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Our most awaited MCU movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has finally been released. Michael Waldron wrote the story for this Movie and Sam Raimi directed this movie. Both did a wonderful job in making this film. and the VFX used in the movies is simply awesome and the powers of Wanda & Strange are next level.

If there is anyone who wasn’t watched Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ( Doctor Strange 2 ) go and watch it now. Huge spoiler alert for those who didn’t see the movie and also the wandavision series.

This post contains so many spoilers of the Doctor Strange 2 & WandaVision series. And if we get into that main topic. At the end of the movie. One of our favorite characters Wand is dead. But do you think one of the most powerful people in MCU will die that easily? Let’s look into the answer to it. And we also included the writer’s opinion about the death of Wanda. So let’s dive into it.

Huge Spoiler Alert for those who didn’t see the Movie & WandaVision Series

What is the Reason for Wanda becoming Evil?

After the death of the vision in the Avengers: End Game. Wanda becomes so lonely and becomes depressed. Because of her love for vision, She unlocks her new magic powers and becomes Scarlet witch, and then she brings vision back to life by changing the reality with her powers. She also finds a town called Westview and takes the entire town hostage.

And wants to live a happy life with Vision in that town. In this process, she also creates two kids. but after she realizes she’s doing wrong and relieves all the people in Westview. Because of that. Vision and her kids are also disappeared from that town.

After the events in Westview. Wanda loves so much her kids. So she wants to get her children back. then she uses Dark magic with the help of Dark hold and because of it. She turns into the powerful Scarlet Witch. Because of the Dark Hold book and love towards her family and kids. She turns to evil

How did Wanda Die in the Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness?

After the events in the Wanda Vision. She learns the spells in the Dark hold and finds out about the Multiverse and knows that. The children she created are Real in other realities. And after finding it. She decides to go to another reality. In which she can Happily live with her kids. So we don’t want to give huge spoilers. This is the plot of the movie.

At the end of the movie after having a huge fight with Doctor strange. And becoming villain for their kids in another reality. She realizes the mistake she did and destroys all the Dark hold book in other realities.

So the other reality Wanda doesn’t get trapped in the Dark Hold magic and crashes the Mount Wundagore containing the spells of Dark hold on her. And we couldn’t see other scenes of Wanda in the movie after that. And many fans think she is dead. But did Wanda dead?

Is Wanda dead in the Multiverse of Madness?

The simple answer for that is no. Wanda is not dead. Because if you observe closely when Wanda crashes the Mount Wundagore. We can see Chaos light ( Red light ) coming from it. And that is a clear sign to say Wanda is not dead. And she is one of the most powerful characters in MCU now and she is also the Strongest Avenger. So we don’t think the death of the powerful character will be that easy.

And there were also rumors that Elizabeth Olsen. Who played the Wanda role in the movie. Has signed a long-time contract with Marvel. Marvel Studios already announced that a New Web Series is gonna launch. Which is Agatha: House of Harkness. And this series is all related to Wanda and based on the events that occurred in the Wandavision series.

Surely, Wanda gonna appear in that series. Because Agatha wants to take revenge on her. so the series is mostly focused on this plot. and there is no solo movie for Wanda in fact being so powerful. So we expect that there is gonna be a solo movie for Wanda and even the writer of Doctor Strange 2. Gave a hint about it in a recent interview.

Writer opinion on the Death of Wanda:-

Micheal Waldron wrote the story for this movie and Sam Raimi directed this Movie. In a recent interview with Variety. The writer of the movie Micheal Waldron. Said the answer to this question on whether Wanda is dead or not. He said that the light or smoke that appeared after Wanda crashed Mount Wundagore on herself is a scene to explain the sacrifice.

She did to destroy all the Dark hold books of other realities. So other realities of Wanda don’t get trapped by the Dark Hold. And he said that whether she is dead or alive it should be seen. And he said that this movie is a clear representation of the pain.

She felt for her kids and Vision in the Wandavision series. And he said this movie is the continuation of the Wandavision series. So by his words, we can assume she is not dead. Because he didn’t confirm whether she was dead or not. And we don’t think Marvel will lose such a powerful character that easily.

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