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Freaking web series from Marvel in 2022 that will blow your mind

The upcoming marvel web series are gonna be just lit and I promise you this web series gonna blow your mind, There are a total of 13 upcoming web series from marvel and all web series are one of a kind .so just see the list of upcoming marvel web series in 2022 and comment down your thoughts about the web series.


This series is gonna launch in disney+hotstar on march 30th 2022. This is the first series from marvel in which they gonna introduce a new character. it’s not like the previous series. the characters in the previous series are already pre-established in MCU. In this series, the moon knight’s real name in the series is Marc Spector. the Marc Spector role is played by Oscar Issac. the moon knight got his powers from the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. the moon knight’s powers are enhanced strength during the full moon night, prophetic visions and he has the power to drain people’s lives when he gets physical contact with them.


Ms marvel series gonna launch in summer 2022 the exact date is not announced yet. Ms marvel series gonna be just like the moon knight series. marvel gonna introduce a whole new character in the series. the ms marvel role is played by iman Vellani. the ms marvel character’s name is Kamala Khan. who is a nerd I am also just like her comment down below who are just like Kamala Khan. if we get into the topic .she is a Pakistani-American teenager and she is the first Muslim superhero in the MCU.according to the comics. she got the powers when got in contact with Terrigen mist. she has the power of changing her appearance to whatever she likes but she needs a certain period to recharge her power.


After the incredible hulk in 2008. there was no hulk based story by marvel. so to correct it marvel is launching the hulk web series in disney+hotstar in mid-2022 but the exact release date is not announced yet. she hulk character’s name is Jennifer Walter and She hulk’s character role is played by Tatiana Maslany. Jennifer is a cousin of Mark Ruffalo(hulk)in the series. Jennifer Walters is a lawyer in the series. she gets the hulk powers by receiving banners blood. she will be mostly like the professor hulk shown in the avenger’s end game.

Guardians of galaxy Holiday speciaL

The guardians of the galaxy holiday special is need to launch in December 2022 but the director James Gunn shared that the shooting of the series is yet to be started because of the covid pandemic James Gunn assured that the series is gonna be in the third installment of guardians of the galaxy. the guardians of the galaxy holiday special is a sequel to the guardians of the galaxy, guardians of galaxy vol 2, avengers end game, and the new movie of thor love and thunder. we didn’t know much of this series yet.

The below series are confirmed but the release date is not announced yet.


We all loved the marvel zombies in what-if episode 5th.so all the fans are wanting more of this type. so marvel announced the marvel zombies series. this series is also gonna be an animated series. we don’t know much about it. marvel was announced that it gonna be a new generation of heroes battling against an ever-spreading zombie virus. so we can conclude that the new heroes gonna find a cure for zombies


The release date of this movie has not been announced. the plot of the movie is going to be “what happens if tony starks tech falls into the wrong hands”. tony stark(iron man) friend James Rhodes(war machine) is going to protect tony stark tech from falling into the wrong hands. In this James Rhode’s character is played by Don Cheadle and this time James Rhodes is going to have a lead role in this series.


This series is an animated short series but the animation of the series is not like the animation of what-if series. marvel gonna use a photo-realistic animation for this series. this series has Groot and all the guardians of galaxy members and some new characters too. the plot is yet to be known and the release date is also yet to be announced


The release date has not been announced yet and we don’t know much about this series. probably this series may show us Agatha’s history her past and her childhood and also breaking free from imprisonment. we have seen in the Wanda vision series scarlet Witch drains Agatha’s powers and prisons her in the noisy neighborhood. so the series may show us, Agatha breaking free from the prison.


The launch date of the series is not yet announced. the storyline is about a genius teenage girl Riri Williams. who invents an advanced armor suit of iron man. we don’t know much about this series yet. the Riri Williams character is played by Dominique Thorne.


The Loki series is the first series until now which is going to have a second season. other previous marvel series has only had one season but Loki is going to have a second season. the plot of the series is yet to be known and the release date is also not yet announced. so many fans are eagerly waiting for the second season. the filming of Loki season 2 is going to start in summer 2022 in London.


We don’t know yet the plot of the secret invasion and its release date but we can assume that the story will center around the Skrulls, the aliens in the captain marvel movie. we have seen Skrulls have still hidden on earth in the ending of captain marvel and also in the post-credit scenes of spiderman far from home but the details of the series are yet to be known.


The launch date of the series is not yet announced. the echo real name in the series is Maya Lopez. Maya Lopez was born deaf but Maya can understand words by lip movement. so shes disability is not known in her childhood. After her father’s death, Maya trained into an assassin and Maya(echo) is capable of perfectly duplicating any physical movement or action. the Maya character role is been played by Alaqua cox.


Spiderman freshman is also an animated series from marvel. marvel didn’t show us the origin of tom holland spiderman .so this series gonna show us the origin of tom holland spiderman, how he got the spidey powers, and his childhood too. so this series takes place in the time of Captain America: civil war. jeff trammel is the writer for this series. the release date of the series is not yet announced.

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