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The Itachi vs Naruto fight is one of the most anticipated fights in the Naruto Series and the Itachi vs Naruto Who Would Win? question is still around fans for a long time. Even though we are able to see a small fight between Itachi and Naruto in the 4th Great Ninja War, we couldn’t see the real deadly fight between Itachi vs Naruto.

Before even Itachi used his greatest Jutsu, Itachi was able to break Reanimation jutsu and freed from Kabuto’s control. So we couldn’t see much of a fight between Naruto vs Itachi. But still, fans are eager to know who would win in a fight. So let’s find it out today by comparing both of the Iconic characters in the Naruto Anime and let’s pick a winner from the Itachi vs Naruto fight. So without any delay let us dive into it.

Itachi Strengths and Jutsu

Itachi vs Naruto Who Would Win
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Itachi is one of the few Mangekyo Sharingan users and also one of the most formidable Uchiha ever in the Narutoverse. Itachi became the God of Genjutsu after receiving Shisui Eye, he can easily use Infinite Tsukuyomi on an individual without much effort. But can he defeat the main Protagonist of the Series? Before we get to the comparison let’s give a quick look at Strongest Itachi Jutsu and abilities.


1st on the list we have the signature Jutsu of Itachi the Amaterasu or also known as Eternal Flames, the flames which won’t stop until it totally destroys even the ashes of the thing it is used on. It is one of the Major and deadliest Jutsu in Itachi Arsenal using the Amaterasu Itachi can defeat most of the Shinobi in the Narutoverse without any fight.


Itachi is the God of Genjutsu in the Narutoverse there is no one much to his Genjutsu powers even to the likes of Madara Uchiha. Itachi can use some of the strongest Genjutsu in Naruto anime like Izanami, and Infinite Tsukuyomi. We are considering all Itachi Genjutus abilities in this category if not, there would be a big list for the Genjtustu abilities on the Genjutsu God. So we are combining everything in one category Just like we did in the Naruto vs Obito Fight.


Susanoo is the ultimate defense in Naruto anime except for the Six Paths Naruto techniques, no other jutsu or techniques can beat Susanoo. In addition to the Susanoo, Itachi has additional weaponry with Susanoo which are the Totsuka Blade and Yata Mirror which makes Itachi Susanoo nearly invincible to most of the Shinobi.

Using the Yata Mirror Itachi can deflect any attacks, even attacks like Naruto Tailed Beast Bomb, and with the Totsuka Balde Itachi can seal anyone in his Susanoo Gourd forever just like he did with Orochimaru. Even without the Six Paths, Chakra Itachi Susanoo is considered as one of the strongest Susanoo in Narutoverse.

Taijutsu Skill

Itachi has mastery in Taijutsu, Even as a kid, Itachi was able to dodge Anbu attacks without much effort, and combining his Taijutsu skills with his Sharingan makes him invincible in a Taijutsu Fight. Although we couldn’t see much of the Taijutsu abilities of Itachi in Naruto Anime, His Shuriken Jutsu is enough to consider him as a Pro Taijutsu user. Even Orochimaru has been impressed with Itachi Taijutsu’s abilities.


Itachi is one of the very few Genius in the Naruto Series he joined Anbu at age 11, and he became captain of the Anbu Team when he is 12 only a year after becoming an Anbu Member, Also he is the 2nd youngest shinobi to pass the Academy in the whole Naruto anime.

Itachi is so intelligent that he can predict the future and able to get ready for it. We have seen Itachi planting an Amatersu jutsu in Sasuke which uses Amatersu whenever a Sharingan is seen by Sasuke and he also predicted Sasuke’s revenge on Hidden Leaf Vilalge.

So he planned a strategy and stored the Shisui eye in Naruto’s Stomach, and timed Shisui Eyes in such a way that it is used on Sasuke if Sasuke became a threat to Leaf Village. There is no denying the fact that Itachi is truly a Genius in the Narutoverse. But who would win in a fight with Itachi vs Naruto Who Would Win?

Naruto Strengths and Jutsu

Itachi vs Naruto Who Would Win

In the Itachi vs Naruto fight we are gonna consider the Sage of Six Paths Naruto because Itachi is in his top abilities. So Naruto should also have the strongest power which is Six Paths Mode. So let’s also give a quick look at Six Paths Naruto’s major abilities and Jutsu


Senjutsu is a technique similar to sage mode but Senjutsu is a combination of Nature Chakra and user chakra making it much stronger than Sage Mode. Just like in Sage Mode in Senjutsu the physical and user chakra is heightened. But Senjutsu is several times stronger than Sage Mode. Also using Senjutsu users can enhance their Jutsu they use like Naruto enhancing his Rashenshuriken in 4th Great Ninja War.

Truth Seeking Orbs

After receiving the Sage of Six Paths Chakra, Naruto has the access to the Truth Seeking Orbs. These Orbs are used in both offense and defense in Naruto Anime, The Truth-Seeking Orbs are very versatile and can be made into any shape like Shields or weapons. And the Orbs are also composed of the 5 Basic Nature Transformations and Yin-Yang Release.

