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The Naruto series is one of a kind. And every character in the Anime is unique. And We really don’t need to talk about the jutsu they use. Every jutsu they use is very powerful and has a unique style when compared with other anime.

But they are some most powerful jutsu. That totally changed Naruto anime characters. One of them is Rasengan. We all know how popular is Rasengan and its destructive power.

And you may also know. Who will be the top 1. But we highly doubt that you can’t figure out the other shinobi on the list. Don’t believe us then check out the list now.

And if there are any new Naruto watchers. Let’s look a little into the jutsu.

What is Rasengan?

Rasengan is an A rank jutsu and this jutsu is a Ball of chakra. That spins at a very high speed and generates enough power to destroy everything on its way. It has an incredible amount of power and only a few people can use this jutsu in Naruto and Boruto anime. This jutsu is created by the Fourth Hokage ( Minato ) But.

This was an incomplete jutsu because Minato couldn’t add chakra nature to it. But the incomplete jutsu was completed through one of our favorite characters Naruto. And they were added several upgrades and abilities to Rasengan by other shinobi in our list. So don’t skip any shinobi in our list.

8. Kakashi Hatake:-

The first on our list is the copy ninja. Kakashi can use the Rasengan but he wasn’t a master in it. Kakashi never learned how to create Rasengan he copied the Rasengan like other Jutsu. We know that he knows a 1000 jutsu. And Rasengan is one of them. He used the Rasengan mostly for training Naruto and Boruto.

In Training Naruto In adding a chakra nature to Rasengan. And In Boruto: Next Generations he used Rasengan to train Boruto to upgraders his Rasengan. And that doesn’t mean he is a very weak user of Rasengan. Because he trained Naruto and Boruto in improving their Rasengan and creating their unique style of Rasengan.

And the Rasengan he created while training naruto is not weak. It is at the same level as the normal Rasengan. He wasn’t a master in Rasengan because he is not interested in it and he was more interested in his creation Chidori. another main reason is that he couldn’t complete the Rasengan( adding chakra nature to Rasengan ).

7. Kashin koji:-

In Boruto’s next generations. We can see the legendary Sanin again. But sadly not what we have expected. We can see only the clone of Jiraiya that Amado created and he is not like Jiraiya. Jiraiya’s character is different.

Kashin Koji is not at all like our favorite pervert sage. But he has the same ability and techniques same as Jiraiya like toad summoning and using Rasengan in the battle with Konohamaru But we haven’t shown much about him or his powers.

We only know that he also can use the Rasengan. And that’s why he is in 7th place. If we know his full powers and his full ability to use Rasengan. He may be at the top of our list. But until done we can keep him in 7th place.

We also hope that Kashin’s koji character changes like Jiraiya and he helps naruto in his hard times because naruto doesn’t have anyone on his side. Even Kurama is dead. He was so lonely in the anime now.

6. Asura:-

Next on our list. We have the son of the Hagoromo Otsutsuki ( Sage of Six Paths ). And also the creator of Amenomihashira. This jutsu raised a quite strong debate in the Naruto anime. Because the Amenomihashira is several orbs of chakra that he uses as a projectile.

And the Rasengan is a single orb of chakra created using wind release. So there is a huge debate on it. Whether or not this technique of Asura is a Rasengan with a different name or a completely different jutsu.

Regardlessly the technique is very similar to the Rasengan. Because the appearance and the animation style of Amenomihashira are just the same as the Rasengan and. The normal Rasengan and Amenomihashira show the same destruction output.

And the creation of Rasengan of Minato may be a discovery of the old jutsu. Which is disappeared in time. But there is no doubt that the Asura and Minato. Both are undoubtedly Genius.

5. Minato:-

Finally, we have our yellow flash of the leaf and he is the creator of the Rasengan too. He created Rasengan from the inspiration of the tailed beast bomb and it took 3 years for Minato to create it but it is worth the time and we all know Rasengan is the strongest jutsu in the Naruto and the Boruto anime

He is not at the top of our list. Because he didn’t add any other abilities to the Rasengan. He used the normal Rasengan. which is very powerful. But he is not the master in the Rasengan because the main purpose of the creation of Rasengan is to. Add chakra nature to it but Minato failed to achieve it.

and also when we compare to other top shinobi in our least. They added more abilities and upgrades to Rasengan than Minato. And other Rasengan are much more powerful than the normal Rasengans and other Rasengan destruction is also very huge when compared to normal Rasengan ex:-Rashenshuriken

4. Konohamaru:-

Next, we have our true student of Naruto. Konohamaru is not that strong in Naruto Shippuden but Boruto: Next generations his skills are at a whole new level. He also added some unique abilities to his Rasengan and he can also do the big Ball Rasengan. which only Naruto and Jiraya can do and there is no doubt that he is the disciple of Naruto.

3. Jiraya:-

We finally got to the pervy sage place on our list. One of the legendary Sanin and The Mentor of the Fourth and Seventh Hokage. Comment down below who is waiting for him on our list. He is one of the strongest Rasengan users of all time. Even though he is not the creator of Rasengan.

But he is the first one to add abilities and upgrades to Rasengan like Big Ball Rasengan. And He is also the first one to add sage art to Rasengan. Even though the jutsu his created by his student ( Minato ) the one who mastered it is Jiraiya. He is one of the great shinobi In Naruto and Boruto Anime.

2. Boruto:-

The Second on our list is the son of Naruto Uzumaki. He is one of the most hated characters in Boruto because of his attitude towards Naruto. But he is no less than his father. Because even though he is young he learned the Rasengan and added a variety of upgrades to it.

He even created his style of Rasengan himself and he even created the Mini alternate version of Rasenshuriken. Yes, Kakashi helped him. But most of it was figured out by Boruto and he even added a new change in chakra nature too.

Like the vanishing Rasengan. It is the combination of lighting and wind natures and the Compression Rasengan. So he is pretty smarter and even Kakashi acknowledged that he has the intelligence of Minato ( Fourth Hokage ) and the unpredictability of Naruto.

So we think he is worthy to be the top 2 on our list. Comment down your thoughts about this in the comments section below.

1. Naruto:-

We all know that the first place goes to none other than our favorite character of all time Naruto. He is undoubtedly the True master of the Rasengan he is the person to complete the Rasengan ( Adding a chakra nature to the Rasengan ).

He used a variety of Rasengan and he even added numerous upgrades to the Rasengan. Like the Tailed beast Rasengan, The giant ball Rasengan, The Rasengan barrage, Sage jutsu Rasengan, Rashenshuriken, and so on… It will make a big list.

And he is the first one to add Kekkai Genkai to the Rasengan( Magnet Style Rasengan, Lava release Rasenshuriken ). We all agree that he is the true master of the Rasengan and he was undoubtedly the strongest Rasengan user of all time.

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