoning animal in the whole Naruto anime.

Because Katsuya, Gamabunta, and Manda are the summoning animals of unexplored sage locations. And among these three summonings, The Manda is the strongest and Most deadliest. And we have seen in the fight between Orochimaru and Tsunade, Jiraya.

Manda alone managed other summoning animals ( Gamabunta, Katsuyu ). So there is no doubt that Manda is the strongest summoning animal in the Naruto Anime.

That’s for the Top 10 strongest Summoning Animal in Naruto and If you like the list dont forget to drop a comment down. and if you want to know about the Most Underrated fights in Naruto check out this Post. and if you want to know the true abilities of Naruto after kurama death check out this Post.

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