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Otsutsuki God Origin, Power, and Abilities Explained

Otsutsuki God

Otsutsuki’s are the main attraction of the Boruto series and now the whole Boruto Story is going around the powers and abilities of Otsutsuki. And recently Masashi Kishimoto blew every fan’s mind by introducing Otsutsuki God to the Boruto Story. But he didn’t give the full details about the Otsutsuki God or the God Domain […]

Who is Red Hulk his Origin, Powers & Abilities explained

Who is Red Hulk?

After the She-Hulk series, all the MCU fans are more interested in Hulk and all the fans wanted different types of Hulk introductions in MCU. And one of the most popular and also most awaited Hulk is Red Hulk. But so many fans don’t know much about Red Hulk Origin, Powers, and Abilities. So before […]

Who is Namor and Namor Origin, Backstory, Powers explained

Who is Namor

Only a few days left for the release of the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever movie. And all MCU fans are very excited about the Namor character because he is a new MCU character and also he is very similar to the Aquaman character. So fans are excited to know how Marvel gonna differentiate Namor from […]

How Mjolnir Got its power and complete Origin of Mjolnir


Mjolnir is one of the strongest weapons in the MCU. And we all know how powerful Mjolnir is when Thor ( God of Thunder ) uses it. But the history of the Thor’s Hammer is actually a very long story and so many fans don’t know the exact story of the Mjolnir. So we made […]