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One of the most heated debates in the present Anime community is Otsutsuki God vs Goku fight. It is all because of the introduction of a mysterious and powerful character known as the Otsutsuki God in the Boruto series. While the information on the Otsutsuki God is limited, The little we know about him has revealed a formidable force with Godly powers. On the other hand

Goku is a character in the popular anime series Dragon Ball Super, who mastered a new technique called Ultra Instinct. This allows him to act on pure instinct, granting him incredible speed, reflexes, and strength. His movements in this form are unpredictable, making him almost invulnerable. Making both the characters seem equally powerful but who gonna be the winner in the fight Otsutsuki God vs Goku let’s find it out. So without any delay let us dive into it.

Otsutsuki God

Otsutsuki God vs Goku
Image Credit:- Naruto Fandom.com

Information on the Otsutsuki God in the Boruto series is quite scarce. Only a couple of pages in the Boruto manga briefly mention about Otsutsuki God, Even in those couple of pages we didn’t get much detail about their abilities. The creator, Masashi Kishimoto, has only given us little hints about what the Otsutsuki God can do and left Fans to speculate about the Almighty God in the Narutoverse. So let’s do it and find some of his abilities and finally compare and get a winner out of Otsutsuki God vs Goku.

Otsutsuki God Abilities

In Chapter 75 of the Boruto Manga, we learned some details about the Otsutsuki God’s power, but we can only speculate on the extent of their abilities based on this limited information. The full nature of the Otsutsuki God’s power remains a mystery in the Boruto series, but Amado has given us some basic information that we can use to find out the Otsutsuki God’s abilities.

Amado mentioned the Otsutsuki God’s name as Shibai Otsutsuki and he is one of the Strongest Otsutsuki clan members. But after consuming multiple Chakra fruits ( Each possesses the power of an Entire Planet ) from different planets, Shibai Otsutsuki attained God Hood.

Otsutsuki God vs Goku

And Shibai Otsutsuki became the strongest Otsutsuki and gained Godly powers. Amado has also claimed that the Otsutsuki God’s Senjutsu is the most powerful force in the Narutoverse and that all of the Ninjutsu seen in both Naruto and Boruto are just fragments of his power.

Shibai Otstutsuki can summon powerful Storms which can destroy countries and can also control the entire planet Nature Energy without weaving any hand signs. Also, after achieving Godhood he no longer possesses a physical body. However, there is still a lot to be known about the Shibai Otsutsuki.

Ultra Instinct Goku

Otsutsuki God vs Goku
Image Credit:- DragonBallUnvierse Fandom

To equal both Otsutsuki God and Goku’s powers, we are gonna consider the highest form of Goku which is the Ultra Instinct in the fight between Otsutsuki God vs Goku. We have enough information to add Ultra Instinct Goku to the fight, unlike the limited information with the Otsutsuki God.

Ultra Instinct Goku Abilities

In Dragon Ball Super, Ultra Instinct is a supreme technique that enables Goku to act and react instinctively, without conscious thought. This control of mind and body gives him incredible speed, reflexes, and strength that make him nearly invulnerable. Additionally, his movements in this form are unpredictable. Even Jiren one of the strongest beings in the Galaxy couldn’t keep up with Goku’s Ultra Instinct movements and had to push himself to his limits.

Goku In the Ultra Instinct form has attained Godly powers and can outclass the speed with the Galaxy’s strongest fighter Jiren. The primary benefit of Ultra Instinct Goku is his heightened awareness, which allows him to enter a concentrated state of consciousness. In this state, his mind is completely empty and the attacks and movements Goku make solely depend upon his instinct.

This enhanced awareness enables Goku to predict opponent movements and weaknesses, allowing him to counter them accordingly without much thought. These Ultra Instinct abilities make Goku one of the most formidable characters in the whole Dragon Ball Universe.

Otsutsuki God Vs Goku: The Showdown

Otsutsuki God vs Goku

In an Otsutsuki God vs Ultra Instinct Goku Fight, Goku wins the fight with a tough fight from the Otsutsuki God. According to the limited information we had on the Otsutsuki God, he can only control the planet’s energy and can be a superior being on a planet, not the whole universe. But after Goku achieved the Ultra Instinct ability he crossed the level of Saiyans and entered the God Hood having an equal amount of power has of the Gods in the Dragon Ball Universe.

Also, as Amado mentioned Otsutsuki God’s abilities depend upon the Nature energy of the Planet, but Goku has crossed the Planetary level, after having the Ritual to become Super Saiyan God. So if at all there is a fight between Goku vs Otsutsuki God then the fight would be won by the Ultra Instinct Goku.

Otsutsuki God vs Goku

But the victory of Ultra Instinct Goku would be a very close call because Otsutsuki God is also not too weak, He is literally the strongest being in the Narutovrse and can access an entire Planet’s energy and can be invincible. Also, as Amado mentioned he doesn’t have any physical form after achieving the God Hood.

We don’t have full information about Otsutsuki God’s abilities and his weakness, like we know about Ultra Instinct Goku and as of now we only know that he has the power of an entire planet. But he may possess more than a Planet’s energy and can have the power of an entire universe because none knows about the exact potential of the abilities of the Otsutsuki God, Except for the Masashi Kishimoto.

So, the fight between Otsutsuki God vs Goku could also be won by the Otsutsuki God, if he had more power than Amado mentioned. But for now and with the limited information we had Ultra Instinct Goku wins the Otsutsuki God vs Goku fight.


Let’s sum up everything we know so far on the fight between Otsutsuki God vs Goku. In this fight, Goku wins the fight with a close win having tough fight with the Otsutsuki God. But eventually, the fight gonna be won by the Ultra Instinct Goku because Otsutsuki God has a Planteory level energy, Whereas Goku surpassed that level in Super Saiyan God Form itself.

Otsutsuki God can only control the energy of a planet and can be invincible using the Nature Energy on the Planet but Goku has unlimited power and always break his limits and power levels. But we have limited information on the Otsutsuki God so we cannot have an actual abilities fight between both Otsutsuki God and Ultra Instinct Goku. So we compared the power levels of both of them and picked the winner between Otsutsuki God vs Goku.

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