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MCU Phase 5 & 6 Announcement in Comic-Con event 2022

Marvel launched the upcoming movies and web series of MCU phase 5 and 6 in the comic-con 2022. And there are also some special announcements by Kevin Feige. So without any delay let’s Dive into it.

Marvel Phase 5:-

MCU Phase 5 & 6 Announcement

At the Comic-con 2022, Kevin Feige announced the upcoming Phase 5 MCU Movies and Web series. Kevin Feige announced Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will be the last movie in Phase 4 of MCU. And the Ant-man & the Wasp Quantumania movie will be the start of Phase 5 of MCU. Kevin Feige announced MCU phase 5 movie release dates. And Web series that gonna launch on Disneey+Hotstar. So without any delay let’s see the list.

Ant-man & the Wasp Quantumania( Movie ):-February 17, 2023

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 ( Movie ):- May 5, 2023

Blade ( Movie ):-November 3, 2023

Captain America New World Order ( Movie ):- May 3, 2024

Thunderbolts ( Movie ):-July 28, 2024

Lok season 2 ( Series ):- Summer 2023

Secret Invasion ( Series ):- Spring 2023

Echo ( Series ):- Summer 2023

The Marvels ( Movie ):- July 28, 2023

Iron heart ( Series ):- End of 2023

Daredevil Born Again ( Series ):- Spring 2024

Agatha Coven of Chaos ( Series ):- Winter 2023/24

Guardians of the Galaxy 3:-

MCU Phase 5 & 6 Announcement

The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 Movie gonna launch in theaters on May 5, 2023. And this movie trailer was launched in the Comicon 2022 by Kevin Feige. But the trailer didn’t release online. So many Marvel fans are disappointed in this. The main reason for not releasing the trailer online. Because the VFX work of the trailer is not finished. So we didn’t get to see the trailer. But the trailer gonna launch soon. And the fans who saw the trailer at the Comic-con said that the trailer is so emotional. And even Chris Patt becomes so emotional. Because the guardians of galaxy vol 3 movie gonna be the last movie. So the movie cast became emotional on the stage.

Daredevil Born Again:-

MCU Phase 5 & 6 Announcement

The Daredevil series is one of the favorite series for most Marvel fans. And after seeing the cameo of Daredevil in the spiderman no way home. All Marvel fans wanted another daredevil series and marvel heard fans. And marvel gonna launch a daredevil series on Disney+ Hotstar in 2024. In the comic-con 2022 Kevin Feige announced that the Daredevil series gonna have 18 episodes in a season. In Disney+ Hotstar no other series has this many episodes in a season. And as usually Charlie cox gonna act as the Daredevil and the kingpin character is played by Vincent. This series gonna be just incredible and there is no doubt about it. comment down below who are waiting for this series.

What if Season 2:-

MCU Phase 5 & 6 Announcement

What if season 2 is one of the series that fans are awaited for a very long time. So marvel finally released the date. When the what-if series gonna enter into Disney+Hotstar. What if season 2 is gonna arrive at Disney+hotstar in early 2023. Marvel also released some of the episode titles at the comic-con. The titles are A Hela story, Odin vs the Mandarin, Captain carter meeting winter soldier, Tony on Sakaar with Valkyrie and Hulk. These are the titles of some episodes of What if season 2. And we never knew the story of hela. So maybe Marvel can explain the story of Hela in the What if 2 series.

Ant-man & the Wasp Quantumania:-

MCU Phase 5 & 6 Announcement

The Black Panther: Wakanda forever movie gonna end Phase 4 of MCU. And Ant-man & the Wasp Quantumania will be the starting of the MCU Phase 5. This movie gonna appear in theaters on February 17, 2023. And the official poster of the movie was released at the Comic-Con 2022. And in the poster, we can notice that with Ant-man and wasp. There is also Scotland’s daughter Cassie Lang.

