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Is Naruto captured in Infinite Tsukuyomi? What will be the Naruto Announcement on 17 December?

Well, the official announcement is here. As we all figured out the hints of Masashi Kishimoto’s message on Naruto anime 20th Anime celebrations. There was something official announcement on 17th December from Naruto. Will it be the Naruto anime reboot or something else? And if it is a Naruto anime reboot then is Naruto captured in Infinite Tsukuyomi by Madara and is Boruto was a dream of Naruto and many more questions were in the minds of Naruto fans. let’s clear most of those Questions. So without any delay let us dive into it.

Official update on the new Naruto announcement

naruto reboot 2022

On October 27 Naruto’s official Twitter page shared the above post that simply says 17 December 2022 #Naruto. It is a representation of the Naruto panel at the upcoming Jump Festa 2022 in Japan on Saturday. Right after the release of this post from the Naruto official Twitter page, Twitter was flooded by the same Naruto post from multiple accounts.

The post was reshared by popular Anime Twitter pages and seeing the Naruto post fans made different possible theories about the announcements on Naruto Anime at the Jump Festa 2022. Adding more fuel to the fan’s excitement Yuko Sanpei one of the voice actors of Boruto Anime stated. ” What kind of Naruto and Boruto information gonna pop up this year? I’ll be waiting anxiously along with you all, let’s enjoy it to the fullest “.

As we all know how awaited are Naruto fans for a Naruto Reboot after all these updates on Naruto Anime? The whole internet is flooded with Naruto Anime news and there is no stopping to the excitement for Naruto fans. So what do you think, What announcement gonna be on Naruto 17 December at Jump Festa? let us know in the comments.

What is Jump Festa 2022?

naruto reboot 2022
Image Credit:- Anime Galaxy

Jump Festa is an annual event that is celebrated at the end of the year. It is one of the most awaited events for Anime fans because new Anime announcements and updates on ongoing Anime are announced at Jump Festa every year. It is considered as one of the biggest events in the Anime industry that takes place on a global scale. The Jump Festa also has Q&As, Anime Merchandise drop, Fan meets, Anime voice actors meet, and many more. So we have to wait and see for what Naruto’s 17 December anime announcement gonna be made at this Jump Festa.

Possible Naruto announcements on 17 December?

Well, there are a whole bunch of theories circulating on the Internet about Naruto 17 December announcements. But we filtred them and chose the 5 most probably announcements at the Jump Festa and these 5 theories have the most popular and high fan requests. So this are most probably gonna be the announcements for Naruto 17 December

Naruto Reboot 2022

naruto reboot 2022
Image Credit:- Reddit

As everyone assumed the first theory in our list is Naruto Reboot 2022. The most requested theory to happen by all the fans. If Naruto Anime is announced and the reason for the anime reboot is that Naruto is captured in Infinite Tsuykyomi and Boruto was a dream. Then this will gonna be the biggest plot twist in the whole Anime history. Other Anime plots wouldn’t even come close to Naruto’s anime plot. If Naruto was in Infinite Tsukuyomi and Boruto was a dream of Naruto. Naruto fans will be filled with excitement for seeing again the old Naruto back.

But sadly the Naruto Reboot 2022 probably won’t happen because of Infinite Tsukuyomi. The main reason for this is Boruto anime already established and some people like Boruto anime too. Even Boruto manga was recently on the #1 trending list on Twitter. They introduced new major characters like Otsutsuki god in manga and there wasn’t any stop to Boruto manga too. And there are some sad deaths like Kurama and legendary Baryon mode would all be meaningless. If Naruto Reboot 2022 happens because of Naruto captured in Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Even though fans love it there will be an equal amount of hate for the new Naruto Reboot 2022 anime because of the meaning less death happened in Bortuo anime. And also there was a lot of production cost to the studio and the manga writers are also working on the new chapters of the Boruto. If Boruto anime is canceled the work they did will be wasted. So Naruto Reboot 2022 probably not gonna happen but if it happens then the whole internet will be shaken by the Naruto anime plot. let’s Hope the Naruto Reboot 2022 will happen in some other way except for Infinite Tsukuyomi like bringing back Naruto and also continuing Boruto Anime.

Naruto Remake

naruto reboot 2022

Next on our list is Naruto Remake this is one of the theories that had a high chance to get announced at the Jump Festa 2022. Naruto Remake is 2nd most requested by the fans after the Naruto reboot. Even the Youtube Tycoon Mr.Beast tweeted about funding Naruto Anime for a Remake. The Naruto Remake will be a reanimated version of all the Naruto and Shippuden episodes in a new animation format. We have already seen the reanimation of some of the scenes of Naruto on Road to Ninja released on the 20th Anniversary celebrations of Naruto. And it is also one of the most predicted theories for Naruo 17th December. Comment down below if you are excited about Naruto Remake.

