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Naruto Anime completed 20 years since its first release and Naruto’s 2oth Anniversary was celebrated on 3rd October 2022 in Japan. In the 20th Anniversary celebration, we got some awesome announcements. The writer of the Naruto Anime Masashi Kishimoto gave all Naruto fans a few surprises and he hinted Naruto Anime reboot in 2022. But it never happened, and so will Naruto Reboot ever happen? Let’s crack the writer code and know everything so without any delay let us dive into it.

Why are Fans not asking about the Naruto reboot?

If you are also one of the people who are thinking why Naruto lovers are not asking about a Naruto Reboot? Well, the Naruto Reboot is a long-awaited request by fans Naruto fans are asking for a reboot since 2016. But the makers didn’t give much taught to bringing Naruto Anime back to life. Instead, they started a new Anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

This Anime represents the next generation of Naruto and how the Shinobi world has changed over the period. But Boruto Anime didn’t get has much craze as Naruto Anime got and many of the fans didn’t like it. Because of it, fans are eagerly waiting for a Naruto Reboot for so long to see the old Anime back in action. But will it ever happen?

Naruto Anime 20th Anniversary Celebrations

Naruto Anime’s 2oth Anniversary was celebrated on 3rd October 2022 in Japan. On the occasion of the Anime completing its 20th year an official Naruto website has been released and also a video has been released having Naruto’s biggest moments with a new animation. This Reanimated clips made every Naruto fan have the thought of a Reboot to the Naruto Anime and it is the perfect time for Naruto to get a reboot.

Because Naruto reached great heights through his storyline. But some of the character’s backstories and some places like Katsuyu sage zone Shikkotsu forest are still unexplored and new people are introduced to the Naruto Anime. So it will be perfect to get a Reboot to Naruto and it will become a great hit on the internet. Maybe even greater than old Naruto Anime because the new Animation of the clips gave Naruto the modern Anime look and feel to people and with the new animation Naruto Anime can give tough competition to the present ongoing Anime.

Why do we need a Reboot for Naruto?

Naruto Reboot in 2022

All Naruto anime fans are asking for a reboot because most of the Naruto fans didn’t like Boruto anime. And they all want to see old Naruto back in action. Also, most of the Naruto Shippuden story was didn’t complete and they are so many characters in Naruto they are not explored like we didn’t get to see actually what happened to Naruto after the 4th Great Ninja war, we didn’t get to see how he unlocked new abilities, Sasuke’s journey and a lot of other important stuff. And characters like Danzo and Hiruzen’s back stories are not completely explained. So all Naruto fans wanted a reboot and want to resume the story of Naruto.

Masashi Kishimoto hints at Naruto Reboot

Naruto Reboot in 2022
Image Source:- NarutoOffical.com

As part of the 20th Anniversary celebrations of Masashi Kishimoto the writer behind one of the greatest Anime of all time Naruto. He shared a message on the occasion of Naruto’s 20th Anniversary in it. He mentioned that a ton of projects are planned for Naruto fans. And this could be the long-awaited wish of all naruto fans a Reboot of Naruto. We didn’t have the official confirmation of it. But Kishmoto’s message adds a lot of weight to the Naruto Reboot. So will Naruto get a reboot?

Will Naruto get a Reboot in 2023?

Naruto Reboot in 2022

So there are a lot of things happening with Naruto’s reboot. One of the big news in 2022 about the Naruto Reboot is that Mr.Beast seemed like he funding Naruto’s reboot 2022. But there is not even an idea of a Naruto Reboot to the creators so how can he fund it?

But the cost of making one of the new Naruto re-animated episodes was 95k dollars did anyone know that it cost that much to make a single animated episode I don’t know until Mr. Beast got replied.

If you know about the cost of the episodes before the tweet or reading this article then let us know in the comments. So if we get back to the original topic.

No, I don’t think so Naruto gets a reboot in 2023 because the last year 2022 Naruto writers gave us hopes for the Naruto reboot but nothing happened. They made us wait for the 17th December announcement but we didn’t get any reboot but some trash poll of characters.

But we already predicted those announcements so some of the fans who read the article are not too disappointed because they already know what’s coming on 17th December. But what if at all there is something happened and there was a Naruto reboot what would be like? Let’s get into that too

What could Naruto Reboot be Like?

Naruto Reboot in 2022
Image Source:-Wikipedia

So what Naruto Reboot be like? Because if the Naruto Reboot gonna happen then how it would be like? Well, there are 2 possibilities for Naruto Reboot. All the Naruto Anime can be remade without any filters in the Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, and launching as a clean and updated version of old Naruto.

Just like Dragonball Z Kai, Dragon ball Z Kai is a remake of Dragonball Z it is a filler-free and reanimated version of Dargon Ball Z. And Dragonball is always a never-ending story, and the Fandom always added new followers to it and Dragonball Z Kai performed pretty well and it also made fans watch Dragonball super.

So if the Naruto reboot happens then it adds great fuel to all the Naruto fans to watch Boruto Anime. Or it can be Completely Rebooted like the old Naruto episodes didn’t explore many character’s backstories and also Naruto training after 4th Ninja war. So it can explain all of them and possibly like a continuation of Naruto anime.

What can we expect from the Naruto Anime Reboot?

Naruto Reboot in 2022
Image source:- Youtube

If Naruto Reboot happens what can we expect from the Reboot? We may see so many Unexplained, Unseen, and other very important stuff some of them are

6. Fights we are never able to see like Minato vs 1000 stone shinobi, Might Duy vs 7 Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist…..

5. Naruto and Hinata’s Relationship after their Marriage.

4. Naruto Training after the 4th Great Ninja war.

3. Sasuke’s Journey after the 4th Great Ninja war.

2. Backstories of characters like Danzo, Hiruzen…

1. Naruto & Kurama Teamwork after 4th great Ninja war.


The Naruto Reboot is probably not gonna happen because even in 2022 there was a huge wave of Naruto reboot news but nothing happened instead they launched some polls and other things all Naruto fans are very upset after that. But some fans are not too disappointed because we predicted the announcement and made an article some of the fans read it. So they already know what to expect.

The only way for the Naruto reboot to make possible a miracle should happen that makes Naruto creators and Anime Studio somehow change their thoughts about the Naruto reboot. So what do you think will Naruto Reboot ever happen? Let us know in the comments.

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