They are also capable of Nullifying any Ninjutsu attack. We have seen Madara using the Truth Seeking Orbs to defend against Might Guy Attacks in the 4th Great Ninja War and Naruto used it against Sasuke Susanoo Arrow in the final fight with Sasuke.

Tail Beast Chakra

Naruto has all the Tailed Beast Chakra and after receiving the Six Paths Charka, He was able to easily use the Tailed Beast Chakra without much effort. We can see Naruto using the Lava Release Rashenshuriken, and Magnet Style Rasengan in the Ten-Tails Madara Fight. Naruto can easily switch between different Tailed Beast Chakra and can use every Tailed Beast Chakra in a Fight which makes him invincible in any fight.

Taijutsu Skills

Naruto’s Taijutsu Techniques in the Naruto anime became impressive thanks to his intensive training with Rock Lee. Training with Rock Lee made Naruto achieve new feats in Taijutsu and because of it now Naruto’s Taijutsu skills are nearly equal to Rock Lee’s Taijutsu Techniques.

Furthermore, upon accessing the 9-Tails Chakra Mode, Naruto’s Taijutsu abilities had significant improvements, with his movement speed amplified to new heights. In fact, he was so fast that not even the 4th Raikage, the 2nd Fastest Shinobi in the Naruto Anime couldn’t beat Naruto in speed. His access to the 9-Tails Chakra undoubtedly heightened his speed and Taijutsu movements in the Naruto series.


Naruto might appear to be a silly and foolish character, but in reality, he possesses exceptional problem-solving skills. He has the ability to analyze and solve problems quickly and efficiently, sometimes he solves the issue without even realizing it. Like how Naruto solved major issues during the 4th Great Ninja War, Naruto figured out how to share Kurama’s chakra with everyone, and he even managed to identify 10-Tails Obito’s weaknesses.

As the son of Minato, who was a legendary Genius of the Hidden Leaf, There is no surprise that Naruto inherited his Father’s intelligence and problem-solving abilities. Naruto may appear Dumb but in fact, he is an intelligent Ninja who can think on his feet and solve complex problems with ease. Now in an Itachi vs Naruto Who Would Win?

Itachi vs Naruto: The Showdown

Naruto vs Itachi

In an Itachi vs Naruto fight, Naruto wins the fight by a huge margin because of his extreme Raw Power. Only with a Rashenshuriken without Kurama’s help Naruto was able to take out Pain in Naruto Anime and his other jutsu like Sage Mode and Kurama Mode didn’t even included. Only the base Naruto without the Kurama’s help has extreme Raw power.

Itachi’s greatest Jutsu of all time is his Genjutsu, Susanoo, and the Amaterasu. We have already seen Naruto dodging the Sasuke Amaterasu using Kurama Chakra and he can destroy the Susanoo with the Jutsu like Rashenshuriken, Surely one hit of the Rashenshuriken wouldn’t be enough to take down Itachi’s mighty Susanoo.

Naruto vs Itachi

But Naruto can do a Big Ball Rasengan Barrage and with a Rashenshurikenn attack with the help of his Shadow Clones would make the work done. And for the Genjutsu he had Kurama ( 9-Tails ) whenever Naruto was trapped under Itachi Genjutsu, Kurama can get Naruto out of it by passing Chakra to him. Just like 8 Tails did for Killer-B in Sasuke vs Killer-B fight.

Also, the Izanami technique wouldn’t work on Naruto because the Izanami technique is used on people who are living a false life like Kabuto or the people who forgot who they are. But Naruto didn’t have to bother about it he lives for others than himself. So Izanami wouldn’t work on him. Even if Itachi used his intelligence and tuned the Izanami to work on Naruto he would still get out of it with the help of Kurama.

Naruto vs Itachi

But if Naruto didn’t have Kurama’s help then he would never win against Itachi, simply because Naruto couldn’t get out of Genjutsu on his own and we are talking about Itachi Genjutsu, most of the skilled Shinobi like Kakashi with a sharingan couldn’t get out of it. So Naruto doesn’t have a chance against Itachi without Kurama’s help.

So if there is no Kurama help Naruto would be done in a Naruto vs Itachi fight. Itachi just uses a Tsukyomi technique several times on Naruto and Itachi wins over Naruto without even much fight, If Naruto doesn’t have Kuaram’s help.


Let’s sum up everything we know so far on Itachi vs Naruto Who Would Win? In a Naruto vs Itachi fight. Naruto Wins the fight easily against Itachi, because of Naruto’s incredibly raw power. Even though Itachi is a genius and a Genjutsu God, it wouldn’t be enough to defeat Naruto’s raw power.

But if Naruto didn’t have Kurama’s help then Naruto loses easily against Itachi because it is nearly impossible for any shinobi to get out of Itachi Genjutsu, even Kakashi couldn’t get out of it. So Naruto doesn’t have a chance against Itachi’s Genjutsu without Kuarma’s help and so Itachi would easily take the win against Naruto.

So if Naruto has Kurama then Naruto wins the Match, if not then Itachi takes the win. Let us know your thoughts on the Fight between Itachi vs Naruto in the comment section we would love to hear them.

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