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Naruto and Dragon Ball are 2 of the most popular Anime in Anime history and both Anime have Huge fan Bases. And now recently Masashi Kishimoto introduced Domain of Gods to the Naruto Universe and now the Otsutsuki God vs Zeno became one of the recent high debates in the Anime Community. Both Otsutsuki God and Grand Zeno are Gods in their respective Universes. So both the Anime Fans are very eager to know if at all there is a fight between the Gods of the Naruto universe and Dragon Ball who would win.

The answer would be pretty easy if we compare both Otsutsuki God and Grand Zeno’s powers, but only very little is known about the Otsutsuki God and the powers of Otsutsuki God are only just hints of how his powers could be. So the comparison won’t be perfect but if we compare according to the Hints about the power of the Otsutsuki God we can get a winner from the Otsutsuki God vs Zeno Fight. Let’s crack those hints and find the winner, So without any delay let us dive into it.

Otsutsuki God Power

Otsutsuki God vs Zeno

Very little information is known about the Otsutsuki God in the Boruto series and moreover, only 2 pages of Boruto Manga have mentioned about the Otsutsuki God. Masashi Kishimoto only gave us little hints about the Otsutsuki God’s powers.

But according to our information, that was mentioned in the Bortuo Manga Chapter 75. We can only assume how powerful Otsutsuki God was. But the exact powers of the Otsutsuki God are yet to be revealed in the Boruto Series and for the information about the Otsutsuki God in Boruto Manga. Amado gives us the basic powers of the Otsutsuki God.

Amado explained the basic powers of Otsutsuki God and how powerful he might be. He mentioned that Otsutsuki’s God name is Shibai Otsutsuki and he is from the Otsutsuki Clan. After consuming multiple Chakra fruit ( It has the power of an entire planet ) from different planets Shibai became the strongest Otsutsuki and he achieved Godly powers. And Amado mentioned his Senjutsu is the strongest power in the Boruto series and all the Ninjutsu in Naruto and Bortuo are just fragments of his power.

Otsutsuki God vs Zeno

Amado mentioned that Shibai Otsutsuki can create powerful Storms from nowhere, Which have enough power to submerge entire countries and summon powerful Storms which can destroy Cities in one blow. Shibai Otsutsuki also has the ability to look into the past at every situation and also at the same time watch everything everywhere happening in present. In the Naruto universe, Shibai Otsutsuki was considered as a God. Also, Amado mentioned that every other Strongest Otsutsuki Clan member are aiming to become like Shibai Otsutsuki.

Grand Zeno Power

Otsutsuki God vs Zeno
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In the Dragon Ball Universe, Grand Zeno A.K.A Omni King is the supreme ruler of the Multiverse and also the most powerful being in the Dragon Ball series. Grand Zeno’s Power is immense and immeasurable there is no one in the whole Dragon Ball universe that can beat Grand Zeno, he is the strongest character in the whole Dragon Ball series.

Grand Zeno can simply destroy the Entire Universe by just moving his hand. As most of the Dragon Ball watchers know that Grand Zeno destroyed 12 universes out of 18 universes, completely erasing 6 universes because of his anger. But fans claim that Zeno destroyed 6 universes because he assumed that it would be too many universes in the world to watch over. So he simply erased 6 universes with just a snap.

And in the Dragon Ball series, it was never mentioned about the power level of Grand Zeno but he was said to be the supreme king of the Multiverse. It was shown in the Future Trunks Saga that the Omni king destroyed the whole existence ( every universe ) just by raising his hand. So in the Dragon Ball Universe, Grand Zeno is considered more than a God.

Why Powers and Abilities don’t matter in Otsutsuki God vs Zeno fight

Otsutsuki God vs Zeno

The Powers and abilities of the Grand Zeno and Otsutsuki God don’t really matter because the fight is probably never gonna happen in Boruto or Dragon Ball Series. There won’t be a complete crossover between popular Anime there surely gonna be references to other popular animes in an Anime like One Piece representing Naruto in one of his manga because Naruto manga is coming to an end and another popular anime My Hero Academia referenced Chainsaw man in their Manga.

There mostly be only references to other Anime and most probably there won’t be a complete crossover between Anime’s. If even at all a cross-over happens there won’t be any 1v1 fights in it. So there won’t be an Otsutsuki God vs Zeno fight. But both Anime fans want to know if at all an Otsutsuki God vs Zeno fight, happens who would win?

So let’s compare the powers of both of them and see who is more powerful in an Otsutsuki God vs Zeno fight. But this fight won’t probably happen but let us know the winner to be prepared for anything. Also the comparison between the Otsutsuki God vs Zeno, the information about the powers of the Otsutsuki God is very little and the comparison is based on hints given in Chapter 75 of Bortuo Manga.

Conclusion Otsutsuki God vs Zeno Fight?

Otsutsuki God vs Zeno

In the fight between Otsutsuki God vs Zeno, the winner gonna be on the side where the writers are interested in if both writers Masashi Kishimoto and Akira Toriyama agree to hand over the win to Otsutsuki God then the Win would be Otsutsuki God or both agreed to Grand Zeno then the win gonna be Grand Zeno because they are the writers of the fight and they can simply powerup any character or degrade any character power but jokes aside and if we get into the real comparison.

If we consider the present Otsutsuki God powers which are just hints of his power in Boruto Manga Chapter 75 and the Grand Zeno powers from the Dragon Ball series. Then if an Otsutsuki God vs Zeno fight breaks out the winner will be on the side of Grand Zeno and the Grand Zeno wins the fight with ease because it was said that only Otsutsuki God is a powerful being in a single universe but Omni King is powerful among all the 18 universes and he is the king of the Multiverse.

Although there wasn’t any Multiverse concept introduced in the Naruto universe and if we assume he is the strongest being in the World. Even then the powers of the Otsutsuki God in the Borto Manga are no match to the powers of the Grand Zeno. It is mentioned in the Boruto Manga that Otsutsuki God can control the Nature energy of a planet and create powerful Storms and lighting.

But Grand Zeno can simply destroy the universe just by waving his hand and all the existence in the world just by a Snap. So the win will be Omni King. But the Otsutsuki God is powerful in the Narutoverse and Grand Zen is powerful in the Drago Ball universe both are strong and more specifically Gods and almighty powerful in their respective universes. But if the Otsutsuki God vs Zeno fight broke out then the win gonna be on the side of Grand Zeno.

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