So we can assume that she will also appear as a superhero in the movie. In the poster, she is wearing a purple color suit. And with Kang the conqueror character. Modok’s character is also gonna be in the movie. Modok’s character is gonna be the villain in the movie along with Kang’s character. This movie is mostly gonna take place in the Quantum realm.

X-men 97:-

MCU Phase 5 & 6 Announcement

X-Men 97 is gonna be an animated series. This series is gonna launch on Disney+ Hotstar at the end of 2023. With this series, The X-Men gonna return to MCU. Some of the character’s looks are shown in the Comicon 2022. The look of the characters is the same as in the old animation series. And they are some new characters added to the team of X-Men.

And Marvel gonna introduce these new characters in this X-Men 97 series like Bishop and Cable. But the main interesting part of the series is that Magneto gonna be the leader of the X-Men team. Which is different from the original X-Men Team. Because the leader of the X-Men is Charles Xavier in the original X-Men Team. So we can assume that this series is gonna take place in another universe. Where Magneto is the leader of the X-men.

Spiderman Freshman Year:-

The next animated series from Marvel is Spiderman’s Freshman Year. This series is gonna launch on Disney+ Hotstar in 2024. The origin of the MCU Spiderman Tom Holland. Is still a mystery for all the MCU fans. And there are so many theories about the origin of the MCU Spiderman. But we don’t know the exact origin of MCU Spiderman.

So Marvel is finally gonna explain the origin of the Tom Holland Spiderman in this series. And almost every character in this series is revealed in the Comicon 2022 event by Kevin Feige. We can see Peter’s early spiderman suit in the above image. And the villain in the series is mostly gonna be Norman Osborn. Doctor Strange and Daredevil characters are also gonna appear in this series.

Marvel released some of the scene pics in the series at the Comicon 2022. In one of them, Spiderman A.K.A Peter Parker meets Norman Osborn in his apartment. This scene was taken from Captain America: Civil war. When Tony first time meets Peter and his Aunt in Peter’s apartment.


MCU Phase 5 & 6 Announcement

The Thunderbolts movie gonna appear in theaters on 2024 July 26. And this movie gonna end MCU phase 5. There wasn’t much information provided by Kevin Feige about the Thunderbolts movie or team in the comic-con 2022. But the characters in this movie are mostly goona be Yelena Belova, Ghost, Abomination, a U.S agent, and a winter soldier. These characters mostly gonna be in the Thunderbolts team. And it is expected that there gonna be characters in the movie that we haven’t seen in MCU.

Marvel Phase 6:-

MCU Phase 5 & 6 Announcement

After revealing MCU phase 5 Kevin Feige gave a big surprise to all the fans. By revealing that 2 Avengers movies gonna launch in phase 6 and that too in the same year. Phase 6 is gonna start with the Fantastic 4 movie. But the main thing that blew fans’ minds is the 2 Avengers movies. One is Avengers: The Kang dynasty. Which is gonna be released on May 2, 2025, and another Avengers movie is Avengers: Secret wars which is gonna released on 7th November 2025. In Avengers: Kang dynasty movie. We gonna see the full Kang origin and how he gains control over the multiverse and the full history of Kang.

And in the Kang dynasty, we can also see the ancient Egyptian culture and gods. Because in the comics Kang time-travels and goes to ancient Egypt and become the ruler of Egypt. In this movie, fantastic four are also gonna appear for stopping Kang. And the Avengers: Secret wars this movie gonna be just incredible because in the Avengers: Secret Wars movie we can see a war between the MCU universe and the other universe and we may also see Variants of different charters who are already dead in the MCU. Like Iron man, Natasha, and other main characters in the MCU.

The 2 avengers movie in phase 6 is Gonna break the internet. And Kevin Feige only revealed the first and last movie in phase 6. He didn’t reveal any web series or other movies in phase 6. And Kevin Feige announced that with phases 4,5,6 the 2nd multiverse saga gonna be completed. Comment down below for the movie or web series you are most awaited for.

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