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Naruto Sexy Jutsu is one of the weirdest Jutsu in Naruto Anime and also a special Jutsu for Naruto. Most Fans think the reason Naruto Created Sexy Jutsu is to pull pranks on adults but actually Sexy Jutsu has a very deep meaning for why Naruto created the Sexy Jutsu and also why don’t he use much in Naruto Shippuden, especially after Pain Arc. Also, why do you think Naruto didn’t use Sexy Jutsu in any fight with Sasuke?

The reason for it is simply because Naruto wants to have a very serious fight with Sasuke and only wants to counter or defend Sasuke’s Attacks in every Fight but sexy Jutsu is not a defense Jutsu and it is also not a full battle Jutsu either. But not definitely a defense Jutsu that can defend Sasuke Sharingan techniques.

That’s the reason why Naruto didn’t use Sexy Jutsu in any fight with Sasuke and also Sasuke won’t fall for the Naruto Sexy Jutsu that’s another reason. There are Questions like these from the new Watchers of Naruto so let’s find answers to some of those Naruto Sexy Jutsu questions. So without any delay let us dive into it.

Did Naruto Invent the Sexy Jutsu?

Yeah, Naruto invented the Sexy Jutsu and he totally made every Naruto character go insane with his Sexy Jutsu. His Sexy Jutsu is so powerful that even the Hokage of the Hidden leaf village is defeated by it, the only character who didn’t get affected by the Naruto Sexy Jutsu is Sasuke and other than him most of the Naruto anime characters went insane by Naruto Sexy Jutsu. And only 2 members can use Sexy Jutsu in Naruto Anime one is Naruto and the other is Konohamaru (A student of Naruto ) in the Boruto: Naruto Next GHenereations Anime we have seen Boruto (Naruto’s son ) Performing this Jutsu in other than the others cant use this Jutsu.

What is Sexy Jutsu?

Naruto Sexy Jutsu

Sexy Jutsu is one of the unique Jutsu in Naruto Anime the creator of this Jutsu is Naruto Uzumaki the main protagonist of the Anime. Naruto Sexy Jutsu is just like Transformation Jutsu but adding it to a Pervy’s Extent is Naruto Sexy Jutsu. Using Naruto Sexy Jutsu the user transforms into a beautiful girl and makes people around them go insane. Naruto’s Sexy Jutsu is a kind of embarrassing jutsu which kind of exposes some parts of a girl but rest assured it was all censored in the Anime and Manga.

In the Manga Naruto Sexy Jutsu takes on the form of a woman who doesn’t wear anything and some of her parts are covered by smoke. But in some Anime episodes and video games, the user turns into a woman who is wearing a swimsuit. Sexy Jutsu is very helpful to Naruto because sometimes Naruto Sexy Jutsu can easily defeat strong opponents in his childhood like Hiruzen or Kakashi.

Why Did Naruto Create Sexy Jutsu?

Naruto Sexy Jutsu
Image Credit:- Epic Quotes

Naruto’s Sexy Jutsu is known as the weirdest Jutsu in the whole Naruto anime. But the reason for Naruto creating Sexy Jutsu goes very deep down to his childhood. Most Fans think Naruto Sexy Jutsu is used to play pranks on adults and make fun of them but the real reason for Naruto Sexy Jutsu is to get remembered by everyone in one or another way.

By using this Jutsu he certainly got his respect degraded but at the same time, people who know Naruto also increased. Which is the main goal of Naruto’s sexy Jutsu. This Jutsu is nothing but a special Jutsu for Naruto which brings attention and gets recognized by others and also makes feel others that he is not a threat to the Hidden leaf village but a foolish guy who prank others.

Does Naruto transform a Clone into Sexy Jutsu for Research?

Naruto Sexy Jutsu

Yes, Naruo did use the Naruto Sexy Jutsu for research but it is not for any new jutsu creation or new medical techniques. But to help Pervy Sage ( Jiraya ) in completing his Novel Icha Icha. The Naruto Sexy Jutsu is also one of the main reasons why Jiraya used to take Naruto on some trips with him so that Naruto can help him in the completion of his Novel or get new ideas for the next Novel. But other than this Naruto didn’t help any other research with his Sexy Jutsu.

Does Naruto use Sexy Jutsu in Battle?

Naruto Sexy Jutsu
Image Credit:- Naruto Fandom

Yeah, Naruto does use the Sexy jutsu in the Battle, and that too in the 4th great Ninja war. Naruto Sexy Jutsu was used against Kaguya Otsutsuki in the final battle between Naruto and Sasuke Vs Kaguya. Well, the Jutsu does work against her but it is not very effective, but when compared to Amaterasu one of the legendary Uchiha Jutsu in Naruto anime in that situation it did a great job. But the Naruto Sexy Jutsu only amazes the opponent once and doesn’t work all the time but at the same time, we couldn’t add it to the weakest Jutsu list in Naruto.

How did Naruto create the Sexy Jutsu?

Naruto Sexy Jutsu

We never actually showed how Naruto created the Sexy Jutsu neither in Manga nor in Anime. But we surely know that no one helped Naruto in creating Sexy Jutsu and neither had any guidance on how to create such type of Jutsu because as we know Naruto created Sexy Jutsu when he was a kid to get attention from others.

At that time Naruto has no friends or family so it is impossible for Naruto to get teached by someone. The 3rd Hokage used to visit Naruto in his childhood but when the Hiruzen ( 3rd Hokage ) saw Naruto’s Sexy Jutsu he is just as shocked as others so it is obvious that he didn’t teach Naruto nor guided him to create Sexy Jutsu.

So the answer could be Naruto taught himself the Sexy Jutsu because the Sexy Jutsu is nothing but an extension of the Transformation Jutsu and in the Academy, the Transformation Jutsu is learned by everyone so it might be just like how Naruto practiced Shadow Clone Jutsu and got super good in it. He would have practiced Transformation Jutsu when he was a kid and created Sexy Jutsu.

How Powerful is Naruto Sexy Jutsu

Naruto Sexy jutsu is not too powerful jutsu like Rasengan or Rashenshuriken and it is not too weak like Soft Physique Modification. It falls between them Sexy Jutsu gives an opening to land a strong blow to any opponent but it works only one time. But when this jutsu is combined with Shadow clone jutsu then this jutsu can be used to distract enemies and land a strong hit on them with powerful Jutsu like Rasnegan. So the Sexy Jutsu is neither powerful nor weak but it can be made powerful when combined with Shadow Clone Jutsu.

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