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Obito vs Naruto Who Would Win

The fight between Obito vs Naruto is one of the major answered and debated questions in the Naruto Anime community. Both Obito Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki are two of the most powerful shinobi in the Narutoverse. Fans have debated multiple times who would win in a fight between Obito vs Naruto for years.

Even though fans are very excited about it we couldn’t see any actual 1v1 Naruto vs Obito fight in the Naruto Anime. So Today let’s explore their strengths and Jutsu, analyze their abilities, and finally determine who would come out on top in the ultimate Fight. So without any delay let us dive into it.

Why Does Obito vs Naruto Fight Matter?

Obito vs Naruto

Obito and Naruto both are very similar characters and they too faced the same hardships in their life. Even Obito agrees to the fact that Naruto is just a reflection of his own past self. Also, many fans believe that obito is just an evil version of Naruto so the Naruto Anime community has long debated the battle between Obito vs Naruto.

Obito is known for his impressive Sharingan and Kamui abilities, while Naruto has mastered chakra control and can harness the power of Kurama. Given their respective strengths and weaknesses, it’s difficult to determine who would come out on top in this epic showdown.

While Obito’s abilities certainly make him a formidable foe, Naruto’s strength and extreme raw power cannot be underestimated. However, the outcome of this fight remains uncertain and heavily debated among fans. Would Obito’s abilities give him the edge, or would Naruto’s unstoppable will and raw power be too much for him to handle? It’s a question that has kept fans guessing for years. But not anymore let’s break the debate now and find an answer to it.

Obito’s Strengths and Jutsu

Obito vs Naruto
Image Credit:- Naruto Fandom

We are only gonna consider Mangekyo Sharingan obito because if we consider Rinnegan Obito or Ten-Tails obito he will be too overpowered. We will also discuss Ten-Tails Obito and Rinnegan Obito later in the post. But for now, let’s stick to Mangekyo Sharingan obito, So let’s get into it.


First, on the list, we have Kamui the legendary Mangekyou sharingan ability of Obito. Kamui helps obito win any Taijutsu fight without much effort. Kamui also helps obito in transporting himself and others from one place to another place instantly, it also makes him Hallow whenever he wants which makes him even impossible to touch. This is one of the major and the best ability that obito possesses in Naruto Anime.

Fire Style

Almost all the Uchiha in Naruto Anime master Fire release and Obito is no exception to it. Fire Release is the first Jutsu that Obito learned in the Naruto anime. By using the Fire Release Obito can use the Great Fire Ball Tevhinque which destroys anything in his surroundings. And with his combination with the Mangekyo Sharingan, he can use Fire Release: Blast Wave Wild Dance technique too.

Wood style

The characters in Naruto anime who were able to use Woodsdale were shown as Top-level Shinobi. And only a bunch of them can use a wood style like Hashirama Senju, Yamato, and Obito these were the only shinobi who was able to use Wood Style in Naruto Anime. Only Hashirama Senju was the true wood style user, Obito, and Yamato Wood style comes from the Hashirama Senju cells.

But even though, Obito was capable of using wood style to a great extent with the combination of his Mnagekyo Shairngan. We have seen obito using the perfect Wood style after Rin’s death to defeat Mist Village Shinobi.


After the death of Madara obito has the access to every weapon that Madara owned in the past. He had every weapon from Uchiha reflection to Madara Chains which were used in the Minato vs Obito fight. This jutsu is not too elegant or powerful but combining this jutsu with kamui makes a big deal in a fight, Obito can store all these weapons in the Kamui dimension and can summon those weapons whenever he wants in a fight.

Obito also learned how to perfectly use those weapons with his Kamui technique. We have seen Obito using those weapons effectively in the 1st Minato vs Obito fight where Obito hallowed himself and traveled through Minato but he his long Chain trapped Minato. But Minato escape from it and defeated Obito with his Flying Thunder Jutsu but still, it is a powerful jutsu in Obito’s arsenal.

Taijutsu skill

 Obito has never shown his Taijutsu Skills in Naruto anime except for the final fight with Kakashi because of his Mangekyo Sharingan ability Kamui. But we were able to see his full potential in Taijutsu in the final fight with Kakashi, and Obito managed to keep up with Kakashi’s Taijutsu skills and also showed excellence in Taijutsu skills. He might not be as skillful as Might Guy but he is definitely equally skillful as Kakashi.


Intelligence plays a major role in any fight because we should quickly counter the opponent’s attacks and use Jutsu against the opponent in a very short amount of time, Everything depends upon the thinking capabilities and experience the user has and obito is well-trained in it. He’s not a genius in his childhood like Kakashi.

But after Madara’s training, Obito grew his intelligence to the next level, He was single-handedly planning the entire plot of Naruto anime from creating Akatsuki to declaring the 4th Great Ninja War. He grew a lot after Rin’s death and Madara Training.

Naruto Strengths and Jutsu

Obito vs Naruto who would win
Image Credit:-Naruto Fandom

We are only gonna consider Sage Mode Naruto because if we consider Kurama mode or Six Paths Naruto he will be too overpowered. Let’s stick to the original Naruto abilities and Jutsu for now. So without any delay let us dive into it.


There was no way to talk about Naruto without the legendary jutsu Rasengan. It was one of the first and most powerful techniques that Naruto ever learned the normal Rasengan was enough to beat obito strong Mask and Naruto has made so many improvements to Rasengan which is like Rashenshuriken, Ultra big ball Ransengan, and many more. If we talk about his modifications and Rasengans than would be a big list. So let’s consider all Rasengans of Naruto in this Category itself and this holds the most power of Naruto.


