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Gorr the God Butcher Origin, Backstory& Powers Explained

The recent Thor love and Thunder trailer is amazing. And every MCU fan is very excited about the movie. But many of the fans want to know about the villain role in the movie. Because the Gorr the God Butcher is a new character to the MCU. and many fans don’t know much about the character.

So we made a piece of detailed information about the character and also some other important things in the movie. We added the Backstory, Origin, Powers, what can we expect from the movie, How did Gorr get his powers and some others. So let’s know about Gorr the God Butcher without any delay. Let’s dive into it.

Gorr the God Butcher Origin and his Back story

Gorr is from comic books and he made his first appearance in comics. In January 2015 comic Thor: God of thunder volume 1. The Gorr character is created by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic. He is from a grim planet. But the exact name of the planet is not specified in the comic. And Gorr is from a nomadic tribe and the planet he is living on doesn’t have many resources for food. Also, they are always natural calamities on that planet.

The people on the planet struggle so hard to get food and other human resources. So to survive people move from one place to another place. So they got their names as nomadic. And the planet also had so many monsters which kill the Tribe people. Once the monster attacked Gorr in his childhood. And his mother saves him by sacrificing herself. And at a young age, Gorr lost his parents and become an orphan.

The nomadic tribe strongly believes in the existence of god and worships them. The people pray to the gods to give them food and get out of them from the harsh situations on the planet Gorr too worships gods. But no god helps them and they continue to leave in that harsh conditions. After Goor grows up in that harsh situation and marries Ara.

The kids born to them continue to die because of the situations on the planet and because of lack of food and only one of his children Agar leaves. And only he can somewhat survive on that planet. And because of lack of resources. They struggle so hard for food. But all Gorr family members still believe in God and worship them. But one day pregnant Arra dies because of earthquakes at their place. Then Gorr takes her son and moves to another place with their tribe in search of food but in the way because of lack of food. His son Dies in Gorr hands.

From that moment Gorr loses hope in the gods. And seeing all these other tribe members beath him with rocks and ban him from the Tribe. Because the other tribe members still believe in gods and worship them. But because Gorr doesn’t believe in gods. They banish him from the Tribe.

How did Gorr the God Butcher get his Powers?

After Gorr gets banned from his Tribe. He travels with his wounds in search of food and after some time. In front of Gorr, two gods fell from the sky fighting with each other. And the two gods are very badly injured and they two are already stabbed each other in two of them one is Knull. He is the god of Symbiotes and he is the creator of venom. after the god in gold, armor is still alive and asks Gorr for help. Even though Goor is a mortal. the god asks him for help.

After that Gorr expresses his sadness, and anger towards God. He speaks like this. Help you? Where are you? Where are you? When my children were starving? When my wife asks you for your help? When the monster kills my mother? Where were you? and in the meantime. when Knul is fully unconscious. One of the Symbiotes. known All-black Necrosword. Comes to Gorr and combines with him.

Just like venom combines with its users. And gives the user powers. Because of the new powers and the hatred towards gods. Gorr turns into evil and decides to kill every god. In Gorr’s opinion, Gods are so selfish. And they will never listen to anyone’s prayers, and they will never help the weak. Even though they had power. They are always focused on their own needs. and thus Gorr becomes Gorr the god butcher. and he kills the God in gold Armor with All-black Necrosword.

Gorr the God Butcher Powers:-

Initially, Gorr doesn’t have any powers. But after getting the All-black Necrosword. Gorr becomes the Gorr the God Butcher. And got so many powers. Which are greater than Thor God of thunder. The sword gave him immortality, Flight. The All-black Necrosword gave Gorr superhuman abilities. And Gorr can make weapons and armors using All-black Necrosword and he also gets the ability to regenerate at a very fast rate.

So because of the regeneration, He became stronger than Thor and also one of the most powerful Marvel characters. These are the normal powers that every user of All-black Necrosword gets. But Gorr is also able t get powers like. Creating so many versions of his dead wife and his son. And he can also create black berserkers. Which are guarded for Gorr and this is already Teased in the trailer.

