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There are so many forbidden jutsu in Naruto and every forbidden jutsu has its own unique abilities and powers. But what do you think are the strongest forbidden jutsu’s in Naruto. So we made a list of the top 10 most powerful forbidden jutsu in Naruto.

If there are any new watchers of Naruto. The forbidden Jutsu are the jutsu that are forbidden by the head of the villages. Because of their immense power or risk of using it. So we think this gave you a little idea about what are forbidden jutsu’s after reading the list you get a clear idea of it. So let’s dive into the list.

10. Multi shadow clone jutsu:-

First, on our list, we have the most iconic jutsu in Naruto. And also the signature jutsu of Naruto Multi shadow clone Jutsu. This Jutsu and the shadow clone jutsu are two different Jutsu. The normal shadow clone jutsu is not forbidden and in this Jutsu, only one shadow clone is used.

But the multi shadow clone jutsu is a forbidden Jutsu because due to creating multiple shadow clones the user’s chakra is drained quickly in no time. so it’s a forbidden jutsu. But the chakra is not a problem for our Naruto right.

So there wasn’t an issue for Naruto. And we all know how greatly naruto used this Jutsu and because of this Jutsu, Naruto learned Rasengan, Rashenshuriken and almost every jutsu Naruto learned is using the Multi shadow clone jutsu.

9. Jar of poison:-

This jutsu might be forgotten by the Naruto fans. But this is one of the most powerful forbidden Jutsu in Naruto. But this jutsu’s full power is not revealed. This jutsu is a Kinjutsu. And it is performed by the Aburame clan member Torune Aburame. This jutsu needs multiple corpses to complete this jutsu. And only Torune Aburame can perform this jutsu because of his special ability.

Torune has a special type of insect on his hands and they are very powerful. That whenever Torune toches anybody. The insects multiply themselves and kill the organism. Just like the Amaterasu. And only Torune can produce the antidote for this poison. So this forbidden jutsu is only completed by only Torune Aburame.

This jutsu uses multiple corpses and a barrier is set up on the dead corpses. Next Torune releases his poisonous insects on one of the dead corpses and then the insect multiplies itself and decays all the dead corpses and then releases a huge poisonous gas. Because of it, a huge poisonous cloud is formed and it kills every member surrounding it. The barrier is used to speed up the process of insects multiplying. so because it is forbidden.

8. Fury:-

This jutsu is also one of the jutsu we all have forgotten. This Jutsu belongs to the Tsuchigumo clan and this is a Kinjutsu. It is created by Gyoja the clan leader of the Tsuchigumo clan. And this Jutsu is implanted in her granddaughter. By using this jutsu one can wipe out an entire village in one blow.

To perform this jutsu the user needs a large amount of Nature chakra. which is gathered by using the Tsuchigumo technique. To complete this jutsu. the user should need an ultimate skill in Kinjutsu and should be professional in the Kinjutsu

one’s the Jutsu is completed it is nearly impossible to stop the jutsu. We have seen only Utakata can stop this jutsu and he stopped the jutsu by using the Tailed beast chakra. So because of its power and destruction capabilities. This jutsu is forbidden

7. Reanimation jutsu:-

This jutsu is not the same as the Edo Tensei. This jutsu is used by Lady Chiyo to revive Garra and it’s very different from the Edo Tensei. Because the Edo Tensei uses other living bodies to bring back dead people. But this reanimation jutsu makes the user transfer or sacrifice her own life to bring back the dead person.

Actually, this jutsu is created to transfer the lives of humans into puppets. So it will be very hard to defeat the puppet. But this technique was stopped before completion. and because of it the transferring of lives into puppets is not possible.

But Lady chiyo managed to achieve this technique. She is the only one who completed this jutsu in Naruto. Because of the sacrifice needed and if this Jutsu falls into enemy hands.. then there may be a threat to the village. So it has been forbidden.

6. Hundred healing jutsu:-

This jutsu is also known as the Art of mitotic regeneration. This jutsu is created by Tsunade. And she Taught the jutsu to Sakura. And because of it, only these two (Sakura and Tsunade) can complete this jutsu. This jutsu is used to store a vast amount of chakra in the user’s body for a long time and it is used at once on the battlefields or any medical surgery.

While using this jutsu the user becomes immune to physical attacks. Because of the vast chakra they stored in their body it is also helped in long medical surgeries and we have also seen sakura using this jutsu to help Obito in opening different time spaces.

