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The guardians of the galaxy 2 is one of the most fan-favorite movies in the MCU and everyone was shocked after knowing peter quills powers. Until done peter quill is considered as the weakest member of the guardians of the galaxy team. But that’s not the case in the guardians of the galaxy 2. The whole story changed and most of the fans also loved ego’s character.

The character of the ego is played by Kurt Russell and he did a wonderful job in playing the role. So many fans missed some of the powers of Ego so that’s why we wrote this article. We make sure that every power he used in the movie is mentioned in the article. So check it out now and if you think we have missed any power of Ego then comment down below. we will make sure to add it.

Superhuman Strength :-

Ego has an immense level of superhuman strength because he was a celestial and he easily smashed Peter quill’s ( star-lord ) into rocks even after the quill is using his superhuman strength( celestial power ) This power is common to all celestials. And according to the collector. celestials can easily handle the infinity stones and we can actually notice it. When quill uses the power stone ( one of the infinity stones). Normally it requires an incredible amount of strength to use the power stone so we can assume how powerful the ego is.

Superhuman Durability :-

Ego has a very high level of durability and he is almost invulnerable to physical damage even the avatar ( biological body ) he created is also very durable. He is very durable that even when quill smashes ego into the rocks he easily recovers without any much damage and he even withstands his son’s (peter quill ) celestial punches in the fight between them.


Ego has the ability to shapeshift. He can easily alter his avatar( biological body ) into whatever he wants. we actually see this when ego transforms into David Hasselhoff. in the movie to show quill how powerful he is.

Mollecular Manipulation :-

Ego has the power to manipulate matter at a molecular level and in fact he created the Bioverse ( ego’s planet ) by manipulating the matter and creating each layer of the planet and he explains this when he is showing quill and other guardians about how he was formed and evolved. and how he created the Bioverse. The Bioverse is noting but egos consciousness he created everything with is power even the sky and everything is controlled by his consciousness.

Power Absorption:-

The power of Absorption is one of the strongest powers of ego. We can see ego using this power when ego absorbs power from quill ( star-lord ). He absorbs quill power because quill is a celestial and he needs quills celestial power to achieve the true purpose of his life which is to remake the whole universe into his own image( conquering the whole universe)

Mind Manipulation :-

Ego used mind manipulation ( mind control ) power on the quill. He used this power when he is showing eternity to quill ( star-lord ) but quill quickly snapped from it. when he knew that his father is the one. Who implanted the brain tumor in her mother’s brain and made her die.

Biological Manipulation :-

Ego can create and manipulate biological matter. But actually, the ego didn’t have a biological body. But in order to achieve his goal he needs to have a biological body so he can go to other planets and interact with other intelligent lifeforms. So he made an avatar ( biological body ) as same as a human with his own consciousness and he can change his body as he wants but he needs to visit Bioverse periodically to regenerate it.

Reconstitution :-

The body of the ego can easily reconstitute( rebuild ) itself even if it is fully damaged and we can observe that the avatar ( biological body ) reconstitutes after peter quill ( star-lord ) fully destroys the ego’s body. Actually, Ego has no biological body but he created an avatar to live with other intelligent species in the universe. So the real form of ego is his mind which is the core of the planet. so that’s why he can easily rebuild his body even after is fully damaged and it is created immediately too.

Seedling Creation :-

Seedling creation means creating alien seedlings that are used to turn that planet as an extension of the ego itself and he planted them on thousands of planets because he wants to remake the whole universe as his own image but to activate all the alien seeds ego needs another celestial power.

Immortality :-

As long as the brain of the ego or the core of the planet is alive. Ego is immortal and he even told to Gamora that he is immortal when she asked how he managed to destroy two dozen spaceships. when he was giving a tour of his planet and he even mentioned that he is a million years old and the only way he can die his destroying the brain and we have seen Groot placing a bomb in the ego’s brain to destroy him.

Light Beams :-

The light beam is also one of the strongest powers that the ego has he can shoot cosmic energy as a beam onto the enemy and we can see this when he is fighting with quill and other guardians. It works like a laser beam and destroys everything in its way.

Light Tentacles :-

Ego uses light tentacles in the fight with guardians. With this power, He can easily smash the enemy with these tentacles and he also used these tentacles to capture the spaceship and he mainly used these tentacles to absorb the celestial power from his son ( quill ).

Cosmic Energy manipulation :-

As long as the ego is on his planet. He can manipulate cosmic energy. Ego describes cosmic energy as blue light and he can easily shape or even transform this light into any physical thing we can see ego using this power a lot of times in the movie and he even teaches his son how to do it and this was also the main reason that ego was defeated in the movie.

Nature Manipulation :-

Ego can actually manipulate the nature of the Bioverse ( ego’s planet ) because the whole planet is his own consciousness and he is the one who created the planet in the first place so its obvious his having nature manipulation power and we can see he using this power when ego shows quill and other guardians the whole planet.

Light Form :-

Ego has also had the ability to mold energy and that’s why he can create a humanoid form for himself and he can also easily change the shape of the planet with his power.

Matter Manipulation :-

Ego can actually manipulate the matter. He manipulated matter and created various weapons and he even created a duplicate of himself when he fought with his son ( quill ).

Flight :-

Ego has also has the power to fly and he easily flew in the air in the fight with the quill and he can even fly to space without any equipment and This is also one of the power that all celestials has.

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