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Different Types of Hulk. You never knew they existed

Types of Hulk

Hulk is one of the most favorite characters for all Marvel comics and MCU fans. Even though we couldn’t see much from the MCU Hulk. Hulk is the strongest and most powerful in Marvel Comis do you know that once he shook the multiverse with his punches and also he hold a planet together which […]

All America Chavez Powers Explained

America Chavez

The Doctors strange 2 movie introduced us to a new world Multiverse and also a new character America Chavez. And after seeing the movie we noticed that. She didn’t use her full powers and if there is anyone who didn’t see the movie go and watch it now. Also a huge spoiler alert for them. […]

Is Wanda Really Dead in Doctor strange 2

Is wanda dead

Our most awaited MCU movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has finally been released. Michael Waldron wrote the story for this Movie and Sam Raimi directed this movie. Both did a wonderful job in making this film. and the VFX used in the movies is simply awesome and the powers of Wanda & […]

Who Is the Strongest Avenger in MCU?


There are so many superheroes in MCU. But who is actually the strongest among them? So to answer this question. We made a little research and made this post. This post contains the Top 10 strongest Avengers in the MCU and if you are thinking of Thor or Captain Marvel. Then you are wrong because […]

Who is the Strongest Among the Three Spiderman?


After the spider-man no way home. We noticed the most amazing meetup ever to exist in any movie that is all the spiderman meetups from different Universes. We have seen our first Spiderman ( Tobey Maguire ), Amazing spiderman ( Andrew Garfield ), and finally our MCU Spiderman ( Tom Holland ). It is like […]

Probably you didn’t notice these powers of Ego in MCU.

Ego powers and abilities

The guardians of the galaxy 2 is one of the most fan-favorite movies in the MCU and everyone was shocked after knowing peter quills powers. Until done peter quill is considered as the weakest member of the guardians of the galaxy team. But that’s not the case in the guardians of the galaxy 2. The […]

Agatha powers in wandavision you probably didn’t notice them

Agatha powers

wandavision is one of the best web series that marvel released on disney+hotstar in 2021 and fans loved this series. This series is about Wanda’s unleashing her true powers and this series is taken place after the Avengers: endgame and the Agatha character is the villain. Agatha is the most powerful witch of all time […]

Every Iron man Armor. Its powers and Abilities

Iron Man Armors

If you are an Iron man fan or you want to know much about iron man armors then this will be the perfect place to visit because here we have mentioned every single iron man armor and also its powers and abilities. there are a total of 93 suits of armor but tony stark(iron man) […]