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Different Types of Hulk. You never knew they existed

Hulk is one of the most favorite characters for all Marvel comics and MCU fans. Even though we couldn’t see much from the MCU Hulk. Hulk is the strongest and most powerful in Marvel Comis do you know that once he shook the multiverse with his punches and also he hold a planet together which is falling apart. So we all love Hulk but you know different types of Hulk in Marvel Comics.

And he is also the Strongest Avenger in Marvel. Even though we love Hulk most MCU fans don’t know much about the powerful different types of Hulk in Marvel. We too don’t know much about it until we researched on different types of Hulk. So let’s know the types of Hulk in Marvel today and without any delay let us dive into it.

How many types of Hulk are there in Marvel Comics?

There are 7 types of powerful and most famous Hulks in Marvel. And we weren’t discussing about different versions of Hulk like World-War Hulk, Immortal Hulk. We are only discussing about different types of Hulk. So without any delay let’s dive into the list of different types of Hulk

7. She-Hulk

Different Types of Hulk
Image Source:- Disney/Marvel

Jennifer Walters turned into She-Hulk and she is the cousin of Hulk ( Bruce Banner ). Jennifer Walters turned into Hulk because of a car accident. In the car accident, Bruce Banner’s blood ( Hulk ) is mixed with Jennifer Walter’s blood. Because both Bruce Banner’s and Jennifer Walter’s DNA is similar she turns into She-Hulk.

But Jennifer Walter ( She-Hulk ) doesn’t have any alter ego as Bruce banner had and she can turn into she-hulk whenever she wanted. She-Hulk has the same abilities and powers as Hulk but the powers are not as strong as Hulk’s powers. We got to see the full powers and abilities of She-Hulk in the upcoming episodes of the She-Hulk series.

6. Abomination

Different Types of Hulk
Image Source:- Disney/Marvel

Emil Blonsky has turned into an Abomination he turned into Abomination because of Bruce Banner’s ( Hulk ) blood. We have already seen the introduction of Abomination in the She-Hulk series. Abomination had similar abilities and powers to Hulk but his powers are no match to Hulk’s powers.

Abomination has identical powers to Hulk but the physical look of Abomination is opposite to Hulk. In Incredible Hulk, Abomination’s skin is not fully grown or Grey. But in the recent She-Hulk series Abomination’s skin has turned into green and has full skin. So there is a major doubt to fans about Abomination’s physical look. It was confirmed by Marvel that Abomination has evolved and turned into the present state in the She-Hulk series.

5. Red Hulk

Different Types of Hulk
Image Source:-Marvel Fandom

General Ross became Red Hulk and he is the only types of Hulk that can challenge Hulk and win sometimes in a fight with Hulk. General Ross becomes into Red Hulk because of Leader character in comics. The Leader character got powers because of Hulk’s blood and Gamma radiation in it and because of it he turns into a very intelligent character in Marvel comics. We have also seen this in the Incredible Hulk movie too.

He turns General ross into Red Hulk using Hulk’s blood and intense Gamma Radiation. Red Hulk had a very powerful ability that Hulk doesn’t have that is Red Hulk can absorb radiation from a person or object. After General Ross turns into Red Hulk he absorbs the Gamma radiation in Leader and takes the leader’s powers and turns him into a normal person in Marvel comics. Red Hulk is the only hulk who is capable of challenging Hulk

4. Skaar

Different Types of Hulk
Image Source:- Marvel.com

The Skaar is the son of Hulk even though we didn’t get to see Skaar in MCU. Skaar is a very popular character in Marvel Comics when Hulk is in Sakaar. Hulk stops all the illegal activities, bad people, and other superhero jobs. And becomes leader to Sakaar at that time Hulk falls in love with Caiera and they too have a child Skaar. Skaar is not like his father ( Hulk ) he doesn’t have too much anger.

Skaar had powers of Hulk like super speed, Strength, and healing and he also had magical powers which he got from his mother Caiera. And his physical look is the same as Hulk and because of his mother’s magical powers, he is a bit more powerful than Hulk. There is a possibility that we will be able to see Skaar in the She-Hulk series. Because professor Hulk is already on his way to Sakaar so we may see Hulk’s son and other types of Hulk in the upcoming episodes of She-Hulk.

3. Red She-Hulk

Image Source:- Marvel.com

Betty Ross turns into Red She-Hulk. Betty Ross becomes into Red She-Hulk because of Leader character once Bety Ross in comics is killed by Abomination. The leader character and General Ross bring Betty Ross back from death using Gamma radiation and Bruce Banner’s ( Hulk ) blood. So because of using Hulk’s blood, she got the powers and abilities of Hulk and because of using Gamma Radiation, she turned into Red Hulk.

Gamma radiation doesn’t work the same on everyone. So Gamma Radiation turned General Ross and Betty Ross into Red hulks. And at first, Betty didn’t have any control over her body and became like Hulk without any consciousness. But she slowly gain control over her body and became powerful. Red She-Hulk powers are exact to the She-Hulk powers we saw in the recent She-Hulk series.

2. A-Bomb

Image Source:- Marvel.com

Rick Jones is turned into an Abomination but he is different from other Abomination. He is a very good person and also a very good friend of Hulk. And his skin color is also different he has a blue skin color whereas other Abominations are in Red or Green color. In the events of World War Hulk Modok experiments on people and Richard Jones is one of them.

In the part of the experimentation, Rick jones got injected with Abomination blood and because of it he turns into a blue Abomination A.K.A A-Bomb. And he also gets similar powers and abilities like the Abomination we saw in Incredible Hulk. When he first transformed into A-Bomb Modok controls him by placing a chip in his brain and forcing him into a fight with Hulk. But Hulk destroys the chip in A-Bomb’s brain in a fight. After destroying the chip Richard Jones returns to his consciousness and becomes a very good friend of Hulk and stays with the hulk.

1. Awesome Hulk

Types of Hulk
Image Source:- Marvel.com

Amadeus Cho is a 19-year American teenager and a genius. Once in Marvel Comics Hulk got exposed to very intense Gamma radiation. If that Gamma radiation is not removed from Hulk then the whole area will be destroyed. And Hulk could also die so to remove Gamma radiation from Hulk. Amadeus Cho creates a machine and absorbs some of the Gamma radiation in Hulk. So there will be no threat to Hulk’s life.

But because of absorbing Hulk Gamma radiation. Amadeus Cho turns into a Hulk and he also had similar powers like the Hulk. But he is very different from other types of Hulk that we have ever seen and also the only types of Hulk. Amazing Hulk A.K.A Amadeus Cho is a very funny character. Even though he turns into Hulk he had full control over his body and also instead of being angry like Hulk. He will crack jokes and does funny things. And he is also a very good friend of Hulk. Amazing Hulk ( Amadeus Cho ) is the only types of Hulk. Who had the exact same powers as the Hulk.

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