Even though Naruto looks dumb and acts dumb. He was pretty intelligent, he can figure out solutions to the problem instantly without even realizing like sharing Kurama’s chakra with everyone in 4th Great Ninja War to figuring out 10-Tails Obito weakness. After all, he is the son of the Genius Minato, so there is no denying the fact that he is too good at problem-solving.

Sage Mode

Sage Mode is one of the biggest achievements of Naruto after learning Sage Mode Naruto has created his own class of power just like the Shikaku said in the Pain invasion arc. Using the sage mode Naruto was able to absorb Natural energy, improve his strength, Healing Ability, perfect the Rasengan (Rasenshuriken), and many more. It is one of the major source of Power to Naruto after Kurama’s death.

Taijutsu skill

Naruto was a very good Taijutsu user thanks to his training with Rock Lee. He became a prominent Taijutsu user nearly as skillful as Rock Lee because of the immense training Naruto and Rocklee did together. After accessing the 9-Tails Chakra Mode Naruto became much more prominent in Taijutsu because of the increase in his movement speed. Even the 2nd Fastest Shinobi ( 4th Raikage ) couldn’t beat Naruto in speed. So his speed increased a lot after accessing 9-Tails Chakra and so did his Taijutus Skills.

Shadow Clone Jutsu

Next on the list, we have the popular Shadow Clone jutsu which is the first achievement of Naruto. Naruto has created his own class in the Shadow Clone Jutsu that even Kage Level Shinobi couldn’t achieve, Naruto can create 1000’s of Shadow Clones and can also control them at the same time.

This makes it equally powerful to most of the powerful jutsu in the Naruto anime. Using the Shadow Clone Jutsu Naruto can create his own army which we have seen in the 4th Great Ninja War, Naruto was able to switch the tables in the 4th Great Ninja War by creating several 100’s Shadow Clones and helping every group in the 4th Great Ninja war. Naruto was pretty invincible with Shadow Clone Jutsu, but Obito also has his tricks up his sleeve. So let’s get into the actual Naruto vs Obito FIght without any delay.

Obtio vs Naruto Who Would Win in a Fight?

Now, we know about Sage Mode Naruto and Mangekyo Sharingan Obito’s major strength and Jutsu. So without any delay let’s get into our main topic the battle between Obito vs Naruto: The Final Showdown.

Sage Mode Naruto Vs Mangekyou Sharingan Obito

Obito vs Naruto who would win

In Sage Mode Naruto vs Mangekyou Sharingan Obito fight, Naruto has the same abilities that he possessed in the Pain Arc of Naruto anime and Obito has the same abilities when he confronted all the Hokage in the Hokage summit before declaring the 4th Great Ninja War. So, in this fight, Naruto wins the match with a slight power difference.

Even though Obito uses his Kamui ability and becomes untouchable in order to attack Naruto he has to become solid. Naruto can use the Sage Mode Sensory technique and can easily detect obito presence instantly, In the Same way, Naruto sensed Raikage’s attack in the 4th Great Ninja War and can defeat Obito with a Rashenshuriken.

But it would be definitely a very tough battle and also a tough win because Obito has Madara Ninja Tools like Uchiha Reflection but in the fight, Naruto has a slight edge to win.

Kurama Mode Naruto Vs Rinnegan Obito

Obito vs Naruto who would win

In Kurama Mode Naruto vs Rinnegan Obito FIght, Naruto has full control of Kurama and Obito has Madara’s Rinnegan in this fight, Obito easily wins over Naruto because Rinnegan can extract energy from Kurama. If Obito uses the Rinnnegan like Pain then it would be an even tougher fight to Naruto.

We have seen this already in the 4th Great Ninja War where Naruto, Might Guy, and Kakashi struggle to fight with Obito, although then Obito had all the tailed beasts at the time it would be not much of a difference without the tailed beasts If it’s a 1v1 fight with Naruto. So if Kurama Mode Naruto and Rinnegan Obito are fighting 1v1 then Obito wins with a big difference.

Sage of Six Paths Naruto Vs 10-Tails Obito

Obito vs Naruto who would win

In Sage of Six Paths Naruto vs 10-Tails Obito fight, Obito has all the Jutsu that he possessed when he confronted all the Reanimated Hokage and Naruto has the Same Jutsu when he confronted 10-Tails Madara, In this fight Nartuo wins the fight, because even though Obito uses the Sage of Six Paths tools it won’t affect Naruto as it did it with Kurama Mode Naruto because now Naruto also has the access to same Six Paths Chakra like Ten-tails Obito.

We have seen even 10-Tails Madara has struggled to defeat Six Paths Naruto. Also, Six Paths Naruto can use Senjutsu so he can damage Obito without even entering into the Sage Mode. But it would be a very tough fight because Six Paths Naruto and Rinnegan Sasuke together have struggled to defeat Ten-Tails Madara, but eventually the fight would be won by Naruto.

Legendary Jutsu that Changes Everything

 We all remember the No-Talk-Jutsu right, Yeah the specialty of Naruto which convinces any person to change his mind, no matter how powerful the opponent is Naruto changes him just by his speech. We mentioned Naruto’s strengths, abilities, and Jutsu, But if Naruto uses the No-Talk-Jutsu then there is no other shinobi that Naruto can’t defeat, he’s just super good with the No-Talk-Jutsu.

We have seen many times, Naruto winning fights with just No-Talk-Jutsu like Naruto vs Gara, Naruto vs Nagato, Naruto vs Cloud Shinobi, and many more. So there’s no denying the fact that it is the legendary jutsu in Naruto’s arsenal


Let’s sum up everything we know so far, In a 1v1 fight with Naruto vs Obito, Naruto wins the fight. But they are also some situations and different power levels of both Naruto and Obito where Obito wins over Naruto by a great margin. But mostly Naruto has the upper hand if there is a 1v1 fight against Obito. Who do you think would win the fight let us know in the comment section.

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