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The recent Moon Knight series from Marvel have stolen every MCU fan’s heart. And the Moon Knight character is loved by every Marvel fan. But Marvel didn’t show so many of his powers in the series. And these hidden powers are actually very cool and you just gonna love it. So without any delay let’s dive into our list of Moon Knight hidden powers

10. Telepathic Resistant:-

This ability of Marc was got because of the Dissociative Identity Disorder he had. But for Mark, it is a very useful Disorder. Because of this Disorder, He has a very high IQ. In different situations, different personalities of Marc Spector help him. Like Steven helped him in solving the riddle to find Amit( Egyptian God ).

This also makes Marc to invulnerable to getting controlled by others. Except for Khonshu, He is the mastermind behind all this. The main reason for this is because of this amazing disorder. Marc’s mind is simply a mess and whoever tries to control his mind gets hurt and sometimes they may also die. It is best for enemies to not get into his mind or it will be their last mission. So this is one of our hidden powers of Moon Knight.

9. Immortal:-

Moon knight is one of the very complicated characters in Marvel and also one of the Marvel characters who can’t die. Because even though he is badly injured or he is near his Death bed. Khonshu revives or heals him and the Marc Spector ( Moon Knight ) will be normal in no time.

And we have seen this in the Moon knight series too. When Marc is about to die in front of the Khonshu statue. Khonshu heals him and makes him his Avatar. The only way Marc can be killed is by sealing Khonshu and blocking help to the Marc. Or to wait until Khonshu gets a new Avatar which is never going to happen. Otherwise, there is no death for Marc. And this makes one of the Moon Knight Hidden Powers in our list.

8. Invulnerable to Physical Attacks:-

As we have seen in the series when Marc Spector summons his suit and turns into Moon Knight. He became invulnerable to physical attacks that he can even survive by getting stabbed by spears. But at starting of the fight, Marc can stop bullets using his cap cloth. Like it is a Bulletproof cloth.

But he can’t stop spears stabbing him from his suit. That’s not normal and he can tolerate pain caused by stabbing. So he probably had another ability of Pain resistance. And we can also assume that Marc also had quick healing abilities. So he can instantly recover from any of the physical damage he had. That’s why he quickly recovers from even stabbing so many spears in his body.

7. Martial arts specialist:-

Moon knight has very cool fighting moves in the series. But the Moon knight in the comics is much more proficient and also dangerous than our Marvel Moon knight. Comic moon knight is a very famous heavyweight boxing champion and he is a master in judo, kungfu, and other martial arts.

In the comics with only his normal fighting abilities and the martial arts, he defeated so many bad guys easily. and we should hope that Marvel moon knight adapts all the fighting abilities of comic moon knight in season 2 of the series. which is not very long to launch.

6. Weapons Master:-

This was not a very powerful hidden ability of Moon Knight. But this ability is worth in our list. As we discussed that Marc is a martial artist and he had very cool moves in the series. But in the comics, he is a very dangerous killer. And he is skilled in every weapon he got on his hands.

Even a small rod in his hand becomes a deadliest weapon. And in the comics, Moon knight is highly proficient with almost every firearm like Ak47 and even without any Arms or weapons. Moon Knight is very dangerous to handle. Because with just his bare hands. He killed so many people in the comics. So that makes our other Moon Knight Hidden Powers

5. Absorb Powers:-

The next hidden power of the Moon Knight is absorbing powers from other heroes. we didn’t get to see this amazing power in the series but this power was mentioned in the comics. It was in the Age of khonshu comic. In this comic, our moon knight slightly goes into the wrong path and becomes a bad person. and he started to fight with his fellow members and but it was not his fault. This was all said by khonshu to Moon knight to do.

Because of this, he steals power from other superheroes. He took power from Iron fist, Ghost rider, and also the Sorcerer Supreme. But this hidden power of the Moon Knight has some limitations. That is to steal powers from other heroes Moon knight needs an Ankh. He wears it on his neck and without it, he can’t steal other’s power and This Ankh can’t steal powers from the Black Panther. Because his powers are in his veins.

4. Greatest Detective:-

As we discussed at the starting of the list. Marc has a Dissociative Identity Disorder. And in the series, we have shown only 3 personalities. But in the comics, Marc has more than 5 personalities they appear very rarely. But the main are 3 personalities one is Marc Spector ( Hit Man ), Steven Grant ( Business man ), and Jake Lockley( Taxi Driver ).

This is the third personality we have shown at the ending of the series. So every personality is skilled in different professions and has different IQ levels. So in comics to solve any problem or Mysterious case. Marc uses different personalities in different situations. Like Marc used his 3rd unknown ability to fight with enemies in the series. So by this, he can easily solve the case with different personalities.

3. Controlling Mjolnir:-

Another cool hidden ability of Moon knight is to lift and control Mjolnir but it is not because of the worthiness of Mjolnir and he is also not worthy to lift it. But it is because of khonshu’s powers. let me explain we all know Mjolnir is made up of URU metal. It is one of the strongest and rarest metals in MCU. The Uru metal came from one of the oldest moons in the universe.

When two gods fought fiercely across the universe. Because of their fight, The Moon was destroyed and some of the pieces of the moon were spread across the universe and those pieces were found by the Dwarfs (who created Mjolnir ) and they took those pieces and created the Mjolnir.

So Moon knight has the powers of the Moon-god khonshu. So he can control Moon pieces and because of all this, He can control the Mjolnir because it was also a combination of some Moon pieces.

2. Moon-Based Powers:-

As we already know Moon knight powers are all based on the Moon. Because khonshu is a Moon God. So the position of the moon plays a major role in improving Moon knight powers. Whenever Moon knight joins a fight or starts one when it is a full moon.

Then it will be a complete disaster for the opponents. Because at the full night Moon Knight gets the full power of khonshu and at that time no one can stop him. Also, the New Moon, Waxing Gibbous, and First Quarter positions of the Moon greatly affect Moon Knight’s abilities. He may improve and get a boost to his powers or a decrease of powers based on the Moon’s position.

1. Necromancy:-

This is the Hidden Godily ability of Moon knight. Necromancy is the ability that can wake up the dead and control the dead people. Because he had the powers of Khonshu and to think Khonshu also most likely looks like a Mummy in the series. Because he was covered with the bandages type of cloth around him. We don’t about it yet.

But because of his power, Marc can raise the dead mummies which is so scary. But this ability can only be used when Marc has full control over khonshu’s powers. And this is the main reason for Moon knight can absorb the powers of Sorcerer supreme

He used this ability of Necromancy and defeated Doctor Strange. Which is valid to use against the Sorcerer Supreme. And this is the strongest hidden power of moon knight and also I think the most scariest too. Comment down below which is your favorite hidden power of Moon Knight.

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