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Katsuyu is one of the strongest summoning animals in Naruto. But most of her abilities are underrated or not noticed by the fans. And with her true powers, she can even defeat the strongest summoning animals like Manda or Gamabunta. It might be a little annoying to hear she could defeat other summoning animals but it’s true. But let’s check her real abilities of her to know the truth. So without any delay let’s get into it.

Who is Katsuyu?

Katsuyu is one of the legendary summoning animals in Naruto. She is the summoning animal of the legendary Sanin Tsunade and his pupil Sakura. Katsuyu has been summoned from Shikkotsu forest. This place is still unexplored in Naruto. Summoning animals is a technique that shinobi use to summon powerful animals from the summoning animal places to the user’s location.

Naruto, Jiraya, and Minato have summoning contracts with toads, and Sasuke has summoning contracts with Snakes and Hawk. But they are 3 main summoning animals which are the strongest among other summoning animals. Like Manda ( Snake ), Gambunta ( Toad ) and Katsuyu ( Slug ). And these summoning animals also mastered Nature’s energy.

These summoning animals have greater abilities, powers, and techniques than other summoning animals. And these summoning animals teach shinobi how to master nature energy and it is called Sage jutsu. Manda has the Snake sage jutsu and Gambunta Toad sage jutsu. But Katsuya is still an unexplored sage zone.

Katsuyu Can’t be Killed:-

As we discussed earlier that summoning animals can be summoned from other worlds by the shinobi. The more amount chakra they use the more powerful animal they can summon and the summoned animal can return to its place whenever it wants. But the summoning animals can also die on the battlefield. We have seen fukasaku die in the pain arc of Naruto.

But the Katsuya is not like other summoning animals. It is unique and the only summoning animal in the whole Naruto anime. Which can’t die nor be killed in Naruto. Because Katsuyu is never totally summoned into battlefields. It is because the Katsuya is about a mountain-level summoning animal. Once Tsunade mentioned that even Sakura and her combined only can summon one-tenth of katsu’s body. 

And no one can summon the full body of Katsuyu. So only a part of Katsuyu is summoned to battlefields. And so if a part of her is killed on the battlefield. Her original body remains in the Shikkotsu forest and so she cannot be killed or can’t be killed. The only way to kill her is to go to the Shikkotsu forest and fight with her and kill Katsuyu. But Shikkotsu forest is still unexplored in Naruto neither in Boruto: Naruto next generations Anime.

Katsuyu is a Great Spy:-

Katsuyu’s most powerful and unique ability is to spilt herself into tiny members of herself. And because of this, there is a big advantage on the battlefields for Katsuya because Katsuya has more durability and is also more powerful than any other summoning animal. And the main advantage of this ability is that all the members split into tiny members.

And can communicate with other members of her without any disturbances and they can communicate from anywhere in the Shinobi world. No matter how far the distance is that’s why they didn’t have any mobiles for communication. Why did they need one while they had Katsuyu.

And this ability was used by Tsunade while pain infiltrated into the hidden village. She used this ability of Katsuya to know the health status of the hidden leaf shinobi who are injured and also to know the condition of the war with pain. And even though the tiny part of Katsuyu is killed the information is still received by the other members just like Naruto’s shadow clones. so Katsuyu is an incredible spy in Naruto.

Katsuyu is a Powerful fighter:-

Unlike other summoning animals, Katsuyu doesn’t have any claws or Hands. To wield a weapon. But Katsuyu can spit a very strong acid. which can even melt mountains. And she also gave a good fight to Orochimaru summoning. Manda is also one of the strongest summoning animals in Naruto.

And the splitting herself into tiny pieces ability. It is not only a very good ability to spy but also a great fighting ability. Because as we said before the tiny pieces can communicate with each other and by this Katsuyu can surround the enemies and trap the enemy. Or they can attack at once and defeat the opponent. Or they can attack from every direction and confuse the enemy. So she Is a really good fighter.

Katsuyu is a Powerful Healer:-

Unlike any other abilities of Katsuyu, the ability to heal others is the most powerful ability of her. And Katsuyu is also mostly used by Tsunade and sakura for healing purposes. But Actually, Katsuya never had the ability to heal others. But she can transfer the Caster ( Tsunade, & Sakura ) chakra to any shinobi. So Tsunade and sakura are the medical professionals.

So Katsuyu can channel Sakura and Tsunade chakra to the injured person and Katsuyu can heal the injured person. This gives Sakura and Tsunade the ability to remote healing. Which we have seen in the fourth great ninja war. Sakura and Tsunade healed every injured shinobi on the battlefield with Katsuya’s help.

Katsuyu also has the ability to change the shape of her body and by this ability, she can cover shinobi in her and can act as a shield from the enemy’s attacks. This was used by Tsunade in the pain arc of Naruto and saved so many shinobi lives with this ability.

So by all his abilities. We can say that Katsuyu is the best for supporting or for healing shinobi. Yeah, she may not be as Manda or Gamabunta so destructive. But she has a very unique ability. That saved so many shinobi lives in Naruto. Making her the Strongest summoning animal in Healing and support.

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