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How strong is Naruto after Kurama’s death

Kurama’s death is heart-breaking to all the fans but some think naruto is powerful only because of Kurama but that’s wrong. After Kurama’s death, almost everyone thought naruto was weak and he is the weakest Hokage among the other kages too but that’s not the case naruto is still very powerful and he is even more powerful than other Kages and we all saw naruto defeat the third Raikage of the hidden cloud without the help of Kurama. so it’s obvious that naruto is still powerful. if you still don’t believe us. see the powers and abilities he had after Kurama’s death below.

Sage of six paths power:-

Naruto still has the sage of six paths power which he got in the fourth great ninja war to fight against Madara Uchiha. the sage of six paths power gave whole new abilities and jutsu to naruto and his power is tremendously increased and some of the Jutsu and abilities can be used without the help of Kurama(nine tails). the sage of six paths gifted powers and abilities he has after Kurama’s death is enough to beat all the Kage. so it is a false prediction to say naruto is a weak Hokage.

Sun seal:-

Sun seal is one of the major power that naruto received from the sage of six paths. naruto can use sun seal for sealing and healing purposes we have seen Naruto gives a new chakra system to might guy and he also gives Kakashi a new eye and he used sealing power to seal Kaguya.

Tailed beast chakra:-

Naruto still has a portion of every tailed beast chakra in him. which he used in the fourth great ninja war and in the recent events in Boruto: Next generations naruto uses the son Goku ( four tails ) chakra while fighting with delta. so he still has the other tailed beast chakra in him.

Kekkai Genkai:-

So many fans didn’t know that naruto has a Kekkei Genkai he wasn’t born with a Kekkei Genkai But when he fought with Obito and all the tailed beasts in the fourth great ninja war. Then all tailed beasts gave a portion of Chakra to naruto and three of them are Kekkei Genkai son Goku ( four tails ), Shukaku ( one tail ), kokuo ( five tails ). so naruto got a total of three Kekkei Genkai ( lava release, magnet release, boil release)

Sage mode:-

Sage mode is one of the greatest power to naruto. the sage mode also enables a lot of abilities to naruto.it gives naruto a whole new level of power and he heals quickly when he is in sage mode. some of the strongest sage jutsu and techniques are:-

Frog kata:-

The frog kata is used in the fight against pain. the frog kata is a fighting style only sage mode users can use. this fighting style increases the range of the physical attacks by creating a mass of chakra around the fist. so even the enemy avoids the punch he still gets the damage because his fist is surrounded by a dense chakra. this is one of the best sage mode abilities that naruto has.

Frog Kumite:-

Frog Kumite is a taijutsu that only sage users can use. He can sense danger over a wide range and respond faster. we have seen naruto using this in the fourth great ninja war against the reincarnated Third Raikage( Raikage of hidden cloud )


You probably thinking how can naruto use Genjutsu. Naruto can’t perform Genjutsu but we have seen Jiraya using Toad Confrontation Chant ( Genjutsu ) against the pain with the help of Mount Myoboku toads but naruto cant use it because Kurama doesn’t allow sharing chakra with toads but after the Kurama death. naruto has no choice but to improve his sage jutsu and use Toad Confrontation Chant ( Genjutsu ) in sage mode to fight against code.

5 nature transformations:-

After getting sage of six paths power naruto can use every nature of chakra to the full extent and we can see naruto uses earth nature style in recent episodes of Boruto: next generations. so after the loss of Kurama naruto may also use all 5 chakra types in the upcoming fights in Boruto.

Sealing Jutsu:-

The sealing Jutsu is the specialty of the Uzumaki clan. Naruto also belongs to the Uzumaki clan but he didn’t master the sealing Jutsu because naruto’s parents have sacrificed their lives for the village so there is no one to teach him the sealing Jutsu but after the powerup from the sage of six paths naruto can use sealing Jutsu to some extent. he can use sealing jutsu by the sun seal power that he got from the sage of paths.

There are also some of the Rasengan improvisations and different Rasengan nature’s that only naruto able to do and these Rasengan’s are enough to say how strong is naruto after the death of Kurama.


Rashenshuriken is one of the strongest Jutsu of naruto. this jutsu can be only used by naruto in both the Boruto and naruto series because naruto has sage jutsu and we shouldn’t forget the fact that it is the first jutsu to change in the chakra form with the change in chakra nature. 

Big ball Rasengan:-

This is the first improvisation he did to Rasengan. When he trained with Jiraiya for two years. Jiraiya told naruto that he should have a unique Rasengan. so he improvised the Rasengan to the big Ball Rasengan. this Jutsu is also one of the strongest Jutsu that naruto has.

Magnet style Rasengan:-

The magnet style Rasengan is used in the fourth great ninja war to seal Madara’s limbo. the Shukaku ( one tail ) lends some of his chakra to make magnet-style Rasengan. Naruto can still use magnet-style Rasengan because a portion of Shukaku chakra is still inside the naruto but no other shinobi can use it and Shukaku is a Kekkai Genkai. so the magnet style is also one of the Kekkai Genkai of naruto.

Lava release Rasenshuriken:- 

The lava release Rasenshuriken is also used in the fourth great ninja war.it is used to cut down the god tree. the son Goku( 4 tails ) lends his chakra to Naruto to make a lave release Rasen shuriken. naruto still has a portion of son Goku’s chakra in him and he can still perform this Rasen shuriken and the son Goku is a Kekkai Genkai too. so the lava release is one of the Kekkai Genkai of naruto

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