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Different Character Variants Appear In the new Doctor Strange Movie

Only a few days are left for the most awaited MCU Movie release. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Fans have very high expectations for this movie and there is a lot of discussion on the variants and characters gonna appear in the Movie. And so many fans are wanting to know the information about the character variants in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness movie.

So we researched and picked 5 variants that have more chance to appear in the movie and in these 5 members most of them are already confirmed by the Marvel by the trailers of the Movie and the latest clips released by Marvel. So without any delay let’s dive into the character variants.

5. Defender Doctor Strange:-

This variant of Doctor Strange is shown in the newest trailer of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This variant of Doctor Strange really didn’t have much difference from our reality of Doctor strange. Some of the main differences we can see between them are.

His hairstyle is different than our reality Doctor Strange. The Defender Doctor Strange has long hair and he may probably have a ponytail, He had grey color stripes of hair on his sides and he has a different outfit and excluding these. There isn’t much difference between them. And Defender Strange can be the main villain of the movie.

4. Zombie Doctor Strange:-

At the end of the Trailer. We can see this variant Strange. To be honest he is very scary to even look at him and he is the Evil or Corrupted version of Doctor Strange. We can easily say by his looks. That he is the Scariest Strange we have ever seen.

Even in the What-If series, the strange is not scary as he is. This variant is totally different from what-if Strange because the Strange in the what-if series is dead. But this Doctor strange variant is from a completely different reality. We can confirm he is the Zombie Strange by the new clip Marvel realized.

In the Trailer, we can see this variant didn’t have most of the skin and he exactly looks like a zombie. and by that, we can confirm him as the Zombie Strange. We didn’t have much information on this variant of Doctor Strange. For the full details about this variant, we should wait for the movie.

3. Supreme Doctor Strange:-

Next, we have the Supreme Doctor strange. He is the powerful version of Doctor Strange. But this variant of Strange still needs to be confirmed. Because in the trailer, we couldn’t see this variant strange but the Twisted looking Strange. who says ” Things Just got out of hand “.

Fans support that he is the Supreme Strange. And there is also another theory that he is not at all Doctor Strange but another person who is disguised as Strange. To confuse or trap our reality Doctor Strange. Actually, it’s very confusing to have multiple Doctor strange.

But the most possible theory is the Twisted Doctor Strange could be the Supreme Strange. But the fun fact is we really don’t know if this variant of Doctor Strange exists in the movie or not.

2. Defender Wang:-

Many of you don’t expect this variant. But there is a very good chance to have defender Wang because if there is a Defender Strange. Then there should be a defender Wang supporting him. So many fans believe that Wang showed at the end of the trailer. Who is fighting with the scary Zombie Doctor Strange is Defender Wang.

The main reason we are including this is because. Recently there is a release of Character toys of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessmovie and we can see a toy named Defender Wang. So there is a good amount of possibility to have this variant in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

But there is no confirmation about this variant from Marvel. It’s just a theory that most of the fans believe. In our reality, Wang supports Doctor strange. So there could be a Defender Wang who supports Defender Strange.

1. Superior Iron Man:-

This variant is the most discussed topic in the Marvel Community recently. I think you may also heard of it. That is in the recent clip of the movie Marvel realized. We can see a glowing person in the clip and many of them think. It is the Supreme Version of Iron man and Tom Cruise is playing the role of Supreme Iron Man

Most of the fans support this theory and there is also another theory that is. The person in the clip could be a variant of Captain Marvel. The main reason for this theory is that Captain Marvel’s suit always glows. So many fans think it may be the other version of Captain Marvel.

But I think the person in the clip is the Superior Iron Man because I am a big fan of Iron Man. So after the ultimate sacrifice, he did in the End Game. He still needs to have a place in the new Multiverse movie. So comment down below. What do you think about this variant?

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