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Everything you need to know about the Villain in the Moon Knight Series

Marvel fans have very high expectations on the Moon Knight series. Because Marvel gonna introduce a new character through this web series and this is the first web series to introduce a new character. It’s not like the previous Web series because. The characters in the previous Web-series are already pre-established in MCU. So this series is quite different from others.

So fans have high expectations for it. The premiering of the moon knight series is only one week Behind. This series gonna launch on March 30th in disney+Hotstar and a new clip of the series is launched by Marvel and the main villain in the series is revealed in the clip. So let’s know who it is.

Who is the main villain of the series:-

 The main villain of the series is Arthur Harrow and The role is played by Ethan Hawkes. Arthur Harrow is a cult leader associated with the god Ammit. Arthur harrow seeks to clean the world with the help of god Ammit but our hero Marc Spector is an obstacle to his plans so he wants to kill him.

And it is also known that he also has some powers despite the summoning a demon has shown in the clip and some of the powers are similar to Marc Spector’s powers and these powers are granted by the god of Ammit. He is also an Egyptian god. 

Who is Ethan Hawkes?

Ethan Hawkes is an American Actor and he is a multi-talented person because. He is a Novelist, singer, screenwriter, and director. So it’s obvious he is multi-talented and he recently acted in this movie’s Zero’s and ones, The guilty, Knives out 2 and he also acted in the movie tesla. He acted in a drama named Dead poets society and He was also nominated for four academy awards.

What is the story of the moon knight series?

The storyline of the moon knight series is a person named Steven Grant. Who is a gift shop employee and he learns about the reason for his sleeping problems, The dissociative identity disorder he had, and also his true identity that is. He is sharing his body with Marc Spector. The Marc Spector is a  channel for god Khonshu But.

 The god Khonshu is an Egyptian god and Marc Spector gets powers because of the god Khonshu. and he is also called has Egyptian god of the moon and The Marc Spector tries to stop the villain of the series  Arthur Hawke. Who wants to Erase the world with the help of the god Ammit.

Breakdown of New Moon knight clip:-

Only a week is left for the lanching of the moon knight series and now marvel released a new clip of moon knight and it revealed a little about the series. So let’s break down the clip.

The new clip showed Arthur Hawke summoning a demon using staff and Layla trying to convince Steven Grant to summon his suit and his personality of Marc Spector. The Layla role is played by May Calamawy. The new moon knight clip didn’t reveal the true powers of the Hawkes. But

It is the best when we compare it to other previous trailers shown about him. Because  If we recall them the previous trailer Hawke’s powers is shown that he can magically manipulate his scale tattoo and we also see the staff in the other trailers but by this clip. We knew that he can summon demons through the staff to kill Marc Spector.

So when we compare with previous trailers. Some of the power of Arthur Hawke is revealed. So what do you think about the new clip of moon knight? Post your thoughts about it in the comments section below.

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