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Every Iron man Armor. Its powers and Abilities

If you are an Iron man fan or you want to know much about iron man armors then this will be the perfect place to visit because here we have mentioned every single iron man armor and also its powers and abilities. there are a total of 93 suits of armor but tony stark(iron man) wore only 19 of them in the movies and we also make sure that if you don’t know much about iron man also. it’s okay because we included some of the storylines and also how he created iron man armor in this post and don’t forget to post your thoughts In the comments


The mark-1 is the first iron man suit that tony made in iron man 1. he made mark-1 in a cave when he was kidnapped by the terrorist group(Ten rings) he couldn’t make it very powerful and he also couldn’t add any weapons to it because he doesn’t have much equipment with him but in fact, many scientists are couldn’t even make the arc reactor(energy source in the armor) even having every resource with them but tony stark(iron man) made it happen even having a very few equipment with him. so we can understand how genius he was.

powers and abilities:-

Gives superhuman strength, a flame thrower, jetpack

Mark-II (2)

The mark-2 is the second iron man suit that Tony uses in iron man 1. After escaping from the ten rings(terrorist group). he redesigns the mark-1. he wants to create a stronger suit because he wants to make the suit to be capable of using on the battlefields. so he can fight with terrorists who are using his weapons for evil purposes.

Powers and abilities:-

It has much more powerful jet thrusters and superhuman strength and superhuman reflexes

Mark-III (3)

The mark-3 is used in the iron man-1.It is the third suit that Tony uses in iron man 1. Mark 3 is capable of using in battlefields and He Fixes other issues that he finds in mark-2 EX- (not being able to fly higher altitudes and not being able to control the suit and other issues he faced in mark-2). He fixed it in mark-3 and he adds a bunch of weapons in the suit.

Powers and abilities:-

It has a whole arsenal tank of missiles, flares, and shoulder-mounted miniguns, and it also has a strong uni beam that comes from the arc reactor and gives more superhuman strength than mark-1 and mark-2.

Mark-IV (4)

We have seen tony using the mark-4 suit in iron man -2. It is made because mark-3 is heavily damaged while fighting with Obadiah stone in iron man 1.so he made mark-4 to replace it. the mark-4 didn’t have many upgrades compared to mark-3 because tony knew that the arc reactor in his heart slowly killing him. so he didn’t make much upgrades to it but the whole story changed when he created a new element( Vibranium ) which fixes the problem in the arc reactor.the powers and abilities are same has the mark-3.

Mark-IV (5)

Mark-5 is used in iron man 2 It is made up of unknown material .there is always an issue in the suit. that is the equipping time is too long and it also needs machinery to get the suit equipped. so tony created a suit that is in a suitcase-type and it can easily be equipped. but it didn’t have many abilities to it. The main purpose of the creation of this suit is the portability the previous suits take too much time to equip but the mark-5 is a portable type it is in a form of a suitcase, so it is easily carriable.

Powers and abilities:-

Portability, hand mounted repulsors, lightweight, it can fly( but not very high altitudes)

Mark -VI (6)

Mark-6 is also used in iron man -2. It is the first suit that uses the new arc reactor. tony makes a new arc reactor because the old arc reactor is slowly poisoning him. so he made mark-6 armor make compatible with the new arc reactor and also upgrade some of the abilities of the armor suit with the new arc reactor.

Powers and abilities:-

Powerful laser,arm-mounted mini-missiles, smart micro guns, resistance to electricity, greater durability than (mark -1 to mark-5), mark-6 can work in underwater . this is the first armor suit that can work in underwater.

Mark-VII (7)

The mark-7 is used in the avengers. The reason for making mark-7 is to test the new deployment system. we all know that the equipping of the suit takes too much time. The mark-5 is portable but it is not powerful as other suits and so many weapons and abilities are compromised for this suit to make.so tony made mark-7 which equips to tony without the help of machinery.

