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Many shinobi lost their lives in the 4th Great Ninja War but some became heartbreaking Deaths in 4th Great Ninja War. They were countless life lost in the 4th Great Ninja War but some shinobi death made fans so sad and felt heartbroken because they did so much for their villages and saved so many shinobi but they sadly at last lost their lives.

We gathered those heartbreaking moments and made this list. So we can recall the amazing story of the greatest shinobi in the Narutoverse and the most sacrificed shinobi in the Naruto series. Let’s not drag about the list at starting itself so without any delay let us dive into it.

7. Madara Uchiha

Madara is the strongest Uchiha in the Nartuoverse and he became almighty in the 4th Great NInja war even more powerful than the Sage of Six Paths. Even though he caused all the Havoc in the 4th Great Ninja War and killed so many shinobi in the Ninja war. In the end, he was betrayed by his own subordinate Black Zetsu and it kind of feels bad when you think about it from Madara’s perspective after all he was aiming for the same goal as the Hashirama Senju which is a peaceful world without any wars.

But he took a different approach which is Infinite Tsukuyomi and destroyed so many lives like Rin and Obito. The heartbreaking moment in Madara’s death is his last words before he leaves for the afterworld. let’s get a little deep into the story so we can completely recall Madara’s last words.

After successfully defeating Kaguya Otsutsuki and sealing Kaguya. Madara is released from Kaguya and brought back to the shinobi world he gave his send-off to his friend Hashirama Senju and they had a sad chit chat and Madara felt bad about his failure to achieve his dream.

Even all the Havoc in the 4th Great Ninja war and everything he did. But seeing Madara the almighty betrayed and as a failure made most of the fans have heartbreak. And his last words made his death more terrible and made it one of the most heartbreaking Deaths in 4th Great Ninja War

6. Inoichi Yamanaka

Deaths in 4th Great Ninja War
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Inoichi is from the Yamanaka a clan specializing in mind reading and mind transfer jutsu as we all know he is the father of Ino. Even though we do not get to see much from the Inoichi character, He is one of the main members of the original Ino-Shik-Cho Trio and also head of the communication sector in the Leaf Village. Inochi is one of the key members in the HQ in the 4th Great Ninja War and used to give orders to every shinobi in the 4th Great Ninja War shinobi alliance using his clan’s jutsu.

But sadly after Madara blasted a tailed beast bomb at the HQ and killed all of the members in the support team of the shinobi alliance making Inoichi leave the Narutoverse. The last goodbye of Inochi to Ino made fans sad and felt bad for him. Which makes his death one of the saddest Deaths in 4th Great Ninja War.

5. Shikaku Nara

The Brain of the HQ and also the father of a Genius Shikamaru Shikaku Nara. He played a key role in the 4th Great Ninja War. Shikaku Nara planned out all the strongest strategies and lead the shinobi alliance toward winning, Being one of the HQ members he was also dead because of the Tailed beast bomb.

But even in his last moment with the help of Incohi, he relayed the perfect strategy to Shikamaru and also final goodbye to his son Shikamaru. Which made him one of the Great shinobi in the Naruto series and his death made many fans sad and became part of the list of heartbreaking deaths in 4th Great Ninja War.

4. Obito Uchiha

Next on the list, we have the Broken Hero of the Naruto series Obito Uchiha. Obito was also similar to Madara he did so many terrible things in the Nartuoverse like killing Uchiha clan members with Itachi. But just like Madara he also wanted to achieve the same goal as Naruto but wanted to take Madara’s Infinite Tsykyomi path.

But at last, he changed and sacrificed his life for saving Naruto and also made Kakashi a legendary and powerful shinobi in the 4th Great Ninja War. And the last words A.K.A Obito Quotes made every fan cry in the 4th great ninja war. We all were sad when we saw the true story behind Obito and how broken he was after Rin’s Death. Making obito death has one of the most Heartbreaking Deaths in 4th Great Ninja War.

3. Neji Hyuga

Neji is one of the dominant Huygya Clan members in the Narutoverse and just like other Naruto characters Neji was also stubborn and had the same mindset and believed in destiny stuff. But thanks to Naruto and his No-Talk-Jutsu he changed Neji’s way of thinking and made Neji one of the amazing shinobi in the Naruto series.

Naruto also made Neji one of his best friends and they too are so much connected that Neji even sacrificed his life to save Naruto in the 4th Great Ninja War. And his last words hit every Naruto lover and squeezed every fan’s heart with his last words talking about finally he getting freed from his curse and bonding with the Hyuga clan and telling about Hianta’s love for Naruto. This made every fan cry and heartbroken. Which makes it one of the most heartbreaking Deaths in 4th Great Ninja War.

2. Minato Namikaze

Well, don’t come to the conclusion that we haven’t seen Naruto. The thing is Minato is not an actual death from the 4th Great Ninja war but after reanimation. The revived person is almost equal to living people and they have returned from death after all and Minato Namikaze’s final goodbye to Naruto was so heartbreaking. So how couldn’t we add it to the list of Heartbreaking Deaths in the 4th Great Ninja War?

Minato played a key role in the 4th Great Ninja War and in stopping Obito from becoming Ten-tails. He did all he can and even unlocked Kurama mode with ease and above all, he transferred his half Kurama to Naruto and saved his life.

Minato final goodbye to Naruto made every Naruto fan cry and made a heartbreak to fans. Naruto finally open heartily talks to his father in his life for the first time and also for the last time making the conversation between them so emotional. And Minato’s final words ” I Make Sure to Tell her Everything “ to Naruto made the scene so emotional and made the 2nd time death of Minato much more heartbreaking to fans. And him adding to our list of Heartbreaking Deaths in 4th Great Ninja War.

1. Itachi Uchiha

At the top of the list we had Itachi’s death and it is also not an original death in the 4th Great Ninja war. But as we mentioned earlier we can add them to our list because we are too heartbroken by 2nd death of the character. if we are being honest all of us felt happy about the 1st death of Itachi. But After knowing the truth about him we felt so sad for him.

And when Itachi showed everything to us in his last moments through the Mangekyo Sharingan. We get to know the actual story of Itachi how he sacrificed everything in his life for his village and what would have happened if he didn’t kill his clan members. He shouldered all the pain alone and still get marked as a traitor.

Instead of becoming a hero in the shinobi world, he became a traitor and murderer to even his village. And his last moments with Sasuke broke Naruto fans hearts and we all realized how painful Itachi’s life was. Even now when we think about Itachi’s life it makes so many Naruto lovers feel heartbroken. This makes the 2nd death of Itachi the most heartbreaking death in 4th Great Ninja War.

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