It is a forbidden jutsu because only a few people can complete this jutsu. Because to complete this jutsu the user needs a great chakra control and while storing chakra there is a possible chance of user death. So it is classified as forbidden jutsu

5. Izanami:-

This Forbidden jutsu is one of the Uchiha clan jutsu. And it is used by only two people in Naruto Madara and Itachi. The Izanami is a Genjutsu. This jutsu affects the opponent or enemy through their physical senses. And the opponent is trapped in a time loop. This jutsu is used by Itachi on kabuto and kept him in a time loop.

which he can’t escape from and to undo the reanimation jutsu. This jutsu is used by taking a picture of the physical movement of the opponent using their Sharingan as A and replicating the same picture as A2 by overlapping these two pics and the user creates a situation and traps the enemy in it. But by performing this jutsu the user loses one of their eyes in the exchange for completing this jutsu

This jutsu main purpose is to change evil people into good ones. By keeping them in a certain situation loop and remembering who they are. We can see this when kabuto is trapped in the loop and realized who he really is. It is forbidden because this makes a huge impact on the battlefield and also the user loses his eye.

4. Izanagi:-

This is also an Uchiha clan jutsu and this jutsu is a very powerful jutsu. By using this jutsu the user can change the reality. But this jutsu requires Uchiha visual powers and Hashirama cells to complete this jutsu. Only three people completed this jutsu Obito, Madara, and Danzo. This jutsu is based on the creation of all things used by the sage of six paths.

This jutsu first keeps a Genjutsu on the opponent. which are impossible to happen using Sharingan and after using the Izanagi technique the user applies the Genjutsu to reality itself. But this jutsu can be used by only one time and by using this jutsu as the same Izanami technique

The user loses one of his eyes. By using this the user can change imagination into reality and this is mainly used by users to protect themselves from dying. Which we have exactly seen in both Danzo and Obito situations. So because of overpower and risk of using it. This jutsu is forbidden.

3. Eight Inner Gates:-

This is the ultimate Taijutsu technique in the whole Naruto Anime and it is only used by Guy and might dai ( father of might guy). This jutsu opens the inner gates in a person’s body or also known as chakra limiters in one body and they get access to an immense amount of chakra.

Which is 10 times more than the Hokage’s power. We have all seen how powerful is when might guy opens all the inner gates and releases all his power. To achieve this technique the user must have extraordinary Taijutsu skills.

It is very difficult to handle this formation because it keeps a lot of pain on the user’s body. This just is forbidden because after opening all the 8 inner gates the user eventually dies. If there is no Naruto’s help. Guy would have died. So because of the high-risk factor. The jutsu is forbidden.

2. Reaper death seal:-

This is one of Uzumaki’s clan jutsu and it is also one of the most powerful jutsu in Naruto. Using this jutsu Minato defeated and sealed Kurama ( Nine tails ) and also using this jutsu Hiruzen(3rd Hokage) defeated Tobirama( 2ndHokage ) and the Hashirama ( 1st Hokage ). So it is a very powerful jutsu and this jutsu is used only by Minato and Hiruzen in Naruto.

It is a forbidden Jutsu because after sealing the enemy using this jutsu the user also gets sealed by the reaper and if this jutsu falls into wrong hands it leads to many problems and another reason is after the jutsu is started whoever the user touches eventually gets sealed and doesn’t matter how stronger or powerful the opponent is and there is no other chance to stop this jutsu. So because of these reasons, this jutsu is forbidden.

1. Edo Tensei:-

The No:1 forbidden jutsu on our list is Edo Tensei. This is also called as the Reanimation jutsu but is totally different from other Reanimation jutsu we mention at the starting of the list. This jutsu is one of the iconic jutsu in Naruto and this is also one of the most powerful jutsu in the whole anime. This jutsu is created by Tobirama ( Second Hokage ).

This jutsu is used to bring back dead people into life. By scarifying a living person. And the people who are brought to life are immortal. So how much they are damaged they simply heal themselves. And the people who had reincarnated have the same powers and same abilities. Has when they have died this makes the jutsu the most dangerous jutsu of all time.

This jutsu also made some hearth breaking results of using it and that made some of the major turnings in Naruto Anime. This jutsu is forbidden because it’s an unforgivable act to bring back people who are died, Also this jutsu is very powerful and this jutsu needs a living person to sacrifice to bring back dead people. Because of these reasons this jutsu is forbidden.

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