Powers and abilities:-

It can easily equip tony using bracelets that he wore on his hands. it’s a handsfree Equip process, it has a circular arc, powerful missiles, rechargeable lasers, superhuman strength, superhuman reflexes

Mark-XLII (8)

The mark-8 is used in iron man 3. he made it because he want to take the equipping process to next level. this suit enables tony to control the suit with a headset and he doesn’t need to be in the armor and he even makes it to equip others. but there are no huge upgrades in the mark-8.

The mark-9 to mark-42 are used in the iron man-3  as the Iron Legion armors. To defeat the Aldrick Killian and its group

Mark -XLIII (43)

The mark-42 suit was used in the age of Ultron. It has the best features and we can also say it is a combination of mark-7 and mark-42. Tony developed the Jarvis AI in such a way that the Jarvis can do some activities individual .like going into sentry mode and this suit is made to fit in the hulk buster suit. it can break into pieces but doesn’t shatter for heavy hits. we have seen this when tony stark(iron man) fights with Ultron

Powers and abilities:-

 infrared scanning system and a sentry mode, upgraded thruster systems, remote command.

Mark-XLIV (44)

The mark-44 suit is used in the avenger’s Age of Ultron.It is also called the hulk buster suit it is made to control hulk and it is created by bruce banners and tony stark .this suit is made to fit with mark-43 and these parts are attached one by one and it can replace its damaged parts and these parts are deployed by the satellite veronica.

Powers and abilities:-

It has multiple arc reactors, sedatives, jackhammer hands, and it can replaceable with other parts if any parts are damaged.

Mark-XLIV (45)

The marl-45 is also used in the age of Ultron it has all the features that the mark 43 has but the mark-45 is made up of gold titanium. so it is much tougher than the  mark-43 and the design of the mark-45 is also different from other suits it has a slim body and it has a hexagonal arc reactor. the major difference between the mark-45 and other armor suits is the other armor suits have the Jarvis AI but the mark-45 has the Friday AI . because Ultron killed Jarvis AI.So tony used a much advanced AI Friday.

Powers and abilities:-

AI Friday, it has more durability than other suits, minions, laser weapons, superhuman strength, superhuman reflexes

Mark-XLVI (46)

The mark-46 is used in captain America civil war. It is the first nanotechnology suit that tony made. he can equip the suit with just a click and also the helmet is retractable he also upgraded the speed of the thrusters and also it can analyze opponents’ attack style and fight against them. we have seen this while tony fighting with captain America and Bucky Barnes.

Powers and abilities:-

Nanotechnology, fully retractable helmet, infrared scan,Analzying enemy fighting style


The mark-47 is used in the spiderman homecoming movie. The reason for creating this suit is. this suit can be controlled with wifi and also he can control the armor suit for a very wide range and he doesn’t need any headset to control it.

Powers and abilities:-

It can be controlled by wifi. Detachable powerful jets, grapple chains.

Mark-L (50)

The mark 50 is used in the avengers infinity war. finally, the nanotechnology suit is made in the avengers infinity war .he mainly created the nanotechnology suit because this suit is always with him and it doesn’t take any time to equip the suit and the weapons are infinity .he can create any weapon with his thoughts and the other reason is to create no gap’s in the suit is we have seen in the civil war. that ant man goes into tony suit and malfunctions it. so that’s the other reason he made a suit that has no gaps at all.

Powers and abilities:-

It has endless features and weapons because it only depends on Tony’s creativity, some of the weapons we have seen in infinity war are a variety of missiles, thrusters, cannons, hammers, shields, freezing spray.


The mark-85 is used in the avenger’s end game. It is just an upgrade for the  mark-50 and he created a new hologram shield after Thanos destroys the shield with the infinity stones in the avengers infinity war. he created a new type of shield and he also made new abilities and upgrades to the mark-85. such as power absorption and amplification. we have seen this when thor shoots thunder at tony and he uses the thunder and amplifies it and uses it on Thanos. there are not many upgrades to it when compared with mark-50.

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