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Otsutsuki God Origin, Power, and Abilities Explained

Otsutsuki God

Otsutsuki’s are the main attraction of the Boruto series and now the whole Boruto Story is going around the powers and abilities of Otsutsuki. And recently Masashi Kishimoto blew every fan’s mind by introducing Otsutsuki God to the Boruto Story. But he didn’t give the full details about the Otsutsuki God or the God Domain […]

She-Hulk may not be the strongest. But She-Hulk had some strongest villains

She-Hulk strongest villains

She-Hulk is everywhere right now, for better or worse. Whether you liked the Disney+ series or not, the reality is that Jennifer Walters is getting more mainstream attention than ever before and this has led to an increasing interest in the original source material. It seems par for the course as more people would like […]

Top 10 Strongest Hulks in Marvel Comics Ranked

Strongest Hulks in Marvel Comics

There are so many Hulks and also different versions of Bruce Banner Hulk in Marvel. But do you know who are the Strongest Hulks in Marvel Comics and also who are the top 10 strongest Hulks in Marvel? But if you don’t know. Well here are the top 10 strongest Hulks in Marvel. So without […]

Who is Red Hulk his Origin, Powers & Abilities explained

Who is Red Hulk?

After the She-Hulk series, all the MCU fans are more interested in Hulk and all the fans wanted different types of Hulk introductions in MCU. And one of the most popular and also most awaited Hulk is Red Hulk. But so many fans don’t know much about Red Hulk Origin, Powers, and Abilities. So before […]

Different Types of Hulk. You never knew they existed

Types of Hulk

Hulk is one of the most favorite characters for all Marvel comics and MCU fans. Even though we couldn’t see much from the MCU Hulk. Hulk is the strongest and most powerful in Marvel Comis do you know that once he shook the multiverse with his punches and also he hold a planet together which […]

Who is Namor and Namor Origin, Backstory, Powers explained

Who is Namor

Only a few days left for the release of the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever movie. And all MCU fans are very excited about the Namor character because he is a new MCU character and also he is very similar to the Aquaman character. So fans are excited to know how Marvel gonna differentiate Namor from […]

Aquaman Vs Namor Who wins in a Fight?

Aquaman Vs Namor

After revealing that there is going to be the introduction of Namor’s character in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Movie. Aquaman Vs Namor is one of the fights that are presently very keen to know by MCU and DC fans. Because Namor character and Aquaman’s character are very similar so both MCU and DC fans are […]

Who Would Win in a Fight Thor vs Wanda?

Thor vs Wanda fight definitely gonna be an amazing fight and fans love to see that fight. But who do you think will win the fight? Because Wanda had a very huge power upgrade in the WandaVision series. And Thor is a god he is usually very powerful, and also one of the strongest characters […]