Naruto Game

Is Naruto captured in Infinite Tsukuyomi?
Image Credit:- DuniaGames

Another popular theory was the announcement of a new Naruto Game. There wasn’t any game of Naruto for a long time. There were only 6 different game series launched since 2013. Some of them are Clash of Ninjas, Ninja Council, Ninja Destiny, Path of the Ninja, Uzumaki Chronicles, etc… And there were already 2 games on Boruto even though it wasn’t much time since its release. So we might see a new Naruto game for Naruto 17th December announcement. How many of you wanted a new Naruto Video game? Let us know in the comments.

Naruto New Movie

Is Naruto captured in Infinite Tsukuyomi?
Image Credit:- Crunchyroll

Next, theory on the list is a new Naruto movie. A new Naruto movie is quite a possible announcement at Jump Festa 2022 because the Last Naruto movie came out in 2015. It’s been a very long time since we saw a Naruto movie and with the present Anime community all the other animes are producing a lot of Movies like One piece: Red, My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission, Black Cover: The Movie and many more. So a Naruto movie will be a good decision not as much as a reboot of Naruto. But it will be a good opportunity for Naruto Anime to Rock on the Internet once more through Movies.

Sasuke Retsuden

Is Naruto captured in Infinite Tsukuyomi?
Image Credit:- Sportskeeda

Our final theory is the Animation of Sasuke Retsuden this theory has the highest chance to be announced at the Jump Festa on 17th December. Because Sasuke Retsuden manga has a million reads in just 24 hours, Overtaking Dragon Ball super and the manga became the most-sold manga in Japan with 16,928 manga copies sold in only 3 weeks.

Fans are loving Sasuke Retsuden Manga so it has a high chance of a Sasuke Retsuden Anime adaptation. The Sasuke Retsuden plot is about Naruto getting the same disease that caused Hagoromo Otsutsuki’s ( Sage of Six Paths ) death Sasuke finds the cure to the disease by investigating Hagoromo where he lived, his whole life story and also about Indra and Asura’s life exploring the previous generation of Shinobi. The manga version is good so we might see the anime adaptation for Naruto 17th December announcement.

Is Naruto captured in Infinite Tsukuyomi by Madara and Boruto was a dream of Naruto

Is Naruto captured in Infinite Tsukuyomi?

Right after the Naruto official teasing post was released. All fans have doubts that Is Naruto captured in Infinite Tsukuyomi? and whether Boruto was a dream and did Naruto won the 4th great Ninjaw war? So let’s crack them all and for the first question Is Naruto captured in Infinite Tsukuyomi? No, Naruto wasn’t captured in Infinite Tsukuyomi and Boruto wasn’t a dream because if Naruto was captured in Infinite Tsukuyomi. Then Naruto would have all the greatest times in his life and he would always be happy without any troubles. But in Boruto Anime Naruto faced a lot of hardships and sadness in his life. One of them being Kurama’s death and Sasuke losing the legendary Rinnegan. So why did Naruto have hard times in his life?

If Madara succeded in the 4th great Ninja war and captured Naruto in Infinite Tsukuyomi. Then we would have seen Naruto who always had good times and no troubles, or hardships in his life. And that is the Main reason for Madara Infinite Tsykyomi to ” Create a new world where there is no war and everyone is happy “. But we saw wars in the Boruto anime and fights like Ishiki vs Baryon mode Naruto and so on. So Naruto wasn’t in Infinite Tsykyomi and Madara didn’t win the 4th great ninja war.


Let’s summarize everything Naruto Reboot 2022 is most probably won’t happen and the highest chances for the announcements on 17th December are it could be Sasuke Retsuden, Naruto movie, Naruto game, or Naruto Remake. and even if the Naruto Reboot 2022 happens then it wouldn’t be because of Madara Infinite Tsukuyomi but because of some other reason because Naruto faced a lot of hardships and sadness in Boruto Anime.

If it really was a dream he would be very happy and shouldn’t face any hardships as per the Madara dream. Also mainly Kurama’s death will be meaningless if Boruto was a dream. So Naruto won the 4th great Ninja war and saved the shinobi world and he wasn’t captured in a dream with Infinite Tsukuyomi. And there are very low chances of Naruto Reboot 2022 happening. Don’t forget to comment and let us know what do you think will be announced on 17th December at Jump Festa

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