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Is There Any Way To Kurama Return

The death of Kurama is a hearth-break situation to all the Naruto fans. naruto’s lifelong partner and our favorte nine tails death is really a devastating situation for all of us. And now the major question is There Any Way To Kurama Return? So let’s find out about it and if your new watcher of naruto and you know the death of Kurama but you don’t know how It happened . don’t worry we included how Kurama’s death has actually happened in the post.

How did the Kurama death happen?

In the fight with the Isshiki Otsutsuki, naruto uses baryon mode. Which is the only jutsu that can defeat Isshiki Otsutsuki but Kurama says there is a condition for it that Is naruto dies if he uses the baryon mode. naruto wants to save his loved ones, leaf village, and the whole shinobi world. so he accepts the condition for the death but after defeating Isshiki Otsutsuki naruto goes into his subconscious mind where he usually meets Kurama and he is ready for his death but then Kurama reveals the actual truth that is the cost of the baryon mode is not naruto’s life but it is Kurama’s life. naruto shocks after knowing the truth. Naruto asks Kurama to not go but there is no other choice and then

Kurama leaves the last bit of his chakra to Naruto so he can survive because if a tailed beast is extracted the Jinchurki dies but Kurama gives enough amount of life energy to naruto so he survives. we have actually seen this in the fourth great ninja war when all tailed beasts are extracted from Obito everyone thought that Obito gonna die but Kurama explains the situation that is Obito still has a Gedo statue in him the Gedo statue has a lot of life energy in it.

Is there any way to Kurama return?

Sadly, there is no way that Kurama gonna return because Kurama told naruto that instead of using naruto’s life energy Kurama uses his life energy to fuel the baryon mode and the series is also not naruto based it is the next generations of naruto and all the trust is entrusted to the next generations of Boruto. so if Kurama returns Then the series gonna have no meaning to it and there is also another confirmation that Kurama doesn’t return that is Sasuke also lost his Rinnegan. The two strongest shinobi have lost their greatest powers of all time.

If they didn’t lose their powers they will be the strongest shinobi and there will be no scope to elevate the next generations or to show the powers of the next generations of naruto but we really hope that our predictions are wrong and we all hope that Kurama gonna return. It’s all left in the hands of Masashi Kishimoto the writer of Boruto: next generations and do you think now Naruto is weak then you are wrong if you want to know why Then check this post and don’t forget to post your thoughts and opinions about Kurama return in the comments below.

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