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Thor love and Thunder Story Revealed

Finally, Thor Love and Thunder teaser was released by Marvel. The teaser is just awesome. Fans are very excited to see the movie. But we actually found the storyline of the movie through the teaser and with reference to comics.

So we explained the storyline of the movie in this post and we also compared it with the comic story. So you can get a clear idea about the storyline and if there is anyone who hasn’t seen the teaser yet click the link below and watch it. So let’s dive into the story.

The Storyline of Thor Love and Thunder:-

The Thor Lover and Thunder Movie mostly gonna be about. Thor’s Life change after Avengers: End game and the story is also very focused on Jane foster. The villain in this movie is Gorr the God Butcher. And In this movie, we can see Jane Foster as the female Thor and the main interesting part is. The iconic weapon Mjolnir is back in the Thor love and Thunder movie. We can also see Jane Foster holding Mjolnir in the latest teaser.

How did Jane Foster get Thor’s Power:-

So it’s believed that she got Thor powers because of Mjolnir. We know that only worthy people can lift Mjolnir ( Because of Odin’s spell on Mjolnir ) and who succeed in it. Will probably get access to the Thor powers. So there is a good amount of possibility for this storyline.

But the main question is how the Mjolnir is back? We have seen Hela breaks Mjolnir into pieces in Thor Ragnarok. Then how is it possible to return Mjolnir to MCU. So there are some theories for it. one of them is to recreate the Mjolnir with broken pieces and also the latest iconic weapon of Thor ‘ Storm breaker ‘ creator Eitri is still alive. So he may recreate the old Mjolnir with broken pieces or created a new one.

It’s pretty clear that she gets Thor’s power because of Mjolnir but the storyline of the movie and the storyline in the comics are very different. So we don’t have 100% confirmation about it. On how she will get Thor’s powers but in the comics. She gets the power from the Mjolnir that’s clear. So if we look into the comic story we can understand a little more.

Comic StoryLine:-

In the comics, Thor loses the worthiness of lifting the Mjolnir in the fight with the Gorr the God Butcher. And in the comics, Odin is still alive and even Odin couldn’t lift the Mjolnir. So in the depression of losing his power and Mjolnir. Thor becomes hopeless and leaves Asgard. After knowing the situation of Thor all the Monsters start a war and slowly conquer Asgard and as well as other realms.

So there is no one to stop them. So everyone loses hope on winning against monsters. Then Jane Foster enters into the story. And she lifts the Mjolnir and as we know she gets the Thor powers. But in the comics Jane Foster has cancer and she takes treatment for it in Asgard. But after knowing the situation in the Asgard, She couldn’t resist back and enters into the Battlefield.

Because of using Mjolnir the Cancer treatment she took up to then is wasted and because of constantly using Thor power her Cancer increases rapidly. And she keeps as a secret that she is the female Thor and she even takes care not to be known by Thor too. Because Thor doesn’t allow her to enter into the battlefield knowing her health condition

But Thor gets information that somebody is capable of lifting Mjolnir. But unfortunately, he didn’t know who it is. So he searches for the person and writes a list of members. Who are worthy of lifting Mjolnir. But he keeps Jane Foster at last. Because he knows that she is taking cancer treatment in Asgard. But after meeting everyone and knowing no one is worthy.

He gets very depressed and while returning to Asgard. He sees Jane Foster using Mjolnir in a battle. and then there will be a little talk between them and thor helps Jane Foster in the battle and they too beat the Gorr the God Butcher.

But there is a lot of difference between the comics and MCU. Because Odin is dead and Asgard is destroyed. So who is Jane Foster fighting with and Jane Foster didn’t have any cancer in MCU, Mjolnir is destroyed and Thor has his iconic weapon ” Storm Breaker “. Which is much more powerful than the Mjolnir and many more questions. So we should wait for the Movie for the answer to these questions.

And the guardians of the galaxy also gonna appear in some parts of the movie. And we still don’t know what happened to Gamora. Because there wasn’t any information about her after the End Game Movie. So we may know something about her in this movie. Comment down below. Who is waiting for the movie.

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