All-black Necrosword is connected to Venom. So that is why the black berserkers mostly look like venom and their structure is similar. And because of these deadly powers, he became stronger than God.  And he also created a god bomb with the gods. Who are prisons or slaves for Gorr. And this God bomb destroys every god across every time and space.

Why Gorr is different in the Movie?

If we see the trailer of Thor love and Thunder. The Gorr is different in Comics and you can see the difference and also the movie version of Gorr and the comic Gorr in the above image. The comic Gorr doesn’t have any Nose and has long tentacles and he is very similar to the Voldemort in Harry potter. Whereas Gorr in the movie is different he has a Nose and doesn’t have any tentacles.

It is because Marvel doesn’t want to cover Christian bale with cosmetics and prosthetics. If we observe closely the comic Gorr wears a black cloak but the movie gorr wears a white and gray. It is because Marvel wanted to extract the full potential of Christian bale. And the character is also very complicated because the story is tragic and also other aspects of the Gorr character. Mainly the character is new to MCU and with the Taika Waititi’s direction, there will be definitely humor and other toppings. And to cover all these aspects. The perfect look of Comic Gorr is a little price to pay.

The fight between Gorr and Thor in Comics:-

After defeating most of the gods in the universe. Gorr finally reaches out to Thor on Earth and makes thor a prisoner and asks Thor about other Asgardian gods. But thor fights with him injure Ghor and escapes from him. Gorr understands that to defeat the Earth Gods he needs more power. So he goes to Chronyca. This is in a Cygnus Constellation. From there we can travel across time and space. And also time travel is possible from this place.

At the same time. Gorr prisons some of the gods and makes them slaves. And force them to create a god bomb. By using this bomb Gorr can kill every God across Time and space at the same time. Thor knows this and brings different times Thors to fight with him. Total 3 thor come to fight with gorr. Even though the 3 Thors combine, they struggle so hard to defeat Gorr because of his determination to kill gods. Thor throws Gorr into the sun but the Gorr covers the entire sun with his Black berserker and makes the sun into his shadow.

Finally, the present Thor uses his Mjolnir and future Thor Mjolnir power and kills Gorr. But before dying Gorr tells Thor that there is no use for Gods in this world and they are only a burden to people. And after listening to Gorr’s words Thor realizes that they were true and in the 2014 original scene comics. Nick fury tells thor what gorr said was true in his ear. After listening to the words Nick Fury said. Thor realizes and loses his confidence and he becomes unworthy to lift Mjolnir. Next in our story Jane faster becomes worthy and becomes the female Thor.

Why is Christian Bale is very Hyped for the Role?

The Gorr the God Butcher role is played by the Christian bale. who is one of the most talented actors in the world. He is a four-time Academy Award Nominee and won the best supporting actor for Oscar. Christain Bale was officially cast as the Gorr the God Butcher in December 2020 by marvel. The major reason for so much hype for Christian bale is because.

He is a former actor for Batman. And he acted in batman’s role in Dark Knight, Dark knight rises, and also Batman begins in 2005, and the acting of Christain Bale is truly loved by the fans. And because of these reasons, fans are so excited about the Christian bale appearance in Thor love and Thunder movie.

What can we expect from the Movie?

We can expect time traveling from this movie after introducing the Time travel in the end game. This is the second time we gonna see time travel in MCU. But the time travel may not be by human intelligence or a human-created time machine. But the time travel may be created by Gods like Asgard Bifrost. and the marvel doesn’t own rights to the venom and symbiotes. So The weapon of gorr the All-black Necrosword may have a different name and maybe a completely different origin different from the comics.

Thor love and Thunder movie gonna be full of surprises. And the most exciting part of the film is the Christian bale acting as the Gorr the God Butcher, and all the fans are so excited to see his performance in the movie. and also the direction of the Taika Waititi because the story is complicated and also there is a new introduction of the character. Which is so powerful and also no less than Thanos. So we should wait and see for the surprises we had in the Movie.

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