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Everything you need to know about the Extended version of Spiderman No Way Home

Spiderman No Way Home is loved by all the fans this movie made a huge success. And after seeing 3 Spiderman together fans are very happy and every fan wanted more scenes from the movie. So Sony released an extended version of the Spider-Man No Way Home the More Fun Stuff Version in DVD and Bluray. And now Sony is gonna release the extended version into movies too. And they are also so many deleted scenes and new scenes that gonna added to the movie. So without any delay let’s dive into it.

Spiderman No Way Home the More Fun Stuff Version:-

Recently Sony announced that the Extended version of Spiderman No way is going release in the theater too and Sony announced that the name of this Movie is Spiderman No Way Home the More Fun Stuff Version. This extended version of the movie is gonna lanch into the theaters on September 2.

There is a lot of time left for the movie. It is because Sony is improving the VFX of the Deleted scenes in the movie. Sony taking time to give more fun through the extended version and Sony doesn’t wanna step down in the VFX too. So the movie mainly consists of deleted scenes including three spidermen chit chat scenes

And they’re also gonna be new scenes added in the movie. This keeps more expectations on the movie. So let’s see what are the scenes we gonna watch in the new extended version of the Movie Spiderman No Way Home the More Fun Stuff Version. let’s dive into it

Extended Interrogation Scene:-

The first deleted scene is the extended interrogation scene. We have shown a very little part of the interrogation of Peter Parker and his friends. So there gonna be 2m 25 sec of the extended clip of interrogation of peter parker is gonna be added and in this extended clip there gonna be also scenes interrogating Aunt May, Ned, and MJ.

So we gonna see the real intelligence of MJ and Aunt May in the interrogation. Because in the No Way Home Movie integration scene. MJ and Aunt May are confident and they know what to talk about. Where as our spiderman a.k.a Peter parker. Doesn’t no anything about it. So we gonna have a whole lot of fun in the extended version.

Peter Day at the Mid-Town High School:-

This will be the next Scene that gonna be added to our fun stuff in the movie. And this is also the biggest Scene added to the movie. This Scene gonna be a 5 min 25 sec of screen time. And this Scene is all about the events that happened in Spiderman Far From Home. After Mysterio reveals the secret identity of the spiderman. Which is everyone waiting for a very long time.

So after getting a grand release of his identity revealed. Some of the students are against the Spider-Man and are very angry with him for the Mysterio death and some of them are supporting Peter for the work he did. So because of most of the students believe that spiderman saved the earth with the avengers. There is a day dedicated to peter and it is known as peter’s Day in his school.

Which is a pretty awesome name and on this special day we got to see how everyone reacted to the identity reveal of Spiderman. How many of them hated him and how many of them loved his work. And that’s for the biggest part added into the spiderman extended version of the movie

The 3 Spidey’s Hangout:-

The next deleted scene in the movie is all the 3 spiderman Hangout Scene. This Scene is gonna be a screen time of 4min 25 sec. In this Screen time there gonna be more scenes of Peter Parker talking with other Spiderman’s. And we have only seen a small scene showing how they created the antidote for all the villains. So there gonna be more successful in how the three spidermen created the antidotes.

And this is the Scene we are the most awaited part. Because in the No Way Home the bond between the 3 Spiderman scenes, The Chit-Chat scenes between them are simply awesome. So we are waiting for this type of scene more in the extended version of the movie.

And there are also other scenes added to the movie. But there are not yet Confirmed and there is also a new scene added to the movie in this scene. We can see a small fight between Tobey Maguire Spiderman and the Green Goblin. They are rumors that the fight is gonna be in a separate place and also far from other Spiderman. So we should wait and see how much more fun gonna sony gives us from the Spiderman No Way Home the More Fun Stuff Version. Comment down below which is the deleted scene you are most excited for to see in the movie.

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