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Mjolnir is one of the strongest weapons in the MCU. And we all know how powerful Mjolnir is when Thor ( God of Thunder ) uses it. But the history of the Thor’s Hammer is actually a very long story and so many fans don’t know the exact story of the Mjolnir. So we made this article which gives detailed information about the Origin of Mjolnir. Hope you like it and let’s know the full history behind Thor’s Hammer. So Without any delay let’s dive into it.

Origin of Mjolnir:-

Mjolnir Origin is way beyond so many years so let’s travel some few million years back to know the exact origin of the Mjolnir. A few million years back there were 9 realms in the universe and in one of the realms they are Trolls named monsters and they always raise wars on different planets and they also raised a massive war against Dwarfs ( Creators of Strongest weapons in the Universe ). And our Powerful Asgardian God Odin saved the Dwarfs with his Almighty powers.

He saved them because they are the creators of the strongest weapons in the universe. And Dwarfs are also the largest supplier of powerful weapons to Asgard too. So Odin saved them from Trolls. Because of saving them from Trolls Dwarfs gift a piece of Uru Metal to Odin. Uru metal is the strongest and rarest metal in the whole universe. It is so powerful that it can trap any kind of power in it. And It dosen’t matter how powerful it may be and it is nearly impossible to mold this weapon.

Origin of the Uru Metal:-

In the vast universe, Two older gods had an amazing fight. Actually to say a very dangerous fight. And because of the dangerous fight, they had in the universe. One of the oldest moons in the universe shattered into pieces, and those pieces wander the universe for so many years. And some of the pieces reached the Dwarfs and after knowing the powers of that Metal. They stored it and when it got time for the precious metal to get into the limelight they gifted the metal to Odin.

How did Mjolnir Get its Power:-

At some time in Asgard, there was a very powerful storm called God Tempest. That destroyed all the planets that got in its way and it reached Asgard to destroy it. Odin tried his best to stop the storm but the God Tempest ( Storm ) is so powerful. That even the All-Father of Asgardian Odin couldn’t stop it. And after trying so hard to stop that storm at some time the storm became weak. Odin took the opportunity and seals the Powerful Storm into Uru metal. After seeing the power of the storm. Odin thought that power can help Asgard to win other realms.

So he takes the metal that has the God Tempest power and orders Dwarf ( Creators of Strongest Weapons in the universe ) to make a weapon out of the Sealed God Tempest Uru Metal. And he also orders them that the weapon they created should be the strongest weapon in the whole universe and no one should stand a chance in front of that weapon. And after getting orders from the All-Father Odin. Dwarfs have no choice but to create the weapon Odin wanted.

So Dwarfs get into the work and Almost 1000 dwarfs worked day and night for 16 days and made the Uru Metal having God Tempest power into a hammer. By melting it using a Star Energy. The same Star in the Infinity War where Thor almost sacrificed his life to forge the Storm Breaker. After the hammer is created Odin tries to lift it but because of Hammer still has the God Tempest’s power.

The Hammer lifts Odin and flies into the Universe and Odin can’t control the hammer. Because of the power of God Tempest, is way more powerful than Odin’s Force. So Odin gets Frustrated and uses some spells on the hammer. So that nobody can lift it and after a few years Thor ( Son of Odin ) gets the hammer a.k.a Mjolnir. And becomes the God of Thunder.

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